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Unread 1st of September, 2010, 06:38
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XP Tracker

Total XP earned per character: 923

Itemized list:
  • 070: Combat 1-8 - Von Urstadt Crypt
  • 130: Combat 1-7 - Portal Room
  • 070: Combat 1-6 - Goblin Warren II
  • 145: Combat 1-5 - Goblin Warren
  • 110: Combat 1-4 - Chamber of Flame Unbound
  • 120: Combat 1-3 - Kruthik Ambush
  • 000: Skill Challenge 1-1 - Tracking the Goblins*
  • 162: Combat 1-2 - Ogre Bombadier
  • 116: Combat 1-1 - Bar Fight!

*Skill Challenge 1-1 was a set of skill challenges which actually encompassed the negotiations with Troyas, the interrogation of Morrik (the hobgoblin prisoner in Brindol), and the following of the tracks through the wilderness (i.e., all the events which would lead to the party successfully acquiring enough information to get to Rivenroar without incident). It failed because the party jumped the gun in several locations and didn't obtain all the available information, not because they failed skill checks. It's failure is what triggered the Kruthik Ambush (keeping them on pace XP-wise).
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