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Notable rogue traders of Macharius's Folly

House Tregarrd
A stellar mining conglomerate with many exploratory operations to find and colonise new worlds in search of richer resources. These holdings are scattered across the folly and reasonably well defended to protect them against raiders and Xenos invasion, these outposts are excellent supply points for their allied free captians who explore deeper into the Halo stars.

House Von Scharer
Holds several lucrative Imperial Navy contracts for the movement of troops and resupply of Imperial battlegroups and crusade forces, as such they are known to have a greater number of transport class vessels than other Rogue trader holdings and plentiful access to annexed Imperial guard assets.

House Isbexius
Cold traders who operate with a great many Xenos races, they only have a few holdings within Imperial space. Little is known of this unorthodox and secretive house.

House Darronan
House Darronan are a mighty and warlike house who have a long string of military conquests throughout the Folly bringing lost worlds back to the fold. While the house is descended from a long military pedegree the Darronan are adept at bringing order via diplomatic means, using these pascified worlds to fuel the Imperial war machine in its push deeper into alien territory.

House Narodas
Known renegades and heretics, excommunicated from the Imperium. They are rumoured to have various piratical holdings throughout the Folly, Darkwaters and a small empire within the pirate stars.

House Varonguile
An old lineage fallen on hard times. House Varonguile was crippled by house Narodas when a Narodas reaving fleet fell on them at anchor in the Darkwaters. Varonguile lost seven ships and afterwards declared high vendetta, being the driving political force behind their excommunication, currently they have only one ship across the entire dynasty and therefore use the services of free captains to fulfil their many contractual obligations.

House Korva
The scions of Tyranus Korva are quite easily the most powerful warrant of trade in the sector. Tyranus Korva carved out a personal empire after the death of Macharius, creating an enclave of Imperial rule. In the centuries that have passed the Korvanian dynasty has only increased in strength ruled by the most rutheless of the Korva family to the extent that they now control over seventy systems. As to their business, they have a finger in almost every pie supported by their vast fleet under the command of the many direct descendants of Tyranus Korva.
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