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Unread 1st of January, 2009, 03:04
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BLC is back from the dead, literally!

I'm back I was going to send this just to the people who were playing in my games, but apparently it's good for me to talk about it so here goes...

Part 1 - several months ago when I first joined this site I was in a horrible car accident shortly after getting settled in here. I posted the picture of what was left of my car (which looked like a giant piece of scrap metal). I had a broken hip that was damaged beyond repair, so I had to get a hip replacement (among a broken leg, collarbone, and fractured wrist).

So I spent the better part of the fall in the hospital recovering, which gave me ample time to post games here. It was quite fun and most of my games had everybody posting daily for weeks in a row.

Part 2 - At the end of September I was released from the hospital and went home to my family. After being home for about four days (I'm still sketchy on the timeline here), I passed out.

I woke up about 3 weeks later back in the hospital. Apparently when I had my hip replaced I caught a staff infection (it's a type of infection you get from hospitals when you have surgery). Additionally, the surgeries and drug I had been living with had pretty much destroyed my immune system, which made me a perfect target for a secondary infection. I caught something called Osteomyelitis (sp?), which is a bone infection and is very dangerous.

I spend the next few weeks in an out of consciousness as I was constantly being examined, medicated, and had a few small surgeries (apparently surgery really is the only way to really deal with a bone infection).

Additionally, because all this was happening my immune system was complete trashed. The doctors told me my white cell count was lower than an HIV patient in an extreme case, so I lived in a quarantineed ward.

December rolls around and things are starting to look better. I'm finally able to get up and walk (which I hadn't done for about 6 weeks now).

December 10th - my husband comes to the hospital to inform me that he is leaving me for another woman...thanks honey...

So here we are several weeks later. By the time I got home my husband had taken all of his things and left. My daughter is staying with my parents until I'm able to take care of her.

Life really sucks sometimes.

Anyways, I'm back. Playing RPG's is good stress relief, and since I'm kinda immobile there's not much else for me to do right now.

EDIT: Regarding this thread's subject about being back from the dead it's true. I died on the operating table when they were trying remove the infection from my leg. I was legally dead for about 2 minutes before they were able to bring me back apparently.

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Unread 1st of January, 2009, 03:47
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I'm glad that you're alive and well and hanging on!!! I feared the worst when you suddenly vanished without a trace, without notice.

Ugh, I don't really know what to say...

Take care of yourself, and don't push it too much...

Happy New Year!!! I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

Unread 1st of January, 2009, 04:16
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That is one amazing narrative. Our sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with you. We hope you get well soon.
Unread 1st of January, 2009, 04:33
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That's one heck of a time to live through. We wondered about your vanishing. Glad that you're back, and if you need anything--even just an ear to rant into--drop me a line, hun.
Unread 1st of January, 2009, 09:35
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Wow...That's like something you'd see on the Lifetime channel. I'm glad you're getting better =)
Unread 1st of January, 2009, 09:39
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Hope things get better!

Here's to a happy new year!
-Taking a hiatus from ORP. Have had rl things come up. Feel free to drop me from games. -
Unread 1st of January, 2009, 09:53
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Normally I'd break out my tortured puns to ease tension, but it sounds like you've been through enough torture already.

Apparently when I had my hip replaced I caught a staff infection (it's a type of infection you get from hospitals when you have surgery).
That's actually a nosocomial infection. Of course, your nosocomial infection was Staphylococcus Aureus (staph infection).

That's not the worst infection you can get, but... well, it's pretty close. This is a scary story, even by scary medical standards--be proud to have survived it.

On the bright side, maybe you could sell the story it when you recover? This case is worse than a lot of the stories I've seen, frankly. I don't know how you would go about doing that (or if it would actually bring any money), but it seems sensible. Cold cash only brings cold comfort, but that's still comfort, right?
Unread 1st of January, 2009, 18:37
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Cold cash also brings not having to worry about eating and medical costs and stuff. Overall, it's not that bad if you don't have to do anything bad to get it.

I'm just really glad to know you're ok.

I had a bone infection on the lower right side of my chin that I had to get surgery for, so while I can't possibly comprehend it on the level that you do, I can agree that bone infections are horrible experiences.

If it means anything, if I were the type to pray, I'd being doing so for you. May the Force be with you.
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Unread 2nd of January, 2009, 00:11
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Prayers and blessings on you and your family (except for your husband; what a dick) - going through all of that must have caused a lot of stress and heartache on your daughter and your folks. I'll drink a cold one tonight to your continued recovery and a prosperous 2009.

Unread 2nd of January, 2009, 04:06
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Seyren Windsor

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Welcome back, im glad your ok, thats some really serious shit to go through, gotta be one for the record books.....
Death is lighter than a feather, but duty is heavier than a mountain.
Unread 3rd of January, 2009, 15:54
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Holy crap! I must say, I did start fearing the worst after a few months, but it looks to me like not even death can stop you!

Also, I'm still ready and willing to game with you if you so choose. You can count on me *salutes*
Unread 7th of January, 2009, 06:13
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Welcome back, I've had some similiar things happen to me, so I feel your pain (been revived from death, staph infection etc). I'm glad you're back and healing.

I'm sorry to hear about your !@#$% of a husband though, better off without him. You're welcome to join my game(s) still if interested.
Unread 14th of January, 2009, 07:42
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I f-ing knew it. I told them you had to have died. That was the only explaination of why the wonderful BLC would abandon us...

Welcome back. Welcome back.

SO..How was it on the other side? Did you meet elvis? Ghandi? Anybody cool?

As for the husband. You are better off with out that prick. If he would abandon you when you really need him. Find someone better. They are out there I promise.
Unread 14th of January, 2009, 09:10
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Bad Luck Charm
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Originally Posted by Palanthias # SO..How was it on the other side? Did you meet elvis? Ghandi? Anybody cool?
Unfortunately my face off against death didn't produce anything useful. I always thought that if I had a near-death experience I would see or experience something like you hear about, but nothing.

My memory consists of getting a drink from the fridge one moment, and then waking up in the hospital the next moment. Supposedly there was a few weeks inbetween moments, but my brain doesn't seem to think so.

I went to a psychologist about it, he said my brain repressed it and basically made me forget the entire thing happened or something like that. Didn't make much sense, but apparently it's pretty common for your body to force you to forget things when you have stuff like this happen.

Overall I'm not really concerned about the hubby situation. Our marriage was on the rocks long before he left, so it wasn't that big of a surprise. It just would have been nice if we picked a better time to leave.
Unread 23rd of January, 2009, 13:09
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I say we rename you. It's obvious you need some good luck, so let's get rid of the "bad" and replace it with "good". Glad to hear you're doing better Good Luck Charm!
The Friendly Fiend
Unread 27th of January, 2009, 03:45
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The Friendly Fiend is right... you're more of a 'glass is half full' kind of gal I think. The blessings in this situation are hard to miss and I'm sure they weren't lost on you.

Cheers to a new and better year! Speedy recovery and well wishes to you!
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