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Unread 22nd of December, 2012, 03:12
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"Sorry, but maybe this'll give you some hate-fuck energy to take out on her.

"Totem ambushed me and came at me. I gave him time to back down, but he just kept fucking coming with that big-ass cleaver of his. His body's cooling in the alley where I cut him open, the fuck. Thought you needed to know before I headed out."

Fetish didn't wait around long. She double-checked her weapons and vest, and then headed for the gate, hoping to catch up to whoever else was coming besides Doc. It was good to have her around for patching people up, but Fetish really hoped there was some more muscle along.
Unread 4th of January, 2013, 03:17
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Turned out it was Nils and Mar and Doc and Rhyme that were going. Sure, Fetish might have wished for a few more heavies, but Mar mostly counted as a couple of heavies himself. It didn't exactly fill her heart with hope and light, but it was enough to make her think that the entire expedition was going to crash and burn.

The truck ran easy enough, and while it wasn't the most comfortable of rides, being designed to haul cargo primarily and not people, it would still put some material between the occupants and whomever decided to shoot at them along the way. The trip would also give them a bit of time to plan whatever strategy they wanted for clearing out the market.
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