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E'la 'Stormchild' Da'rul

I had a difficult time writing up a 'real' backstory. So here's something different - several interviews with some more or less important people in E'la's life who talk about him. I'm not sure if the interviewer needs to be named or needs a role - so far I didn't have an idea who he could be.

But... anyways, here comes. J, I can easily change something if you would like (for instance changing wizardess to druid). We can work out some more facts about his life with this as a start, I think.

I could also include more specifics like certain places and stuff - feel free to make suggestions.

Archdruid Eltergost
„You ask me about the Storm Child?“ Eltergost smiles slightly as he lights his pipe. „Alright, I shall tell you a little, but the rest you'll have to find out yourself. E'la got his nickname as a babe. He appeared to us in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. I had a strange feeling that this storm was special in some way and felt drawn to the Glade of Ethrul. There I found him wrapped in blankets inside the small stone circle on one of the slabs of stone. He's been with me ever since and I have treated him as my own.“ The elderly man stops talking as he draws on his pipe. With a faraway look he continues. „E'la has never been an easy child, quick to anger, stubborn and willful. But he has a good heart. He just... he likes his freedom. I tried to teach him, prepare him to do his share for these lands, to take on responsibility. But it got more difficult when he started showing signs of magical ability. He needed to learn to control it. But he lacks the discipline that helps in that area...“ Once more Eltergost falls silent for a long moment. „I decided to give him to training with the Wardens. I'm still not sure if that did him good, but what is done cannot be undone. Others can tell you about his time there. Suffice to say he learned to control his powers, at least a little. But he didn't adapt or learn any discipline. He's a free spirit, my E'la.“ Fondness had crept into his voice, mingled with worry. „I told him of his heritage after he had undergone the rites to become a man. He has wanted to go off in search of his parents ever since. And while I have an inkling who they might've been, so far I haven't told him anything. But I fear the time has come for him to wander the world, to see for himself, for good or bad. He will never be ready to settle here before that, I think.” Sadness shows plainly for a moment on the old man's face. “And if you'll excuse me now, there are things I need to attend to.”

Wizardess Kuri Essala of the Wardens
“The Stormchild...” the elegantly clad, middle-aged sorceress smiled weakly. “What a difficult case. But what power of will, what spirit! I just hope he took at least some of my teachings to heart.” She utters a short laugh accompanied by a shake of her head. “I took on the responsibility to train him and help him develop and control his powers as part of his training with the Wardens. We hoped to make him one of us, one of the oh so rare arcanists among the Wardens. We're a small circle and there are some who would rather see us gone for good. But there are times when arrows and swords are not enough to keep our lands safe. That is when we step in.” She sighed. “I have to admit – to myself, especially – that the chance of E'la becoming one of us seems small at this point. He was an apt pupil... at times. Sometimes he wanted to learn and was eager and willing. Other times he was questioning all and everything and made little progress. But his powers over lightning are impressive. Telling you of the feats he can do would take all evening. But I do not have the time for that, you will have to take my word for this. Sadly, I heard that his time with the Warden patrols was a difficult one – that didn't make my teachings any easier. If he'll join us again? I very much hope so, but only time can tell...”

Druidess Lucilla Kurin
“The Stormchild?” Her expression distorts suddenly into one of anger and annoyance. “He's a danger to us all, I can tell you that! Those powers he has – he'll call lightning and kill people sooner or later. I heard that he intends to leave and I say good riddance. May he never return. His kind has no place among us.” She frowns and hesitates but then speaks. “The old fool Eltergost has made a dire mistake in taking him on. And making him his heir?” She shakes her head fervently sending her locks flying. “Utter Foolishness! Maybe he should think about resigning and tending that glade of his. Surely he's better suited for that kind of work these days.” That said she turns on her heel and stalks off.

Warden patrol leader Juri “Arrowswift” Pulin
“Bah, the so-called 'Stormchild' has no place amongst us Wardens. I was the leader of the patrol he accompanied infrequently. He was supposed to learn from us and help us. What a farce.” Juri sneers and spits on the ground. “I'll tell you what he is. A useless piece of shit who only cares about himself. On one occasion he even managed to hurt two of my men with his lightning magics, the bastard. So he wants to go? Good. Finally. He'll die out there. Alone, with no one to cover his back.”

