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Invasion from the Far Realms (D&D 3.5)

This game can be summed up in one sentence.

"What if the X-com aliens invaded a fantasy setting?"

In a homebrew D&D setting, where the action is crazy, and lands over the top, and the world is full of powerful adventurers able to take on anything. Multiple times in history gods have been slain by adventurers.

But nothing could prepare them for an invasion from the far realms.

After the first few UFOs and abductions the 16 countries, 5 major, 11 minor, that made up the planet decided to unite, and created the international organization that would fight off the invasion.

Warning: This game has simulation aspects. You will be managing the organization and dealing with the council, not just playing the combat.

The engine is largely based off of the original UFO: Defense's engine, reading up on UFO: Pedia is highly recommended.
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