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Unread 16th of September, 2003, 23:21
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Freeport: Downtime (IC)

This is the thread for all downtime postings and summary posts. I'll let you know in the main IC threads when to post in this thread and when it is ok to post in the main threads.

Once again, this thread is to be used only for downtime situations as appropriate. When all responses for downtime are in, or a specified due date is passed, I shall put a response on it.

Reposted from the OOC thread:
Cadrius will do the following:

*Cruise the taverns and try to learn who opposes Drac and who's in favor of him.
*Depending on who it is, he might try to find out more about them, where they go. Possibly even meet them depending on their station in society.
*Dally with the elven merchant.
*Go out carousing, hitting the taverns, and being the rogue that he is.
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Unread 28th of September, 2003, 23:16
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Lee will do the following things.

1. Support Cadrius' points
2. See if he can scower the streets, underworld, library, aristrocracy and find out anything about the assasination of Drac's relative - in particular the Yellow Arrow. If questioned, he will attempt to cover himself, sighting that he is writing a book about famous assasinations which he will promise to give anyone who questions him a copy of when he publishes it.
3. Quietly see if he can find anything about the Light House, records, ledgers and so forth and locate anything suspicious as supplimentary "evidence" that it is some how related to what was discovered under ground.
4. Do a little research on the serpeant people, see if they have any history of their own on the main land or on freeport, including questioning Kelemyn about what she seems to know (she mentioned some interested in them earlier).
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Unread 7th of October, 2003, 02:24
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Kelemyn will try to find out what she can about Lord Drac and the Lighthouse from the elven enclave. She'll also hang out with Cadrius and Lee as they 'cruise the taverns' looking for info, but not necessarily carouse with them.

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Unread 25th of October, 2003, 03:43
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Through all your investigations, there is one group that you keep hearing about through the rumors and the like that opposes Drac - The Laughing Knives, though it seems that nearly everyone has an opinion on the goings on of the city and the light house and the dockworkers and..well, you get the idea.

They seem to be a small group of rabble-rousers who stir a fair amount of trouble before disappearing without a trace. No-one knows who they are, or if they do, they're not telling.

Your attempts to court the elven merchant from Market Square are met with a raised eyebrow and an amused chuckle as a human not even the age of 20 trying to court someone likely 10 times your years must be amusing for the fair elven woman.


The streets don't carner much information, as the attempt, while big at the time, is small matters to thieves and other denizens of the shadows in this year.

The Boccobi temple and library is more helpful on the matter, though even that is relatively finite. An investigation was made into the cause of Anton Drac's death, but nothing was ever turned up. A man was found poisoned a few days later in the warehouse district near to where Drac was assassinated, but investigators managed to find no link between the two deaths.

The Lighthouse has no records in the Boccobi Library, and you are directed to a building in the Old City that is kept for the official government ledgers. Everything you've found so far in the records indicates that, although a far-too-large amount of the city coffers has gone to financing the endeavor, there appears to be nothing untoward about the project itsself.

In all this, there is little time to locate anything on the Serpent people who attacked you in the underground shrine.


The elves at the enclave and temple aren't terribly familiar with the political goings on of the city, concerning themselves primarily in keeping in contact with the mainland and the several townships, cities, and hamlets that the members of the clergy here hail from.

What you can manage to glean from your brothers and sisters of the pantheon of Correlon is that Lord Drac managed to come from inobscurity to the power of the Drac throne after his cousins, all by simple test of his heritage, which the Clergy was commisioned to do due to their long lives and their ability to track even the most obscure of family connections.
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