Warden Turd Barden
As 'Arrowswift' leaves the scene, a young Warden steps up and speaks. “You should know that E'la did indeed injur two of our men, one severely. But his lightning also killed the remaining two displacer beasts which were about to rip us to shreds.” Turd shrugs. “I was standing face to face with one of the beasts when his lightning struck me in the back. It took over a week for me to recover. But I remember that I had resigned to die that day just a split second before.” He looks over his shoulder in the direction where Juri disappeared. “I do not know what else happened that day as I passed out and the others do not want to talk about it. I was a green recruit back then. But my heart tells me I owe E'la my life. And while he had a very hard time to find his place in our patrol, Juri never even tried to make it easy for him. I... I thought you should know that.” With a nod the young man turns and walks off.
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E'la Da'rul
Val Char Pts Roll
10 STR 0 11-
18 DEX 16 13-
13 CON 3 12-
13 INT 3 12-
13 EGO 3 12-
18 PRE 8 13-
5 OCV 10
4 DCV 5
3 OMCV 0
3 DMCV 0
4 SPD 20
3 PD 1
8 ED 6
7 REC 4
24 END 1
13 BODY 3 Total Cost
30 STUN 5 90

Cost Power/Equipment END
11 Mana Pool: Endurance Reserve 35 END 18 REC Slow Recovery 1 Hour, Requires Rest
15 Grounded Soul: Resistant Protection 15 ED Inherent, Only Works Against Lightning
8 Focused Current: Armor Piercing for up to 75AP of Lightning powers, Reduced Endurance, Extra time: Full Segment, Gestures: Both Hands, Concentration: dcv 1
Sorcerer Abilities
Lightning Sheath: Resistant Defense 2rPD 10rED & 1d6 RKA AOE-Surface, Duration(5 min) 7
Chain Lightning: 2d6 RKA + Linked 1d6+1 RKA AOE-8m radius 4
Charged Leap: +20m Leaping Duration(5min) 2
Shock Bolt: 7d6 EB 1
Lightning Fury: 6d6 EB Autofire (5 Shots) +4 With Lightning Fury 2
Lightning Rift: 1d6 RKA Constant, AOE 4m radius Selective Mobile, No Range, Concentration DCV, Cost END only to activate 7
Jacobs Ladder:Barrier 10 ED 10 Body 6m long 4m tall, Non Anchored, Transparent to physical attacks & 1d6 RKA Constant, AOE Line, Costs Endurance to Activate, Gestures throughout (both hands), Concentrate DCV throughout 10
Dragon Shard Rod: Endurance for up to 75 AP, OAF : Rod, Requires a Use Magic Device Roll, Delayed Phase
Ring of Elements: Life Support Safe in Intense Heat and Cold, IIF-Ring
Vital Information
HTH Damage: 2d6
Lift: 100kg STR END cost: 2
Phases : 3,6,9,12
Combat Skill Levels: +1 with Sorcery
Presence Attack: 3d6
Normal PD: 6 (8)
Resistant PD: 3(5)
Normal ED: 11 (21)
Special: +15rED v. Electricity
Skills, Perks & Talents
Cost Name Roll
3 Acrobatics 13-
3 Charm 13-
3 Climbing 13/14-
3 Concealment 12/13-
2 AK-Eldeen Reaches 11-
2 KS-Eldeen Reaches 11-
2 Language-Orcish (Fluent)
2 Navigation (Land) 12/13-
3 Stealth 13/14-
4 Survival (Temperate) 13/14-
3 Tracking 12/13-
3 Use Magical Device 12-
4 WF:Common Melee & Missile Weapons
4 Outdoorsman +1 Outdoors skills
5 Force of Will +1 w/Sorcery
2 Favor:Eldeen Druid Council (x2)
Sorcerous Abilities
6 Lightning Sheath
6 Chain Lightning
2 Charged Leap
4 Shock Bolt
7 Lightning Fury
6 Lightning Rift
6 Jacobs Ladder
6 Combat Luck (3 PD/3 ED)

Cost Complication
5 Distinctive Features : Runic Tattoo below right ear
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