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Unread 9th of June, 2008, 23:02
Spawn of Kyuss

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Sir Thomas

Name: Sir Thomas Jurgensen
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: M
Deity: Red Knight
Residence: Letdal
Class: Paladin(n/s)
Level: 6
Rank: SSgt

Ability Scores
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Hit Points
Current: 51
Max: 51

AC: 21 = 10[Base] + 8[Armor] + 1[Dex] + 2[Shield]
AC (Flat-Footed): 20
AC (Touch): 11
Miss Chance: 0%
Max Dex Bonus: +1
Armor Check Penalty: -8
Arcane Spell Failure: 35%
Spell Resistance: None

Saving Throws
Fortitude: + 9 = 5[Base] + 2[Con] + 2[Pal]
Reflex: + 5 = 2[Base] + 1[Dex] + 2[Pal]
Will: + 5 = 2[Base] + 1[Wis] + 2[Pal]
Modifiers: None

Combat Bonuses
Initiative: +1 = 1[Dex] + 0[Feat]
Base: +6/1
Melee: +8 = 6[Base] + 2[Str]
Ranged: +7 = 6[Base] + 1[Dex]
Additional Modifiers: None
Proficiencies: All simple & martial weapons, all armours, shields.

Weapon Name Lance (Piercing ; M)
Attack Bonus: +8
Damage: 1d8+3 (x3) x2(x3)Damage on charge.

Weapon Name Mace (bludgeoning ; M)
Attack Bonus: +8
Damage: 1d8+2 (x2)

Weapon Name Sling (bludgeoning ; M)
Attack Bonus: +7
Damage: 1d4+2 (x2) Range: 50 -0, 100 -2, 150 -4, 300 -6, 450 -8, 600 -10(max)

* cross class skill
** cannot use untrained

Armor Check Penalty: -10

* Appraise +2 = 2[Int]
* Balance -9 = 1[Dex] – 10[Armor Check]
* Bluff +2 = 2[Cha]
* Climb -8 = 2[Str] – 10[Armor Check]
C Concentrate +2 = 2[Con]
C Craft +2 = 2[Int]
**Decipher Script +0 = 0[Int]
C Diplomacy +6 = 4[ranks] +2[Cha]
**Disable Device +0 = 0[Int]
* Disguise +2 = 2[Cha]
* Escape Artist -8 = 2[Dex] – 10[Armor Check]
* Forgery +2 = 2[Int]
* Gather Information +2 = 2[Cha]
C Handle Animal +7 = 5[ranks] +2[Cha]
C Heal +10 = 9[ranks]+1[Wis]
* Hide -9 = 1[Dex] – 10[Armor Check]
* Intimidate +2 = 2[Cha]
* Jump -8 = 2[Str] – 10[Armor Check]
C Knowledge (Religion) +7 = 5[ranks] +2[Int]
C Knowledge (Tactics) +7 = 5[ranks] +2[Int]
C Knowledge (Royalty & Nobility) +5 = 3[ranks] +2[Int]
* Listen +1 = 1[Wis]
* Move Silently -9 = 1[Dex] – 10[Armor Check]
**Open Lock +0 = 0[Dex]
* Perform +2 = 2[Cha]
C Profession(Military Officer) +8 = 5[ranks] +1[Wis] +2[Tactics]
C Ride +14 = 9[ranks] +1[Dex] +2[Box Saddle] +2 [Handle Animal]
* Search +2 = 2[Int]
C Sense Motive +1 = 1[Wis]
**Sleight of Hand +0 = 0[Dex] - 10[Armor Check]
* Spellcraft +0 = 0[Int] **
* Spot +1 = 1[Wis]
* Survival +1 = 1[Wis]
* Swim -18 = 2[Str] – 20[Armor Check(x2)]
**Tumble +0 = 0[Dex] - 10[Armor Check]
**Use Magic Device
* Use Rope +2 = 2[Dex]


On Person
Clerics Vestments (6) [5]
Lance (10) [10]
Mace (8) [12]
Sling (-) [-]
Bullets x 20 (10) [.2]
Full Plate (50) [1500]
Shield (15) [20]
Holy symbol (1) [-]
Alchemists fire x 1 (1) [20]
Smokestick x 1 (.5) [20]
Caltrops x 1 (2) [1]
Bread & Cheese (3) [.14]
Pouch,belt (.5) [1]
Signet ring (-) [5]
Case,steel (1) [5]
Rations,trail (1) [.5]
Waterskin (4) [1]
Total Weight (personal): 113 lbs.

