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Dreys Stoneshaft, Male Dwarf Fighter 8 Experience: 44,100
Alignment: Neutral Good; Deity: Dumathoin
Age: 53; Height: 4'3"; Weight: 186 lbs. Hair: Black; Eyes: Black Languages:: Common, Dwarven
HP: 82, AC 19 (Magical Breast Plate +1 (+6), +2 Dex); flat-footed 16; touch 12
Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex); Speed: 25 ft.
Attacks: 2/ round

Ability Scores
Str: 16 (+4); Dex: 15 (+2); Con: 19 (+5) (Base 17 +2 Racial +2); Int: 11; Wis: 10 (+2); Cha: 10 (Base 11 -2 Racial)
Base Attack Bonus:: +5; Base Grapple Bonus: +8 (+3 Str); Base Melee Bonus::: +8 (+3 Str);Base Ranged Bonus:: +7 (+2 Dex); Bravery: +4


Burning Blade: will keep this information private!!!
Dwarven Waraxe: +9 (+7 BAB +3 Str, +1 Feat); Damage: 1d10+4 bludgeoning; Critical: x3
Range/Reach:: 5 ft
Shortbow: +7 (+5 BAB +2 Dex); Damage: 1d6 piercing; Critical: x3; Range/Reach: 60 ft
Ammunition::: 20 arrows
Battle Axe: +9 (+3 BAB +3 Str, +1 Magic) : Damage: 1d8+4
Nice silvery dagger - +2 silver dagger
Bladed crossbow > +1 crossbow; also functions as a dagger melee weapon; no penalty on attack rolls.

Fortitude: +8 (4 Base Con +4); Reflex:::: +3 (1 Base Dex +2); Will:::::+1 (1 Base Wis 0)
+2 on saving throws vs spells/spell like abilities/poison
Feats: Weapon Focus (Dwarven Waraxe)(+1); Power Attack; Great Cleave (+4), Slight of hand, Survival, Improved Iron Will, Strike Back
Skills: Climb, Craft, Jump, Ride, Swim, intimidate, Knowledge (Dungeoneering, Religon); Balance +9;

Equipment: Breast Plate, Heavy Wooden Shield, Dwarven Waraxe (masterwork), Shortbow w/20 arrows, Battle Axe +1, Dagger, Backpack, rope, flint/steel, etc.
Necklace (thickly woven strands of copper, silver, and gold)

Vials and Potions: Six vials > Potion of Truth / vial of Holy Water / Small jar of thick salve > Stone Salve


From Tallack Moon (the priest)
Valkur's Boon: Boots of Balance - gives you Balance +7 and completely removes any seasickness affects or inner ear imbalance when aboard a ship.

From Sparten Isle
Old well-worn backpack > Hewardís Handy Haversack
Nice silvery dagger - +2 silver dagger
Six vials > Potion of Truth
vial of Holy Water
Bladed crossbow > +1 crossbow; also functions as a dagger melee weapon; no penalty on attack rolls.

From the Under-dark
1 potion of invisibility
Ring (precious)


Dreys Stoneshaft

Deity: Dumathoin

Dreys is from the nearby town of Kheldell. He was born into a family of mountain dwarfs know for their stonecrafts. His parents, Dreys Longbeard and Nela along with two of his eight brothers, still live there. Longbeard and Nela were very proud dwarves, they pride themselves on providing and protecting their family. Dreys learned the craft of mining and stone-cutting from his father. He has become one of the better stone-cutters among younger dwarves. Dreys prides himself on this because he always wants to please his God, Dumathoin.

Dreys spent his early years in the mountains where he worked and gambled with his fellow dwarves for copper pieces and other gems he could squeeze out of them. After spending many years learning his craft and taking his friends money, Dreys now looks to venture out of the mountains looking for the realms unearthed treasures and the secrets that they hold.

Dreys joined a group of travelers to take on the quest of ridding the realm of darkness. Along the way, he made friends with a companion named Mirko. Mirko was a mighty fighter that help Dreys to grow in his life. During their time together they have fought against many a foe. During this time Dreys has come into his own; becoming a feared dwarven fighter. Along the way their companions have given their lives for the greater good. The most notable being The Mighty Braken. He was a devout friend and companion. Their journey has led them to fight the Ice Queens. To do this, many tasks must be completed and only with the strength and courage will this group, along with Dreys, be able to fend off and defeat the Ice Queens.
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