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Dramatic Personae (NPCs)

Barbecue- leader of the Muddy River hardhold. Has a gang of enforcers that work for him.

Tricks- a member of Barbecue's gang.

Princess- leader of the Theater hardhold. May or may not be alive, but was last time Fetish checked.

Trigger- one of Doc's two assistants. He's the quiet capable one. Also engaged in some side gigs around Muddy River every now and again.

Stich (aka Kriss)- the second of Doc's assistants. Tends to run at the mouth and really isn't all that bright. She and Trigger are a couple.

Ox Face- merchant and sometimes doctor who has a line on some old medical tech that sometimes even works and hasn't expired. Friendly, and seems to be sweet on Doc for some reason. Big fella, you might even say he was built like an ox, except not too many people remember what an ox is these days.
Ewan: Tell me, when you drove up, did you see a sign outside that said "dead ninja storage?"
Kat: No, I didn't...
Ewan: Do you wanna know why I don't have a sign like that? Because storing dead ninjas, isn't my business!

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