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Welcome to the City

The City was formed by a group of forward-thinking transhumans, eager to learn what they could accomplish if they shed the needs of their mortal bodies and focus entirely on their intellectual pursuits. It was formed as a direct democracy in which every member had a voice, and voting quickly became an aspect of everyday life. Imagined as a utopia, the Declaration system was put in place to help citizens meet those with common goals and help each other in their pursuits.

Infomorphs experience the City, which in actuality is a fairly small box in far orbit around Earth, through a democratically agreed-upon visualization of a vast cityscape, beyond which is a blank canvas that can be expanded to as needed. Moving at the speed of electrical signals and information, life in the city travels at a blistering pace for those not in it, but since all occupants of the City move at the same speed, subjectively life carries on at a normal pace so long as an occupant refrains from contacting those outside it. Objective months easily translate to subjective years, and those who leave the city might return to find it very different indeed. There is a particular curiosity about the City, and that is that since everyone travels at the speed of information, information travels at the speed of everyone. This means instantaneous messaging is simply impossible, though the skies are usually filled with birds, balloons, and other visualizations of electronic messages sent from one Citizen to another. Vehicles move people along very specifically constructed highways of more conductive circuits than anyone could walk, but once off those streets all travel is done by foot.

At first, the City had a fairly small number of occupants, but that changed during the Fall, when the City opened its doors to any fleeing infomorph seeking asylum. After the Fall, things went back to routine, with no significant immigration until very recently. Within the past month, for no clear reason, the number of people coming to the City has spiked to a substantial degree, an abnormality which has set many citizens on edge...
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