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Here is the PANTHEON of my home-brew world:

Fharlanghn (Worshipers: Bards, travelers, merchants),
Carl Glittergold (Worshipers: Gnomes, illusionists, jewelers, practical jokers.)
Heironeous (Worshipers: Paladins, fighters, monks, judges, constables)
Hextor (Worshipers: Fighters, monks, conquerors, tyrants, goblinoids)
Pelor (Worshipers: Bards, rangers, druids, healers, commoners)
Kurtulmak (worshipers: kobolds, lizardfolk and Troglodytes)
Moradin (Worshipers: Dwarves, metalworkers)
Nerull (Worshipers: Orcs, gnolls, necromancers, assassins, murderers)
St. Cuthbert (Worshipers: Fighters, monks, judges, constables)
Olidamma (worshipers: rogues, rat-men, bards, actors, vintners)
Tiamat (worshipers: duergar, elves and drow elves, evil dragons)
Wee Jas (worshipers: sorcerers, wizards).
Yondalla (Worshipers: Halflings, explorers, pioneers)

Greek gods:
HERA: (Worshipers:Women, wives, spies, planners)
Zeus: (everyone)
Poseidon: (Merfolk, Locathah, fishermen, sailors)
NIKE: Worshipers: Fighters, monks, athletes
Hephaestos: Worshipers: Dwarves, Duergar, artisans, fighters
Artemis: Worshipers: Rangers, druids, elves, halflings, hunters

If you want your character to know more about these deities, make a knowledge religion DC 15 check (for each god separately).

You all know more about Olidamma:
The Laughing Rogue
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Laughing mask
Home Plane: Ysgard
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Rogues, music, revelry, wine,
humor, tricks
Worshipers: Rogues, bards, actors, vintners
Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN,
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Rapier
The deity of rogues, Olidammara (oh-lih-duh-mar-uh), most often
appears as a brown-haired man of rakish appearance, olive skin,
and merry eyes, but he often goes incognito. Olidammara delights
in wine, women, and song. He is a vagabond, a prankster, and a
master of disguise. His temples are few, but many people are willing
to raise a glass in his honor.
Olidammara loves upsetting anyone who seems too attached to an
ordered life and a predictable routine. He urges his followers to
bend every effort toward mastering the art of music. He also
teaches that life is meant to be happy and entertaining, and the
best jokes need a target to hang them on. The tables can turn on
any trickster, and Olidammara’s followers should accept the laugh
and appreciate the trick when it happens to them. Wine, Olidammara
says, is one of the joys of life, and the only thing better
than making wine is drinking it. Avoid misery, temperance, and
solemnity, for they are the greatest poisons to the soul.
Clergy and Temples
Olidammara’s religion is loosely organized, but his clerics are
numerous. They usually work among urban folk or wander the
countryside. Olidammara’s clerics often have a second occupation,
such as minstrels, brewers, or jacks-of-all-trades. Thus, they can be
found almost anywhere doing or wearing anything.
Temples dedicated solely to Olidammara are few. But as his followers
say, there is a temple of Olidammara anywhere there is wine,
song, and laughter, Most formal temples of Olidammara are hidden,
because they usually double as hideouts for thieves. Many drinking
establishments include at least small shrines to Olidammara.
There's an epidemic spreading through the world:
people who think they know something, and that it's always the others who don't know anything.
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