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Artifact 1

A relic from the time of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate, this exquisite slashing sword has been passed down Yushoto Takan's family tree generations upon generations. Its first bearer, Wu Shin Tao, was a Dragon-Blooded warrior of the Seventh Legion who happened to be a comrade and close friend of Yushoto Baraka. A pragmatist of the highest degree, Shin Tao disdained the use of Artifact weapons over mundane counterparts. In an effort to prove to others (as well as himself) that his ways were best, he forged Kazeko and utilized it to great result. Shin Tao was a swordsman and swordsmith of legendary skill. Throughout the years he wielded Kazeko he remained undefeated in combat until his death at the hands of a powerful Fae noble during the Balorian Crusade.

The Gens of the Shogunate experienced untold devastation in the Great Contagion and the Balorian Crusade, and Gens Wu was one of many unfortunate casualties. When Baraka forged Gens Yushoto in the aftermath of these great disasters, one of his first decisions as head was to accept Shin Tao's family into his house. It was from this union that Kazeko would become an heirloom of the Gens. In Gens Yushoto's first century, Kazeko was looked upon with much importance and was treated as a family treasure. However, as the Gens slowly moved towards a focus on producing the finest Sorceror-Engineers in Lookshy, Kazeko left the spotlight.

In the present-day, Kazeko is known only to the more historically-learned members of Gens Yushoto, and given importance by a select few. The few who share this view are among the most militant and traditional members of the Gens and are usually ignored by the greater whole. Among these men and women stands Yushoto Takan, the bearer of Kazeko up until a few years back. Needless to say, the Yushoto old guard was initially shocked and enraged when Takan passed down Kazeko to his adopted "son," a mortal metic brought into his family nearly a decade before. They were even more inflamed when the new bearer of Kazeko was reported dead in a horrific attack on a Rangers reconnaissance patrol and the precious heirloom gone without a trace. However, unknown to them the young metic scion of Yushoto still remains alive. One of the many possesors of the returning Solar Exaltations, he wields Kazeko with the skill, respect, and
mindfulness of tradition that it was deemed deserving of long ago.

A perfect example of beauty in simplicity, Kazeko is a work of art. Wu Shin Tao was a minimalist of the utmost proportions, and his craftsmanship is clearly representative of this.
Razor sharp and incredibly strong, Kazeko's edge is made of a long shard of Chiaroscuran glass, allowing it to cut through armor as easily as a blade of grass. Around this core are countless layers of folded Feathersteel, forming a sword of immense speed and durability in compact weight and form. No filigree or etching can be found across the beautifully reflective and unmarred surface. The curve of this slashing sword is perfect in form and function, slight and gentle like the trough of a wave on a calm day at sea. The guard of the hilt is square and thin with no ornamentation whatsoever, its spartan design chosen for harmony in utility, not aesthetics. Finally, Kazeko's hilt is a simple shaft of Feathersteel wrapped in cloth. However, it is the one place on the entire weapon where filigree can be found: on the palm of the hilt is Wu Shin Tao's personal crest, a triangle inside of a circle.

Kazeko is a Perfect-quality Slashing Sword with a primary construction of Chiaroscuran Glass, and should be treated as such for the purposes of weapon durability and other factors.

Speed: 4
Accuracy: +3
Damage: +3L
Defense: +1
Rate: 4
Minimums: Strength 2
Cost: -
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