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We need a more detailed guide map least we become confused and lost part way in.

White is the edited bits. 9+ is new.
  1. Aftermath of the zombie fight, chaos everywhere. Running into the woods at random.
  2. Everyone who takes part suffers a weird trippy vision about some deeply held fear of the character. They all end up not facing the vision (run, hide, turn away).
  3. Those taking part find themselves in a small abandoned town in a clearing in the woods, seems like it was abandoned a week or two ago. Everyone meets up and agrees to fort up for the night in the town.
  4. While forting up (gathering food, building walls, searching the place) everyone sees someone walking around the town. It's a different person for everyone (Lynn for instance sees herself) but they disappear before we can speak to them. Try to make it creepy.
  5. The sun sets and we all gather together, and I presume compare notes about what has been happening because our characters aren't stupid.
  6. We hear something(s) moving around outside our area, but can't spot anything. Then all the fires (candles, lanterns) go out and we're attacked by something but we still can't see what it is (need a reason why folk with darkvision can't tell what it is).
  7. The fight goes on for a bit, and then suddenly they all disappear, and we can't find any trace of our attackers (no tracks or bodies or anything). They may have just been another vision. The except, one set of tracks leading off into the night matching the choosen target
  8. At this point the fae decides on a target and starts to focus on that one person. (Who?) Branching point, if no other PC wants it, Lynn is choosen)
  9. The others decide to go after Lynn/Target. It's a railroad but it's needed for the plot and I guess not everyone needs to go.
  10. Those going after Target face another vision like the initial one that they had when they arrived, except this time everyone overcomes it. At this point the true nature of the enemy is revealed. It's powerful like a child's fears are powerful. All consuming untill you turn on the light, open the closet, or have someone else step into the room.
  11. Having overcome their own individual nightmares (how? One by one or by supporting each other?) the group keeps going, and is drawn into the Target's nightmare, which is more intense than any of the others. May reveal secret fear the Target has.
  12. Using what they've learnt (light, confidence, company, other?) the group one by one supports Target and Target ends up facing the fear, which like all childhood fears becomes nothing more than mist and cobwebs.
  13. The group then either stays the night, but now able to hold off the powerless fears the fae confrunts them with until sunrise, or they just get out of there. Either way they survive and leave to enter a new plot.
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