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Unread 16th of July, 2010, 13:49
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Igneous shrugged apologetically. "I am not exactly integrated in to society - getting phones and such is not something I ever needed do. I could perhaps come by this spot every day at sunset, and look for one of you, or a communication of some sort?"

He watched Jill leave, and his darkvision easily saw through the shadows to watch her transformation. It was like his own, but also very very different. She, too, was very different in her panther form. Confident, controlled and comfortable, as opposed to the creature she was as a human. He wondered if perhaps she had been born panther, rather than hairless ape.

Igneous turned to Evan. "I presume someone will be waiting for you? You have a family, a home, those sorts of things, yes?"
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Unread 16th of July, 2010, 13:56
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"Sure, yeah. Look, it's kind of big. You could probably stay in the shed, or something - that is, if you don't have someplace you stay already, and you want to. Then you'd be close, you know, if something goes down. I don't know, I'm just trying to be nice, yeah? Don't take that the wrong way, or anything." Evan shrugged, then scooped his keys out of his pocket and hurried back to his truck, too embarrassed to wait for an answer.
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