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Peter Webster

Link to Andon's sheet

Peter Webster: Joined the group a 2 months ago. Tends to either over analyze things or fail to think about them enough. Slightly nervous around strangers but has warmed up to the group quickly enough. 20 years old. A skinny, pale, typical nerd with large glasses, though he's worried enough about what people think of him to keep his hygiene up. He was worried about the idea of Dayle GMing. He also doesn't know that much about the Campaign setting so his usually detailed character backgrounds is less so for this game.

Andon, Human Cleric of Calistria: Peter tends to play more simplistic characters after a bad experience playing a wizard. Andon is something different for him though. It's the first time since said 'the incident' that he's played a dedicated spellcaster. He also thought it might be interesting to try a character that was capable of helping in a non-combat situation for a change. He's not really happy with the background he wrote up for Andon. He felt it wasn't up to his usual standards thanks to his lack of setting knowledge. Andon is a Cleric of Calistria. Mostly because Peter didn't think about it too much and figured she was the first interesting non-evil deity on the PathfinderWiki he used to look up the gods. He's supposed to be a pretty handsome and charismatic character, but how that will pan out with Peter playing him isn't so certain. According to his background he tends to avoid taking the violent approach to vengeance and prefers to get back at a person by teaching them a lesson.
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