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Unread 24th of April, 2008, 11:18
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Segment 3

The utter wrongness of the scene paralyzes the room, and with the most obvious immobilized the thing turns it attention to Paul.

The seven foot tall man-spider lunges at the crouching speedster, its chitinous mandibles dripping faintly luminescent green slime. Pure panic grips Paul, weighing his legs down like lead. Time slows even further to him, making the creatures attack all the more frightening. He falls backwards, vainly trying to scamper away from it. Back against the wall, he flattens himself. A hypervelocity shudder vibrates through his skin as the beast’s wiry hairs scrape across his cheek; its moist breath is pregnant with hate as it rolls down the nape of his neck.

Paul’s near ultrasonic shriek snaps the group back to their senses. Nick and Colin are first to act. Grasping a copper tube tightly, Nick mentally pulls the metal into his being. An instant later he can feel the coolness of the copper spreading throughout his flesh even as he moves toward Hardball. In the chaotic lighting of the tumbling flashlight he can see the caustic webbing hissing and steaming as it melts off layers of the metahuman’s preternaturally tough skin.

Slipping silently around the intertwined piping of the boiler, Colin moves to the creature’s exposed flank. Polnoch wasn't kidding! Demons... goddamned, spider-headed demons! Planting his left foot he channels his momentum into a powerful sweeping kick to the creature’s leg. The blow sends the demon tumbling hard to the floor, its wicked hooked appendages wildly gouging the concrete in an effort to stand. A wail of frustration emits from the thing’s maw, as it glares at its assailant.

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That cold shiver that ran down Jack's spine, that was nerves. Because this guy coming down the hall was just a guard. Because demons, whatever Polnoch had said, didn't really exist. Or if they did, they were like meta-humans, only not as nice. He saw Paul ready the taser, fully expecting this guy would go down as easy as the one Colin had clubbed. There was nothing to worry about.

Everything was under control.

Under control.

Still under control . . .

And then Paul squeezed the trigger.


The guard started convulsing, then warping.


Then he split wide open and out clawed some God-awful thing.


While they all stood gaping, it shucked that human husk and sprayed Hardball with some sort of caustic shit that would have made the creature from Alien proud. The fact that it was really putting a serious crimp in Hardball's shiny exterior shook Jack almost as much as the demon itself. Before he could even assess the situation, Colin had sprung into action and executed a beautiful sweep against an alien anatomy - give him a point for improvisation - and sent the thing sprawling. Nick was almost as fast, now shining coppery red, as he leaped to help Hardball.

Jack isn't sure what shocked him most - that everyone was crazy enough to attack that thing or that he was right behind. Because before he knew what he was doing, he'd followed Colin and with a strangled war cry, dodged between chitinous legs to seize hold of the bloated, armored, slimy, downright impossible torso. He'd been worried about the moral quandary of using his power on a living thing, but that dilemma never even entered his mind. He reached for his own hideous ability like an alcoholic grabbing a drink after two months on the wagon. Never had he willingly called it to him, and now even that wasn't enough. He dug deep and embraced it, intent on not just killing, but obliterating this crime against nature.

Raw power flows down Jack’s arms in raging torrents inundating the creature with the raw essence of time. The creature’s immortal flesh begins to buckle and crack as Jack’s power shreds its atoms into their fundamental particles. Twisting lines of fractal decay erupt from the beast as it thrashes on the floor, but Jack doesn’t stop. He couldn’t stop. It was like a dam had been opened and now an ocean’s worth of repressed power rushed forward for release.

It demanded release, for finally here was something that could take it.


It could take all of his rage; it could take all of his self-loathing. It could take every ounce of his accursed “gift”.


Tears stream down Jack’s cheeks as he gladly pours the wrongs of his life into the writhing husk of the demon.

“JACK!” Colin’s voice snaps him back. With a grunt he chokes his power back, pushing his malicious Djinn back into its lamp.

It is done.

Most of the thing’s torso is simply gone leaving only a faint trace of dust where they once had been. Its legs lay in brittle pieces, surrounding the void of the thing’s body like some grotesque, hairy nimbus. Jack’s hands still throb with energy, and he spends a minute wiping them on the concrete, watching in a sort of revolted fascination as they carve deep lines into the ground as easily as if he were running his fingers through sand.

