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City Map

Map Key
Green - Shops and markets of all sorts
Red - Inns and taverns
Orange - Governmental and military sites
Yellow - Religious sites
White - Other Points of Interest
Blue - Landmarks

Note: One square is approximately 300 feet. (Useless corollary: each pixel is about 7.5 feet )



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City overview

Korvosa sits at the end of Conqueror's Bay, where the Jeggare River spills into the sea. The city fills the spit of land formed by two sharp turns in the Jeggare River and Endrin Isle (which splits the river at its mouth), with a few outlying areas on the far shore of the Jeggare. It stands on two hills: Garrison Hill on Endrin Island and Citadel Hill on the mainland. The Narrows of Saint Alika separate Endrin Isle from the shore. Off the coast of the southern end of Citadel Hill rises Jeggare Island, a small rock that juts from the sea and provides a foundation for Palin's Lighthouse.

Five landmarks give Korvosa a distinctive skyline. Three of these landmarks exist on a truly colossal scale and have survived for millenia. Castle Korvosa stands atop a massive pyramid that rises to a flattened top. The Pillar Wall stretches across most of the southern end of Citadel Hill, a 100-foot-tall remainder of what once must have been a magnificent barrier. Just beyond the western terminus of the Pillar Wall stands the Gatefoot, which obviously originally belonged to a part of the wall and that likely served as part of a gateway of some kind. The other two landmarks, while impressive, do not come close to the size or grandeur of the ruins. Standing at the northernmost point of the Merciless Cliffs, the Great Tower (H1) reaches 270 feet in the air and serves several military roles for the city. Directly south of it stands the equally impressive Hall of Summoning, the center of operations of the Acadamae.

Beside its impressive landmarks, Korvosa's other famed man-made features include its impressive walls (ruined and otherwise), its beautiful bridges, and its famed Vaults. These it points to with pride, but not all of its distinctive features attract the attention of potential visitors and residents. Chief among the shameful features is the rooftop area of the city known as the Shingles, which serves as both a highway for bandits and a refuge for monsters, thieves and other undesirables.

City districts and locations of note
(Note: See the map of Korvosa to check out where each district and site is located. On a first read, focus on the general description of the districts before reading the locations of note to get a feel for the city.)

Acadamae: Outsiders may enter this impressive complex only when they come with a purpose such as delivering food or performing maintenance. That's one reason why there are plenty of rumors of what happens within and very few known facts. The Acadamae stands within Citadel Crest although it doesn't belong to the ward. Tuition fees for students are high but there is no lack of students despite this. Many of the applicants are taken on in the prestigious and highly esteemed Acadamae but not that many actually live to tell of it. Rarely are students seen outside the Acadamae's walls and then mostly in groups. Rumors speak of duels sometimes taking place between students. Generally, those who attend the Acadamae are seen as ambitious and dangerous by the common people. Nonetheless, the Breaching Festival which is held once per year, is a time when everyone invited hastens to watch the best students of the different schools as well as notable thieves and acrobats try to enter the Hall of Wards where the school of abjuration is housed.

Castle Korvosa: The castle towers over every other building in town. It consists of a great, four-sided pyramid (the Grand Mastaba) and the high-walled citadel on top of the pyramid. Only the king, his immediate family, the seneschal of the castle, and his family may live in Castle Korvosa. Either man can invite long-term guests (such as the king's harem). The keep is built out of black marble and houses the famous Crimson Throne, seat of power for the monarchs of the city.

East Shore: The only district beyond the Jeggare River is home to a handful of noble houses closely tied to the military of the city.

Gray: Unlike all other districts in Korvosa, Gray's residents mostly stay to themselves and are generally well-behaved. Of course, most of Gray's residents are dead. There are four wards in Gray which are the burial grounds for different citizens of Korvosa - Potter's Ward (cheap, cheap, cheap...), Everyman Ward (most Korvosans end up here), Gold Ward (reserved for nobility), and Sepulcher Ward (the smallest ward).

The Heights: Standing atop Citadel Hill, the Heights District has a commanding view of the rest of the city, which its residents look down on - both figuratively and literally. Nearly all of Korvosa's power players reside in the Heights. While this district is underpopulated, all buildings or tracts of land belong to a member of the Korovosan upper class and while many stand empty, a strong guard presence makes sure that they aren't occupied by squatters. There are three wards here - Citadel Crest (the wealthiest people live here), Cliffside (lesser nobles and not-quite-as-wealthy merchants reside here) and the University.

