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Unread 3rd of January, 2008, 13:19
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J.C. stands outside the plane for a moment. So many depending on him for courage and leadership. So many lives hanging in the balance. Is he ready for this?

No. But nobody ever is.

In mythic structure, they call this the Threshold. The hero stands at a place that literally separates his Ordinary World from a Special World where he will endure trials of passage that often stand metaphorically for the journey to adulthood.

Help me, Joseph Campbell. You’re my only hope.

Guardian at the Gate often lurks near the Threshhold. This mythic figure will be the hero’s first great test. But before he can face the Guardian at the Gate, the hero will often meet allies who will aid him on his journey.

J.C. doesn’t know what surprises him more. That he remembers all this from his Mythic Literature course, or that it’s actually applying to his real life.

But he isn't prepared for this. He isn't ready.

Dig deep. Everybody tries. Nobody quits. It's time to step up.

J.C. absently fiddles with his ticket as his mind drifts back to something Coach told him after it was clear that his football career was over.

“Aside from being one of the best players I’ve ever had the privilige to work with, you’re growing up into a hell of a man. You're done playing ball, J.C., but you're not done with life. It’s not the game that’s important. It’s what the game teaches you: Everybody tries. Nobody quits. And when the going gets tough, you play hardball. You took that, and you made it a part of you. That's who you are. You're going to be just fine.”

The sound of the jet engines warming up snaps J.C. back to the present.

“…you play hardball.”

Hardball lets the ticket fall from his hand and joins the others on the plane.

“That’s who you are.”

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