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Unread 14th of June, 2014, 07:44
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Character Questionnaire

To better integrate yourself among your fellow citizens, please answer the following questions:

1) What are your Declarations?

2) When did you come to the City?

3) Why did you come to the City?

4) What happened to your original morph, if you ever had one?

5) How did you experience the Fall?

6) Have you ever experimented with Forking? If so, are there any Forks of you still out there?
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Unread 18th of June, 2014, 04:38
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Dr. Otho Castern

1. Community, Stability

2. My parents uploaded my consciousness to Lunar Colony 12 during the fall to try and save me, they sadly didn't make it. I spent several years of indentured servitude to a mental health professional, primarily acting as secretary and researcher. Once I was freed I used the education I received under him, both intentionally and not, to eventually work towards receiving my own doctorate in psychology. It was after this that I moved to the City.

3. An ever changing environment can put a lot of stress on the mind. It's my intention to monitor the social and psychological development of the people of the City and use my own experience to help smooth over any issues existing as a pure infomorph can cause. I intend to act as an active participant in the city's democracy, as a passive observer of the development of the experiment and professionally to offer my services as a therapist and psychosurgeon.

4. My original morph was my original body which was destroyed during the fall, to my knowledge. I have not inhabited a physical form since then.

5. I witnessed the fall from the moon. I remember the trauma of being unable to do anything but watch through the lunar base's cameras as the surface of my homeworld was ravaged by beings of our own creation that we could not understand. Going through such horror firsthand has come greatly in handy in my work, I have helped other people suffering from trauma after the fall to come to terms with themselves.

6. I'm afraid I'm a little too possessive of my own identity to ever try forking.

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Unread 20th of June, 2014, 06:54
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1) Artistry, Vanguard

2) *silence* "He came to the, no, seven years ago. Right. Seven. is that right, Spectrum?" *nods* "That's seven years as Mars sees them, like here. So, uh, let me get my calculator..." *eyeroll*

3) "Well, Specturm believes life is an artform in and of itself. Being alive in a certain way and living that way is the purest artistry that one can attempt. And so, what better canvas to work on than himself? But the physical world, uhh...has restrictions on ways of living, preventing true artistry. So, he came here." *Nods* "Oh, fhew..."

4) "I don't know. Do...I know?" *shakes head* "Was it killed?" *shakes head* "Uh...traded in?" *shakes head* "...what happened to it?" *shrugs* "Lost!" *shrugs* "I don't know."

5) "Well, I experienced it really far off. Spectrum..." *silence* "Far off too?" *shakes head* "Close?" *nods* "Uh...well, from the records you gave me, the name Spectrum comes from the L.L.A...were you on one of the Lagrange habs?" *nods* "Ah! So, yes, Spectrum was from the L.L.A. Or, at least, that's when he started calling himself Spectrum. Did you have a past before that?" *shakes head* "Are you lying?" *nods* "I hate this job..." *smiles*

6) "I...uh...I'm not a fork, am I?" *shakes head* "Right...and you never lie..." *shakes head* "Oh boy..."
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Unread 20th of June, 2014, 11:43
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1.) Observe, Experiment

2.) I was "born" in this city fairly recently, though I suspect that's not the answer you wanted when you asked that question. My origin personality was created by one Dr. Nell Beacon. She was to act as Dr. Beacon's proxy while the morph and original personality took care of matters on Earth.

3.) Surprisingly, AGIs have just as little choice in where they're born as humans do. Though, again, I suspect that's doesn't answer the question you thought you were asking. Very well, the version of Dr. Beacon that created me wanted to see how she would react in the environment of The City, with various specific additions and subtractions to her memories and personality.

4.) My creator, Dr. Beacon, tells me that the original Dr. Beacon died during The Fall. She refused to give further details.

5.) Memories of The Fall were specifically left out during my creation. I only know of the event through conversations with others.

6.) Yes, technically I am a FORK, albeit an experimental FORK. I believe that my origin personality has created several FORKs beyond my creator, and I highly suspect I'm not the only AGI based off of the original Dr. Beacon's personality that my creator has created. Should be quite the family reunion if we ever get around to having one.
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