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Unread 18th of June, 2002, 01:42
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The three take their places around a large sandstone table, delicately set with fine crystal and silver. Dinner is served almost immediately, but with seven different courses, there is ample time for conversation as well as dining. Hamburg sets the tone of the discussions, but does not monopolize the conversation. By the end of the dinner, many varied topics have been covered, from local politics to the newest David Lynch movie, to Juliet's childhood. Scott and Hamburg share just as much of their opinions and experiences, and Juliet, while astounded, feels a close kinship with the two men.

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Next, the trio depart the dining room for a short tour of the house, which Hamburg calls Hacienda Manakot. They end the evening in Hamburg's library, where Juliet is struck dumb by the sheer number of, not only books and manuscripts, but paintings, statues, and tapestries. Even more astounding is that this is only a tenth of Hamburg's collection. "The bulk is kept in dry storage, but feel free to search the computer database, and anything you wish to access can be brought up in a few days.

As Juliet walks the halls, mumbling the titles of assorted books, she catches brief waves of Spirit-ual energy from several of the volumes, particularly those dealing with the ancient arts of summoning lesser and greater entities.

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Unread 18th of June, 2002, 23:45
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Juliet can't tear her eyes away from the books in front her.

So many. And they all look so ... valuable.

"This is wonderful."

She half whispers it and then snaps her head away from the stacks, looking at her watch.

Getting late Juliet. Don't want to be one of those guests.

She turns to Hamburg, a genuine smile on her face.

"This has been a fantastic night. I was a little nervous, having dinner with my bosses and all. But both of you were more than welcoming and just great company. Thank you so much for the invite, I already feel ten times more comfortable than I did yesterday at our interview. And I can't wait to start this job."

The smile is almost giddy now, as Juliet thinks not only of the job but the beautiful gallery she had looked at earlier.
Unread 22nd of June, 2002, 00:46
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Stepping out into the warm night air, Juliet feels a shiver run down her spine. Contemplating her evening with two gracious, handsome men, she wonders at her amazing luck, and reminds herself to call New York at her earliest convenience and thank the man who set all this in motion.

Before reaching the long black car for her ride home, Hamburg calls her back from the front door. "Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot to give this to you."

Hamburg holds out a bright red envelope, "It's an invitation to a little gathering being held by some of your peers. A fine bunch of people, if a little clannish. I do hope you'll consider going."

After thanking Hamburg again for the dinner and conversation, Juliet climbs into the back of the immense automobile, and arrives back to her borrowed room, still thinking of her new prospects and adventures yet to come...

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