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Unread 22nd of July, 2011, 03:53
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Posting Frequency Rules

If it's your turn you have 24 hours to post before I even bother noticing, if you do not post within 24 hours I will post in the OOC thread indicating that its your turn and I would like you to post.

If you have not posted within 24 hours of notice having been given (total 48), then we'll "play through" the encounter round... any rolls you need to take (like the perception check for this round) will be taken by the GM on your behalf and you will be assumed to be "delaying your action" until all other players and NPC have taken their round actions. I will PM you at this point.

If it has been at least 48 hours since you were put on notice (total 72), and all other players and NPCs have taken their actions your character will act "autonomously".

You may choose at this time to:
A) Allow another PC to act on your behalf or B) specify an "algorithm" that the GM will use to decide how you act (aka; Always attack the nearest enemy with fireball attack, if I am within melee distance with an enemy use claw attack)

Specify this "default" method for you character to take actions in you character sheet.


After each subsequent 24 hours after we have taken a characters turn on a missing players behalf and all other players and non-player characters have taken turns... we will take your characters turn again.


If you know you are going to be unable to post for 72 hours, please let the group know beforehand so that we don't expect you to post and the "system" does not have to be put into place.

We can leave the game on hold for at least a few cycles but eventually the group will likely just assume you are gone and move on without you.

The above system would only apply to situations where we are relying on a player to post for the game to move forward... outside of encounters you should post at least once in every 7 days (so if your last post was last thursday, you should post again by next thursday)... or your character will be assumed to be going along with the majority.
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