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Unread 21st of October, 2004, 04:48
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I encourage everyone to throw their own post on this thread charting the rest of their character's expendables (such as spell slots, ammo, etc)

Hit Points:
Finn 20 / 30
Malkanus 32 / 32
Lade 31 / 47
Nabi 16 / 16
Shihiram 21 / 24

Pp: 23
Cp: 17

Total(in gp): 683.27

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Unread 4th of April, 2005, 23:08
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Andrellew "Finn" Finnley

Arrows 53

We all live n learn, when we survive.

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Unread 9th of March, 2006, 07:42
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Healer’s Kit [50] (1 lb)

Waterskin (4 lbs)
Rations, Trail x2 (2 lbs)

Quall’s Feather Token – Tree
Quall’s Feather Token – Swan Boat
Potion of Jump x2
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x4
Wand: Cure Light Wounds [36]
Scroll: Sanctuary
Scroll: Invisibility to Undead x2


0 Level (DC 14)
Create Water
Detect Magic
Detect Magic

1st Level (DC 15)
Hide From Undead
Vigor, Lesser
Shield of Faith

2nd Level (DC 16)
Deific Vengeance
Hold Person

3rd Level (DC 17)
Dispel Magic
Searing Light

Domain Spells
1) Deathwatch
2) Zone of Truth
3) Detect Thoughts

Class and Racial Abilities

Turn Undead (Level 4): 6 attempts (+2 to checks)

Repose Domain: The character may use a death touch once per day. The death touch is a spell-like ability that is a death effect. The character must succeed at a melee touch attack against a living creature. When the character touches, roll 1d6 per his or her cleric level. If the total at least equals the creature’s current hit points, it dies.

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Arrows x12
Tindertwig x5 (-lb)
Curelight wounds x1
Antitoxin (vial) X2
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Unread 17th of March, 2008, 04:09
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Sling bullet x10

Spells Memorized
Lvl 0 (DC 14): 4
Detect Magic

Lvl 1 (DC 15): 4 (1 from high INT)
Magic Missile
Magic Missile
Obscuring Mist
Scales of the Lizard*

Lvl 2 (DC 16): 3 (1 from high INT)
Hold Person
Ice Knife*
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