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LegendaryIndividuals and Bands

"Death Wing" Squadron

Class: Legendary Squadron:

This is a squadron of planes that have over the last 200 years saving true aces in times trouble. The team has appeared in mist of black clouds, then when there job was finished would vanish as they appeared. The only acknowledgment would be a thumbs-up at the beginning of the fight or mission and a salute at the end.

The squadron has been seen escorting transports, providing air cover for pinned mercenary units and other missions. Many pilots owe there live to this squadron. Pilots that die along side this squad often join in there cause, or so it is believed.

The unit contains a wide array of aircraft:
a Tri-Wing Fokker (piloted the Red Baron), P-38 Lightening (Piloted by Richard Bong),a Hurricane, an American Mustang, 3 F-16s, 2 F-22 Raptors with Golden Age markings, 2 A-10 Thunder bolt I, 3 A-10 Warthog III's, 1 Northern Gun Sky King and 1 Crescent Moon fighter and a dozen other aircraft of various designs.

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