Packmule + tack (Carries L-230, M-460, H-690, 22hp, move 30, ac13) [10]
Pack Saddle (15) [5]
Tent (20) [10]
Stretcher (10) [.2]
Bedroll (5) [.1]
Winter blanket (3) [.5]
Flint & steel (-) [1]
Rations,trail (9) [4.5]
Bullets x 80 (40) [.8]
Alchemists Fire x2 (2) [40]
Field table & stool (13) [5.5]
Parchment, Ink & pen (3) [-]
Cutlery & Eating irons 1 [10]
Wine (1) [2]

Riding horse + tack [87](19hp, move 60, ac13)
Light warhorse + tack [162](22hp, move 60, ac14)
Gp personal sub 1903

Paladin's Mount 43hp, move 60, ac 18, L260

Hirelings All one year.
Lance- Each Banded Mail(200), Shield(20), Kit & Tack(32), Lance(10), Mace(12), Sling & ammo(1), Riding horse(75), Light Warhorse(150), Packmule(10), Alchemicals(40), Hire(146). Fudge(4)Tot 690 x 12 = 8280.
Alchemist/Surgeon Hire(365), Lab 500, Healers mw 55.Tot 920.
Cook Hire(36), Kit(4). Tot 40
Armorer Hire(146), Kit(20). Tot 166.
Grooms x 2 Hire (55), Kit(1). Tot 56 x 2 = 112
Foodmule + food 35(10 days)
Foddermule + feed x3 26 x 3 = 78(12 days)
Hqmule + General 32
Gp unit sub 9651

Everburning torch (1) [110] Continuous Flame
Healing Stone (-) [720] Cure Light Wounds 1xday
Shielding Brooch (1) [1080] Shield 3xday
Gp magic sub 1910
Total Weight: ## lbs

Walk: 20 ft; Mounted 60 ft.
Hustle: 40 ft; Mounted 120 ft.
Run (x3): 60 ft; Mounted -
Run (x4): - ft.; Mounted 240 ft.
Hour Walk: 2 miles; Mounted 3 miles.
Hour Hustle: 4 miles; Mounted 6 miles.
Day Walk: 16 miles; Mounted 24 miles; Without pack train 56 miles.
Special: N/A
Light Load: 58 lbs.
Medium Load: 116 lbs.
Heavy Load: 175 lbs.
Lift Over Head: 175 lbs. (x1)
Lift Off Ground: 350 lbs. (x2)
Push or Drag: 700 lbs. (x5)

Current: 18,000
Needed: 21,000

Money and Wealth
Total Wealth: 15,000
Unspent Wealth: 1537
Wealth Gained: <<wealth that you gain between levels documented here>>
8 by kit & armor 84 + mount 3000 = 24672 (from sale of captured Blackwolf mounts and kit to base QM after first skirmish)

Battle Sign

Mounted Combat [H1](Phb 98)
Ride-by-Attack [P1](Phb 99)
Spirited Charge [P3](Phb 98)
Sacred Healing [P6](ComDiv 84)

Class and Racial Abilities
Aura of Law (constant)
Detect chaotic (at will)
Smite chaotic (2xday)
Divine grace (constant)
Lay on hands (lvl x cha mod = 6x2 = 12/day)
Aura of Courage (constant)
Divine health (constant)
Turn undead Lvl -3 (5/day)
Special mount (12 hrs/day)
Remove Disease (1/week)
Favored Class: Any
Human Bonus Feat and Skills
In feats, skills.

Character Description
A tall,burly Northman. Blonde hair frames blue eyes in patrician features. He has a smile for everyone.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150lb
Handedness: Right
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Sun-brown

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Unread 11th of June, 2008, 19:24
Spawn of Kyuss

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Name: Swiftwind
Race: Horse
Age: 4
Gender: M
Deity: Red Knight
Residence: Celestial
Class: n/a
Level: n/a
Rank: n/a

Ability Scores
Strength: 17 (+3)
Dexterity: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 17 (+3)
Intelligence: 6 (-4)
Wisdom: 13 (+1)
Charisma: 6 (-4)

Hit Points
Current: 43
Max: 43

AC: 18 = 10[Base] + 0[Armor] + 1[Dex] - 1[Size] + 8[Natural]
AC (Flat-Footed): 17
AC (Touch): 10
Spell Resistance: None

Saving Throws
Fortitude: +6/9
Reflex: +4/5
Will: +2/5
Modifiers: None

Combat Bonuses
Initiative: +1 = 1[Dex] + 0[Feat]
Base: +2/9
Melee: +4 = 2[Base] + 2[Str]
Natural attacks

Hoof (bludgeoning ; L)
Attack Bonus: +4
Damage: 1d4+3 (x2)
Bite (bludgeoning ; L)
Attack Bonus: -1
Damage: 1d3+1 (x2)

Listen +4 = 0[Wis]
Spot +4 = 0[Wis]

Name (# lbs)
Bit & bridle (1)
War saddle (30)
Thomas & Kit (257)
Total Weight: 288 lbs

Walk: 60 ft.
Hustle: 120 ft.
Run (x3): 180 ft.
Run (x4): 240 ft.
Hour Walk: 6 miles
Hour Hustle: 12 miles
Day Walk: 56 miles
Special: N/A
Light Load: 258 lbs.
Medium Load: 519 lbs.
Heavy Load: 780 lbs.

