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Skasa LightRunner

Skasa LightRunner
Deepling Halfling
Neutral Good
Lvl: Druid 4

STR: 11 (13-2 racial) [+0]
DEX: 12 (10+2 racial) [+1]
CON: 15 (15) [+2]
INT: 9 (9) [-1]
WIS: 18 (16+2 racial) [+4]
CHA: 5 (7-2 racial) [-3]

Endurance (+4 on various checks)
Skill Focus (+3 Bonus - Handle Animal)

Deepling Halfling (3)
Druidic (3)
Draconic (1)

Skills (Max Ranks:7; Total Points:21)
Concentration (Con) 8=6r+2Con
Handle Animal (Cha) 5=5r-3Cha+3Feat
Heal (Wis) 5=1r+4Wis
Knowledge (Nature)( Int) 5=3r-1Int+3Racial
Listen (Wis) 7=1r+4Wis+2Racial
Spot (Wis) 5=1r+4Wis
Survival (Wis) 9=2r+4Wis+3Racial
Swim (Str) 1=1r+0Str

Speak Language 0.5r

Racial Traits
•+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength, -2 Charisma
• Small: As a Small creature, a halfling gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than humans use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
• Halfling base land speed is 20 feet.
• +2 racial bonus on Climb, Jump, and Move Silently checks.
• +3 racial bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks
• +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear:
• +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings.
• +2 racial bonus on Listen checks.
• Automatic Languages: Deepling Halfling

Class Features
Animal companion - Wambli
Nature sense - +2 on Knowledge (Nature) and Survival Checks
Wild empathy - D20 +3 on wild empathy check (+4 Druid, -3 Cha, +2 Handle Animal synergy)
Woodland stride - Move through undergrowth at normal speed
Trackless step - Leaves no track
Resist nature's lure - +4 against spell-like abilities of fey
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Animal Companion


Small Animal, 3HD

STR: 11 (10+1Companion) [+0]
DEX: 16 (15+1Companion) [+3]
CON: 12 (12) [+1]
INT: 2 (2) [-4]
WIS: 14 (14) [+2]
CHA: 6 (6) [-2]

Speed: 10 , fly 80 (Average Maneuverability)
Base Attack Bonus: +2
HP: 16/16
AC: 16=10+3+0+2+1
Melee Attack: 2 Talons +4, Bite -2
Melee Damage: Talons 1d4 each, bite 1d4
Initiative: 3=3+0


Ref :6=3+3Dex

Weapon Finesse
Flyby Attack

Special Powers
Link - Handle animal as free action
Share spells - Cast upon myself
Evasion - REF saving throw

Trained Tricks

Bonus Tricks


Listen(Wis) 2=0r+2Wis
Spot(Wis) 16=6r+2Wis+8Racial
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Equipment & Combat

Base Speed: 20 (15 in armor)
Base Attack Bonus: +3
HP: 29/29
RP: 29/29
AC: 12
AC in Armor: 15

EW Hide Armor
(+3, +4 max Dex bonus, -2 check penalty, 13lb)

Melee Attack +5
Thorn of the Light Runners [Small Spear +1] (3+0+1+1) [Piercing]
Melee Damage 1d6+1, 20/x3

Ranged Attack +6
Sling (3+1+1+1) [50 ft range] [Bludgeoning]
Ranged Damage 1d3, 20/x2

Initiative 1 (1+0)

Fort: 6 (4+2Con )
Ref: 2 (1+1Dex )
Will: 8 (4+4Wis)
10 -vs- Fear (4Base+4Wis+2Racial)

Spells chosen

0th Level
(7) - (5+2)
DC Save = 14
Create Water
Cure Minor
Cure Minor
Purify Food Drink

1st Level
(4) - (3+1)
DC Save = 15
Calm Animals
Cure Light Wounds
Obscuring Mist

2nd Level
(3) - (2+1)
DC Save = 16
Delay Poison
Hold Animal

3rd Level
() - (0+1)
DC Save = 17

4th Level
() - (0+1)
DC Save = 18
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Age: 21
Height: 3'4"
Weight: 39 lb
Hair:Blond, curly

Skasa is quite large for a Deepling, though he is still quite small compared to humans or elves. His white skin and blond curls seem out of place with his very obviously Deepling attire, particularly the eagle feathers braided into his long hair. Skasa wears a buckskin suit consisting of leggings and a long-sleeve shirt, though he is often seen wearing thick hide armor when he wants to be well-protected. Skasa wears a necklace with what appears to be a few dried berries and twigs hanging from it. Stuck through his belt he has a sharp grey stone knife, and hanging next to it is a bag, the contents of which are not immediately obvious. Finally, slung across Skasa's back is a simple but elegant stone-tipped spear, which is covered in mysterious runes.

Skasa is not at all intimidating, but people often find him extremely difficult to talk to even if they do understand his strange language. He tends to say what needs to be said and nothing more. He does not come off as particularly intelligent, but those who get to know him better will come to understand that he is quite perceptive. Skasa is rarely to be found without his best friend and younger brother, Manweh'mato, who he often relies on to be his spokesman in situations where Skasa himself does not feel comfortable talking. Skasa has little use for material comforts, preferring to spend a night under the stars instead of in a bed.
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Other Items
Backpack - Belt pouch
Knife, Flint (1lb)
Sling (-)
Sling Bullets, 20 (5 lb)
Thorn of the Light Runners (3 lb)
Waterskin (2 lb)
EW Hide Armor (12.5 lb)
PP: 10 (2 room and drinks) = 8
GP: 50
Total Weight
24 lb

Riding Dog
Riding Saddle (25 lb)
Bit & Briddle (1 lb)

Mount Encumberance: 84 lbs. (Light)
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The halfling scanned the brush for any sign of movement. He looked above him, noting with satisfaction that his eagle, Wambli, was circling. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, Skasa noticed a movement in the brush. Before the halfling could even call out to his trusted companion, the bird had plummeted earthward, emerging from the bushes with the limp form of a rabbit in his talons. Flying a bit awkwardly with his heavy burden, Wambli came back to his master.

