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Cillatan is a moderately sized city, its population averages around 75,000. But can spike during vacation season. It is a coastal town with much of its major infrastructure facing the gulf. All be it not as popular as other Florida vacation locations Cillatan has some of the cleanest beaches and its people pride then selves as having that “southern charm.” Cillatan spares no expense to maintain the friendly appearance of the city. there is a local college called Florida coastal College or the FCC, their foot ball team called the FCC Marlins and a baseball team called the Red tails are above average in their yearly performance and thus when home games are played tend to draw a crowd from neighboring towns. The main drag of the town is called “hallows galley” which was used by the town’s folk to drag Capt Donavan hallows and his crew to the hangman’s galley in the center of town to be executed on charges of piracy, theft and criminal acts. Ironically it was Capt Hallows who helped found the town and used Dukes Cove to hide and store plundered spoils for use in trading. Other than college sports the other public building is the Cillatan Convention Center which brings in all sorts of conventions and big name musical performances. The building is commonly referred to by the locals as the 3C building. Other important locations are provenience point which is the location of much of the top end condominium construction, marina, and other top end real-estate. On the other side of Dukes bay is a place called Stokes creek, which at one time carried water to the bay but has since been paved over and turned into the epicenter of suburban commercialism, I-98 which runs all along the coast of Florida and also divides the regions of the town. Redland heights is located on the far east side of Duke Cove, and is where the vast majority of the populace of Cillatan resides.

Zone 1 = Provenience point
Zone 2 = Hallows galley and downtown
Zone 3 = Florida Coastal College
Zone 4 = 3C Building
Zone 5 = Stokes creek
Zone 6 = Redland heights

From here I will go into each zone in extra detail
************************************** ***************
Zone 1 is where most of the well to do and well off people of Cillatan reside, large 30+ story condominiums and high end restaurants grace this area, several hotels have moved in over the years making this the ideal location for the wealthy to escape to for a long weekend. Some of the important places in this zone are Coleman plaza, which is the most expensive hotel/ restaurant/ beachside shopping center, it directly faces the gulf, and has won several awards for it’s food, it is also known to have countless celebrities, professional athletes, and many of the fortune 500 for customers. The second important location in this zone is a stretch of road called Springvale, this is where the majority of the condominiums are located as well as small beach shops and anyone else who could afford the initial land purchase price tag.
************************************************** ****
Zone 2 is comprised of two major sections, one is call old town, and that is where much of the original settlement was located, and down town which is where many of the taller buildings are Located. There is also the original settlement courthouse and jail, which is still in use today.
************************************************** ****
Zone 3 is almost entirely dedicated to the Florida Coastal College, with exception to Dallas Ave which intersects the college and leads south east to the heart of old town, other places of importance that fall under Zone three include Martin's outdoor theatre, Cedric Field, and the Wilson library
************************************************** ****
Zone 4 is made up of largely upper middle class homes and small scale shopping centers, the three big attractions in this area are the 3C building, the Cillatan County mall, and they Anderson National guard facility, all three of these locations are along the Madison Street road leading from I-98 to I-10
************************************************** ****
Zone 5 is made up of largely over commercialized infrastructure, feeding on the consumerism of the area and heavy tourism, many of the considered average priced hotels and stores opened in droves in this location leading to several of the smaller businesses and other locations considered red light to become cornered or even ousted for cleaner more family friendly venues, some do remain however, Donnie’s is one such strip club that has been able to weather the storm, other notable locations are the Cillatan first Catholic church, and despite it’s age and what some would call disrepair many still attend there and help keep the church off the chopping block, the last notable location in this zone is a very well to do club called Lunar, which normally has a long waiting list to enter. Club Lunar tends to cator to the upscale croud
************************************************** ***
Zone 6 is the Redland Heights area, this location is 60% privately owned homes and your standard amount of smaller businesses and gas stations and anything else you would expect to find in any suburban environment. The only locations of note are the Duke Cove Coast guard facility, and the Emerald coast Resort which is currently under construction and due to open soon, it is pitted to give Coleman plaza a run for it’s money, but the Emerald coast Resort has an ace up it's sleve due to it’s location it has relaxed liquor laws and thus is able to keep it’s night club open until 4 AM vs. everyone other club being forced to close at 2 AM and it may also sell liquor on sunday past noon.
************************************************** ***

i have enclosed a map to make this much eaiser to understand
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