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Unread 26th of December, 2012, 03:54
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Original Recruitment Post - June '06

Howdy fellow ORP fanatics!
I've been thinking of doing a series of short unannounced adventure scenarios that are basically a "first-post-first-play" deal.

Here's my idea:
A scenario would be posted - for example, a small farming community is under attack by wolves and possibly goblin riders - and then a call to players would be issued. And the first, let's say, five players that posted would get to complete the scenario - they'd bring in their characters, post actions, and resolve the scenario.

I figure each scenario would last approximately 1-2 weeks in posting - fast and frenzied! Lots of action, time for roleplaying at the end and perhaps in between scenarios. And this type of "pick up" game wouldn't require a lot of committment from players - they could just drop in (provided they are one of the five) and play. And the players may vary for each scenario as may the characters! For example, you might get to play in the first two adventures, but that doesn't mean you have to play the same character. You could bring in a different one for each adventure you manage to get in.

These adventures would use D&D 3.5 Core rules (for now) - just to keep it simple. I wouldn't want players spending two hours rolling up a character that they might only play a few times or that might get eaten or killed off. Heh. In fact, I know some of you have one or three laying around that you could dust off in a moment's notice. Am I right, or am I right? Right? Right? Right?

I know that some of us are strapped for time and committment, and we've had several good discussions on "dead end games" lately. So, I thought that this would give us a chance to play without the pressure of a long-term committment. Something all of us fellers want out of a woman!
Er....did I type that out loud?

Anyway, BRR says if we get enough interest I can request a forum. So let me hear from you - thoughts, questions, suggestions, etc. I already have the first scenario worked up. Talk to me!

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