Push or Drag: 3900 lbs. (x5)


Class and Racial Abilities
Empathic link
Improved Evasion
Share saving throws.
Character Description
A tall grey stallion.His eyes show an unnatural intelligence.

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Unread 14th of June, 2008, 18:53
Spawn of Kyuss

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Thomas was born thane in the service of Eric the Red to Jurgen, an Huscarl of Eric.
Eric ruled a strong and settled domain, legacy of his famous voyage from which he brought back much wood, and it was expected that Thomas would follow in his father's footsteps, becoming Huscarl.
He showed much early promise, being both strong and brave. But the boy was... odd.
While the Druid taught all the children their runes, Thomas actually knew them.
More than that he understood the chickenscratchings that the Southeners called runes.
He worried about flanking and logistics and even learnt from the Thralls.
In short, he thought too much!
Given all this when, on his coming of age, he asked for release to join the Red Order, both his lord and his father were relieved. Bemused, but relieved. Since the Order would provide arms Eric granted him a fine metal harness taken from a Southener. A little big, but he would grow into it.
So Thomas went for a squire to the Order of the Planner of Battles. The thinking that had made him stand out amongst the Norse was normal in the order, and he learnt, and learnt well.
He showed no aptitude for spellcasting, but he had the blessing of the Planner, and that was all the Order asked of a man.
He easily passed his Trial, and headed South, drawn by the Planner's call.
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Unread 19th of June, 2008, 07:35
Spawn of Kyuss

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In the Service of the Red Knight
From a sermon delivered by Sir Snorri Forkbeard, Knight-Captain of the Red Order
(excerpt begins)
So you should ask yourselves,what does the service of the Planner mean to you?

These things he loves.
He loves the 'Field of Honour' wherein battle is decided between professionals on both sides, without involvement of civilians in fighting or grave destruction of the land. From this we gain the ideal that the greatest worship of Him is the clear defeat of a superior enemy,in the ultimate test of body and mind. Strive for this.
He loves clever deployments,stratagems and tactics. His greatest honour is reserved for those who defeat an enemy in a bloodless battle of maneuver,without loss on both sides. Yet I do not counsel that you avoid battle until you find such opportunity. To do so is to mock Him who plans all battle.
Strive rather to plan each day,each hour,each minute to take advantage of weakness in enemy disposition or force of arms that thus you may identify the balance point in each battle and swing it's tide.
He loves those who engage in battle of their own clear will. Therefore,gather such men around you and lead them to war. If they serve the enemy then defeat them,but yield to them life and limb where you can,that they may do battle again. Do not fear to slay an enemy who stands against you,for a man who chooses to die in battle finds favor in His sight,but do not maintain enmity once battle is over or quarter has been called.
He loves those who hold to their oaths,who maintain order and who find their courage strong. A man who is an oathbreaker,or a brute,or a coward,him you should hang... that he may be Judged as an Oathbreaker or a Thief and not as an Soldier.
He loves those who study War,making of it their craft and their calling. Learn therefore,when to skirmish and when to stand in line,when to charge and when to retreat,when to mount and when to stand. Learn tactics,and strategy and logistics for these disciplines shall make you a master of War and without... leaving you a brute.

These things he hates.
He hates those who gather numberless unwilling hordes,driving them with sword or whip to battle without honour,without glory,without reason. Ensure therefore that those who serve you,and you yourself,are Volunteer,or at least willing. If you serve against such,then strive to circle or bypass the horde,smiting the herders. For without threat to the rear,they will break,yielding victory without unnecessary effusion of blood.
He hates foul treatment or execution of prisoners. Surely amongst those maimed or slain are those who love battle,diminishing Him. Also,such encourages tedious last stands,for a man who will receive no quarter has no motive to cry it. Such stands shall slay amongst your forces,removing -again- those who love battle from it.
Lastly he hates those who strike against civilians by preference,hoping that by slaying Thralls and Townsmen to force their enemy to an unfavourable field,or to the table. To ask such,without training,or arms,or harness, to love battle... is futile. Such may well yield a victory without loss in trained men but slays those who might have taken up arms before they can choose,and also the very fruits of victory.Ask yourself what profit it a man that he gain his neighbors lands but lack the Thralls to work them?
Thus endeth the lesson.
Next week we will consider the proper roles of civilians in war. Consider this in your minds and pray for the guidance of the Red Knight in this matter.
May your enemies be many and skilled!
(excerpt ends)

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