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Colin watches as Jack dusts concrete particles from his hands. The strained look in his eyes and the tortured sob that is still echoing in Colin's mind brings a sudden realization. Seems I'm not the only one struggling with an inner demon. With power like that....

Colin reaches out to grasp Jack's shoulder, careful to avoid any contact with those death-dealing hands, and gives a firm squeeze. "You did good Jack", he says with a nod.

Colin then moves back to the stairwell to watch for any other gaurds.
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She hadn't gotten a really good look at the thing until Colin knocked it down. Then, the sight of the sprawling legs and the snapping, slime-coated mandibles was almost more than Starfire's mind could comprehend. She kept thinking, That's not what a demon is supposed to look like! She'd been imagining something along the lines of a guy in a Halloween costume - a red suit, horns and a pointed tail. (But no pitchfork because, you know, that would be too cliche.)

Meanwhile, the sound of the monster's boastful threat played over and over again in her mind:

"I shall suck the liquefied organs from your husks."

It was too much. She didn't want to die like that.

Starfire felt the white-hot energy begin to churn inside her. She stepped away from the door, and away from anything else that might easily catch fire (although at this point she almost didn't care what burned and what didn't), and . . .

Jack made a sound, something like a sob or a grunt or a scream. Then he attacked the thing with his bare hands.

What was it that Jack had said he could do?

He said he could age things. Or degrade them. Massively.

No shit.

The immediate danger passed, Starfire allows herself to cool down. As a matter of fact, it isn't long before she feels positively cold, standing there, staring at the remains of the spider demon. She shivers in her pink snowsuit, and looks around.

"Is everybody OK?" she asks. "Paul? Hardball?"

Jack continues to kneel by the decimated body. By the look on his face, Starfire guesses that he may be feeling sick and dazed.

"Jack, are you OK?" She moves over beside him. "You were great just now, really great. You too, Colin. Everyone was just... great." She smiles weakly. "Whew. That was something! At least we know what to expect now."
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Jack continues to stare at the blasted remains in front of him, at the deep gouges in the solid cement of the floor. His breathing is heavy and ragged, his body drained by the effort he had just put forth. On the inside, his mind is numb.

Oh my God.

This. He had done this.

Oh my fucking God.

He is peripherally aware of Colin's reassuring hand on his shoulder. It takes a moment to process, and by then Gabi is next to him and - of all things - praising him. They should be horrified. Judgemental. Afraid.

He had swum alone for so long, living in fear of being discovered, being hated . . .

Inside he is sick with the knowledge of his power, but elated as well. Acceptance was a foreign concept to him after all this time but it warmed him like sunlight. With an effort, he swallows down his emotion and nods.

"Yeah, I'm alright," he says thickly, as he starts climbing to his feet. Gabi reaches out to help him up but he jerks his hand away before she can touch it; their eyes meet and he realizes for the first time just how beautiful she is. He breaks the moment with a curse as he stands up.

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Every nerve in Hardball's body screams as the acid eats its way through his metal form. He grabs two handfulls of thick, slimy, pale-colored web strands as thick as his fingers.

Youwillnotscream.Youwillnotscream.Youwillnotscream .

"UNGH!!!" He grunts loudly as the demonic acid-coated webbing stretches and pops. In one grand motion, he tears himself free.

"You did good, guys." Hardball speaks, his voice never wavers from its usual strong, rich baritone. "All of you."

He makes sure to make eye contact with everyone in turn.

"Now stop for a second and take a look at yourselves. In case you weren't keeping score, we just won our first fight and nobody got hurt."

The smouldering of his body from the acid is reduced now to just a few whisps as he continues to speak.

"I said it before. You're titans walking among men. Every one of us has a gift. And when we use those gifts together, we are unstoppable.

"So now we know what's beyond that door", Hardball gestures toward the secret door leadind down into the unknown.

"There are twenty-three people down there who need our help or they are going to die.

"Twenty-three people without gifts like ours.

"Twenty-three people who have faced these... things nonetheless.

"And they're still down there. Hoping that someone saves them.

"Hoping for us.

"And anything that intends to do them wrong has to go through me first.

"Titans, it's time to bring it."

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