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Unread 23rd of November, 2006, 11:33
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Leaving combat, that's really what if felt like he was doing. Running, like a scared human. But his teeth couldn't hurt that thing. It was like trying to bite water, only worse. At least with water you could drink or swallow it if you got it in your mouth. Whatever that creature was made of actually flowed out of your mouth of its own volition.

Darting up the back stairs two at a time, Blarth bursts into the room that he and Nicos were sharing to the sound of a bloodcurtling scream from the alley below. Not even pausing to think, Blarth grabs his club from the bed where he had put it down earlier and dives through the window in front of him.

Gruumsh! This had better work!

Bringing the club up in front of him, Blarth focuses on the dark form rushing up to meet him. Flinching at the last second, Blarth closes his eyes in fear as he expects to pass through the shadow and hit the ground, hard.

The ground, however, is not quite so anxious to meet Blarth, it would seem. As he plows into the shadow's form, his club strikes as if against a person, and his fall is broken. It still hurts, but any groans that Blarth utters as a result of the impact are drowned out by the dying shriek of the shadow.

As the shriek dies away, other muffled sounds begin to filter into the alley where two men lie crumpled on the ground and two women stand panting from extertion. Sounds of people debating whether to investigate the source of not one, but two terrifying screams.
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Unread 26th of November, 2006, 00:46
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The last thing Juni expected to happen was for Blarth to come flying down out of the sky to destroy the shadow- creature with a club! She hopes he hasn't broken his neck doing it.

But no, he is not dead or broken, and neither is Nicos - they are both beginning to stir and pick themselves up off the ground. Juni stands there breathing in short gasps that threaten to dissolve into tears. She is stunned; she is elated; she is still scared out of her mind.

Her eyes meet Shade's across the empty place between them, the place where the shadow had been standing a moment ago. There is a look in those grey eyes, something Juni would not have expected to see. Sorrow?

"What was that thing?" she whispers. "What brought it here?"

But before anyone can answer her, footsteps are heard at the mouth of the alley. A dark figure approaches, walking slowly, deliberately.

"Juni?" a man's voice calls softly. "Is that you?"

Deja vu. Has this meeting happened before, this man calling out to her? Moments like these are often confusing to a clairvoyant. Is she standing in a dark alley or at the top of a rickety staircase? This snippet of time - is it merely similar to a past experience, or had she actually foreseen it in a dream or by presentience?

"Alek," she says qietly. "What are you doing here?"

Ah. The feeling of deja vu is broken. Things are different this time.

Alek says nothing for a moment, only walking closer. He looks around at the others as they recover from their battle with the shadow, stopping to stare at Shade briefly. A hint of recognition crosses his face. Then he turns back to Juni.

"I heard about what happened at the warehouse. I feel as if I betrayed you, but I thought that the Night Eyes could be trusted." He glances at Shade again. "I suppose that I should have known better.

"Mistress Molar, the innkeeper here, tipped me off about your current whereabouts. She's an old friend of the family. Can we go inside and talk? I may be able to help all of you."
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