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Lore of the Land

Lore of the Land

At the center of the universe lie the twin worlds of Abeir and Toril, slightly out of phase with each other. Both revolve around the same sun and both have a large lunar satellite, Selūne, trailed by a line of moonlets known as the Tears of Selūne.

Toril is the body that folk refer to as “the world.” In the aftermath of the Spellplague, it includes pockets of Returned Abeir that have replaced pockets of the old Toril. The planet’s primary and “central” continent is Faerūn. To the north of Faerūn is the arctic north, home to the polar icecap. To the west of Faerūn is the Trackless Sea, and beyond that horizon lies Returned Abeir, which completely replaced a land known as Maztica. To the south of Faerūn is the Great Sea. To the east of Faerūn are the Hordelands. Other continents exist as well, but the folk of Faerūn and Returned Abeir know little about those far-off lands.

Climate and Geography
The geographic regions of Faerūn range from the frigid arctic to the steamy tropics, with all types of landscapes and climates in between. Travelers can find soaring mountain ranges, vast chasms, great lakes, and a large inland sea. Some climates and geographies can be explained by natural forces, whereas others are the result of (or at least influenced by) magic.

Climate is generally a function of latitude, altitude, and precipitation, with a great deal of regional variation due to changes in altitude, the proximity of bodies of water, and magic. Generally, Faerūn can be divided into five climatic zones.

✦ The northwest receives a great deal of precipitation and ranges from a frozen, blighted wasteland to alpine valleys that have short, fierce summers to a verdant, temperate region capable of supporting large cities.

✦ The southwest generally receives plenty of precipitation and ranges from temperate to steamy to desert.

✦ The southeastern coast is hot with long, humid summers and short, stormy winters.

✦ The southeastern interior is arid with hot, dry summers and perversely cold winters.

✦ The northeast is arid and cold, and few forests flourish here.

The Sea of Fallen Stars makes the interior wet and temperate and a generally pleasant place to live.

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