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Unread 4th of January, 2012, 13:49
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Isaac "Hellfire" Talbot
Warlock 4/Planar Ranger 1
Exp: 8492
Chaotic Neutral (not retarded)

Sex: male
Age: 23
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 165lbs

Strength 10 (2pts)
Dexterity 14 (6pts)
Constitution 10 (2pts)
Intelligence 10 (2pts)
Wisdom 8 (0pts)
Charisma 18 (13pts +1 @4th)

Initiative +2
Speed 30 ft

Hit Points 23 (6+(4*3)+5)
Armour Class 18 (10+ 5 armor +1 shield +2 dex)
Fortitude +3 (+3 base +0 con )
Reflex +5 (+9 with DoOL)(+3 base +2 dex )
Willpower +3 (+4 base -1 wis )

BAB +4

Skills (2+int +1human)*8
Concentration 7 (7 ranks +0 con)
Knowledge (The Planes) 6 (6 ranks +0 Int)
Perform (grandstanding) 11 (7 ranks +4 Cha)
Use Magic Device 11 (7 ranks +4 Cha)
Speak Language 1 (1 rank +0 Int)
  • Infernal

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Weapon Focus (Eldrich Blast)

Special Abilities:
Eldrich Blast 2d6 ranged touch attack. Half damage to objects. +7 to-hit.
Detect Magic as the spell continual effect
Damage Reduction 1/Cold Iron
Deceive Item Can take 10 on any UMD even while threatened or distracted
Favored Enemy (Outsider {Air}) +2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks when using these skills and +2 on damage rolls against creatures of this type.
Wild Empathy Can make a diplomacy roll adding ranger levels as a bonus on the roll to affect attitude of magical beasts and celestial/fiendish animals. May also use on normal animals at -4.

Dark one's own luck Luck bonus on one save equal to Charisma modifier. 24hr duration, SL 2nd.
Darkness as the spell. 10 min./level. SL 2nd
Devil's sight can see in dark (magical and mundane) 30'. 24hr duration. SL 2nd

Equipment:(4490 spent) 365g

Leather Duster (handy haversack) 2,000g
Micromesh Armor Mwk. (+5 AC +3 max dex -1 armor check) 700g
Mithril Buckler (+1 AC -max dex -armor check -spell failure) 1,015g
Longspear (1d8/x3. +4 to-hit) 5g
Sling (1d4/x2. +6 to-hit. 100 bullets) 1g
Dagger (1d4/19-20 x2 +4 to-hit)2g
Modern Rope 50' 20g
Protective goggles (red tint) 12g
Crowbar 1g
Grappling hook 2g
Antitoxin 50g
Adventurer's outfit, Modern 60g
Watch, Sports 15g
Lighter, Mwk 7g

Potion of Invisibility 300g (lasts 3min)

Wand of cure light wounds 750g (cures 1d8+3 hp)

For the party:
Longbow 75g
Arrows 1g/20 total of 8g (waiting on exact ammount to buy...Hopefully 160 is enough; 24lbs)
Arrows, Blunt 12g(240 count; 36lbs)

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Unread 5th of January, 2012, 06:33
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Captain Gavis
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Reserved for fluff

Inspiration: Rob Zombie/the Undertaker with a twist of Harry Dresden

Since it won't post as an image here is a link to the portrait I am using for Hellfire:

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Unread 27th of January, 2012, 07:50
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Token for Hellfire.

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