Feeling much better with a belly full of meat, Skasa grasped his spear and began to offer a prayer of thanks to Obad-Hai for providing for him and his animal friend for yet another day. However, as he began to run through the words he felt were appropriate, Skasa felt a sudden emptiness in his heart & mind. In an instant, he knew what had happened. His father, whom had been unwell for weeks, had finally left this world. Pausing for a moment to call for Wambli, Skasa took off running towards the village. While he ran, he thought of his father and all he had meant to him. He could still remember the time before he had left the village, when his father would tell him the stories of their ancestors...

************************************************** ********************

There had been a time, long ago, when his family had been slaves, imprisoned by the "Big People". They had been humiliated, made to work in human homes rather than live in Obad-Hai's natural paradise. Skasa's ancestors, though, had managed to escape. They had been in slavery for so long that they did not remember how to survive in the wild. Some of Skasa's tribe had seen them and taken pity, adopting them as Deeplings. Within a few generations, their white skin and light hair were the only ways to distinguish the Light Runners, as they came to be called, from the others of their tribe. They became, like their adopted tribe, hunters for the most part, though occasionally, as in Skasa's case, one heard nature's inner call more strongly and became more finely attuned to the wild. Skasa himself wielded nature's power directly, but his brother Manweh'mato had followed the traditional path, and was a hunter. Manweh'mato was the only one Skasa could confide in now, he supposed. They had been very close as a family, ever since their mother had died.

When Skasa was three and just learning to talk, he was excited to discover that his mother had growing within her another life. Even at such a young age, Skasa was well-tuned to the ways of nature, and was one of the first in the village to notice that something was different about his mother. As the baby grew within her, Skasa stayed by her side, excited by the tiny kicks he felt from within her. As the day of the birth grew closer, Skasa grew more and more excited. He had never seen the birth of another like him before, but he knew that if it was a miracle anything like the birth of a fawn or coyote pup, it would be unspeakably beautiful.

When the day came, though, Skasa was not allowed to be present in the birthing room. He sat outside on a mat on the floor, waiting anxiously. When he heard his mother's cries, he was at first alarmed, but the elders had warned him that the process would be painful for her, so he quickly calmed. It was when her screams stopped that Skasa began to panic. Never the brightest of children, but always very perceptive, Skasa immediately knew that something was wrong. He ran into the room crying. He knew his mother was dead when he saw her motionless on the furs. What he did not expect were the cries of a new being in the room: his brother.

For the next five kŁyŁksene , Skasa did not say a word to anyone. He began to spend more time in the wild by himself; his father at first tried to keep him under control, but in time realized that it was Skasa's way of dealing with a loss no one of his age should be expected to confront. Five kŁyŁksene to the day after his monther's death, Skasa returned to the village to pay homage to her at her grave. While his tears were spilling on the ground, Skasa heard someone approach. An unfamiliar voice from behind him said, "She loved you. She loves all of us. Father told me so." It was Manweh'mato.

The light stream of tears which had been trickling down his face gave way to a fit of sobbing. Manweh'mato embraced his brother, and the two motherless boys shared a moment of tenderness neither would ever be able to explain to another. Skasa spoke to his brother, the first time he had used his voice in five years. At first it seemed forced, but after a few minutes, he was able to speak with little trouble. Skasa had never bothered to get to know his brother very well, but he now realized the value of having someone to confide in, to fall back on in a time of trouble. When they returned to the village, Skasa spoke to his father. He was finally ready to begin his training in the ways of the wild.

************************************************** ********************

That had been 13 kŁyŁksense ago. Time had healed his wounds somewhat, but Skasa still found himself unable to speak more often than not. Noticing himself weeping as he ran, Skasa finally reached the village. As he walked in along the path, he saw the one person who, he was sure, was sharing his pain. Manweh'mato offered his hand to Skasa, and, together, they entered the hut where their father had lived during his sickness. Skasa looked at his father, laid out flat on his back on a fur mat, eyes wide open. Reaching over, he closed his father's eyes, and then closed his own, trying hard not to cry again.
"I talked to him," said Manweh'mato. "He wants us to go to the city of our ancestors, where they were held in slavery. He wants us to scatter his ashes from the rooftops there. I cannot imagine the roofs will be high enough to spread them very far, but he said it will be so. He also wanted you to have this."

With that, Manweh'mato reached into a corner and pulled out what appeared to be a normal stone-tipped spear. Closer examination would reveal that it was covered all over with Druidic runes, which told the story of the Light Runners and their adoption by the Deeplings. It was given to the original Light Runners as a gift upon their induction into the tribe. It has been enchanted by the most powerful druid within the tribe all those years ago. If the reports of Skasa's father using it in his travels were true, it had lost none of its magic. As was often the case, Skasa found he did not have the words to express himself, so he sat, dumbfounded, for several long moments before speaking.

"Tonight, we will sit in this house with our father, helping his spirit to leave this place. Tomorrow, we will burn him. Then we must begin our journey to the city of our ancestors.
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