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Unread 15th of August, 2006, 08:40
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One, despite being sick, his natural healing is still in effect. Under Long Term care from Gizeark, he should be recovering 4 points of Wisdom per day. Of course, he also takes 1d6 points of Wis damage on each day he fails the save, so he might still end up remaining in the nightmare state if CD rolls high for the damage.
You are correct that he should get natural healing, but it is only 1 pt/day as per DMG p293. I will factor that in.

edit: He would get 2 pts per day (double the normal rate) if Gizerak could perform long term care, but that would require a successful heal skill check. Good luck.

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I assume Nimdor does not get the 356 gp, as he did not participate in obtaining it.

CD: For a day of rest, you would heal twice as much as you would with 8 hours of rest. With longterm care, that doubles. Thus, if he passed his heal check, it would be 4 points a day, and only 2 if he failed.
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