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Unread 29th of March, 2005, 16:29
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An explanation...

Without wanting to turn this site into my personal blog, I feel the need to explain my situation to you guys...

For the past seven years, I've been living a double life - pretending as if actually going to college. All this time I've been very much aware of how stupid my actions were and that I was only making matters worse; but sadly, I was afraid - too afraid - to admit my lie.

Last Friday, I left home with the plan to end my life - the only means of escape I could see.

Luckily, through a stroke of pure luck, my friends and family managed to find me maybe hours before I would've gathered the last bit of courage I needed.

Relieved that the lie is finally no longer dominating and controlling my life, I now stand for the daunting prospect of restarting my life; I will receive psychologic aid, and hope that despite my lies, my bosses will allow me to prove my worth again.

I hope that those people on here that I value as my friends, will be able to forgive me my actions over the past years.
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Unread 29th of March, 2005, 23:19
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We all do things we regret. Luckily you have people around you that care about you. From my point of view there is nothing to forgive: you've given me a great internet home to hang out at and a wonderful outlet for creativity. I hope that you do what you need to do to get your life in order. If there is any way I can help with anything, just let me know.
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Unread 30th of March, 2005, 04:03
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I second.
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Unread 30th of March, 2005, 09:02
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Hey man, we all make mistakes. Like Gralhruk said, just be glad that you have friends and family that love and care about you. I am pretty knew here, but I can already tell that you have made this a great community. Anyway, I hope you do what you need to do to get your life back in order and I hope you get to feeling better about life again as well. I'll keep you in my prayers.
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Unread 30th of March, 2005, 09:25
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We all have problems, it's okay. It's good that your family cares about you, and we (the community) believe that you have the strength to do what you need to do and get better. We care about you too.
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Unread 30th of March, 2005, 12:20
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Like everyone's saying, we all have problems. In learning to drive, I've come up with a philosophy: If you mess up but nothing bad actually happens, it's no big deal. Dwelling on mistakes will only set you far enough back that you'll make another mistake. As it is, you were lucky enough to avoid anything bad, and you've gotten it behind you. Keep on rockin', man, good times be yours. Take some time off from the 'net if you need to, we'll hold the fort here. Good luck.
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Unread 30th of March, 2005, 16:32
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I'm a little older than you and can honestly say that in ten years from now you'll wonder what the big deal was. Believe it.

Life is for you to live, don't try to live your life for other people, live it the way you want, and if that means not doing something you hate that's OK.
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Unread 4th of April, 2005, 06:56
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Danny you know I speak from an experiance on par with your own, once you can get past all this stuff you can make your life alot better. You know where to find me if you want to talk.
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Unread 5th of April, 2005, 14:37
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I know i've been a shadow of this site for a while now, not quite sure if you saw me, never entirely sure if i'm tangable... but I've known you Danny from well before this website even had a place and as such i'm telling you now that no matter your problems you've got real friends here who are willing to listen and talk.
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Unread 11th of April, 2005, 20:33
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I've been there, staring at the weapon, considering... Glad you made it back from the brink. It's amazing what people who love you will forgive, so go with it. Once you're back in balance, you will see that it's all forgivable and redeemable. Thanks for your contributions to this site.
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