Midland: This is what most people who talk about Korvosa think of - the cosmopolitan and friendly district of Midland. It stretches from the end of Enderin's Wall south to Gray District and the Pillar Wall. It is the home district of both the Korvosan Guard and Sable Company and therefore has the fewest gangs and gang battles in the city. Citadel Volshyenek (M5) is the headquarters of the Korvosan guard. Four wards encompass this district otherwise - High Bridge (laborers and families of the Guard live here - amongst many others), Pillar Hill (the most demographically diverse ward of the entire city with hard-working laborers and fabulously wealthy merchants as well as representatives of all humanoid species of Korvosa), Slope (the eastern slope of Citadel Hill, overlooking West Dock; lots of cultural facilities are located here and the associated citizens), and West Dock (this rugged ward contains no residences but many warehouses, fish processing facilities and meatpacking houses - the meaty stink is often blown southeast by the wind).

North Point: The district houses the city's oldest non-noble families and was the first district settled on the mainland (after Endrin Isle / Old Korvosa). In this district the seat of municipal power, the city's courthouse and the Bank of Abadar can be found. It includes the wards Five Corners (a crowded residential ward, housing politicians and their underlings), Mainshore (where the city's truly old money still resides although many of the buildings not belonging to the wealthy show their age), Northgate (many visitors from the rest of Varisia enter via Northgate where the Longriver Bridge connects to; many non-noble elites live here but it is a ward in decline), and Ridgefield (plagued with poverty but still the most economically diverse ward in the city).

Old Korvosa: It covers all of Endrin Isle, which rises from sea level along the southern shore on the Narrows of Saint Alikea to a 200-foot-high escarpment on the seaward north side. At the foot of Garrison Hill, as this steep incline is called, sits the beehive-like hovel of Bridgefront. Old Dock stand on the realtively flat eastern protrusion of the island. Atop Garrison Hill stands the stone wall of Fort Korvosa. While the imposing black-marble Palace Arkona dominates Old Korvosa, the remains of its wooden palisade slowly rot near the gate into the ward. The wards are Bridgefront (reaching only three blocks inwards from the straits, people have found places to live everywhere - upwards and between the existant buldings; most of the city's poor live here), Fort Korvosa (less a ward than a moldering citadel - the noble family and its servants live here just across the whitewashed buildings of the Endrin Military Academy), Garrison Hill (the streets here widen out from the cramped alleys of Bridgefront and residents here struggle against the oozing spread of destitution in the nearby wards), and Old Dock (apart from Bridgfront, this is Korvosa's most run-down and least-desirable ward - other than Bridgefront where mostly the honest poor live, Old Dock has a rough-and-tumble theme where such trifles as legality or morality are often ignored).

South Shore: The newest district where mostly the nouveau riche live who hope to escape the cramped conditions in the city. A small enclave is built especially for an embassy of Mierani elves.

Orphanages: There are five state-run orphanages in Korvosa which take care of those children whose parents have died for one of the plenty reasons that can come up in everyday life in Korvosa. They are frequently inspected by the churches of Abadar and Sarenrae and provide early training for those children who show promise and will to enter the Sable Company and/or the Guard. Three are in Midland, the largest is in North Point's Mainshore ward and the smallest is in East Shore.

The Shingles: A rather new structural development in Korvosa where some people live and which most people avoid. The Shingles developed when room 'ran out' in Bridgefront and people started building upwards and on the roofs of the buildings, higher and higher. Starting at second level a long while back, by now the ramshackle wall of residences have reached as high as five floors in some places. They cover Bridgefront (their origin), Cliffisde and Pillar Hill, Garrison Hill, High Bridge and West Dock and Old Dock with the Shingles showing different builds in each of the different wards. The only known permanent location is a bar named Twitcher's which is situated high above the streets of Korvosa.

The Vaults: Some cities have sewers. Some even have dungeons and deep caverns beneath them. No other known city, though, has a complex system of subterranean tunnels quite like the Vaults of Korvosa. Few dare enter the depths beneath the grand city...
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