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Unread 2nd of August, 2003, 14:02
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Dedicated to all the Noobs!

This is something I saw over on GameFaqs, if you've ever played a FPS you might find this amusing. Its a bunch of things that newer players usually do. Hehehe.. Be warned, there is cartoonish blood.
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Unread 2nd of August, 2003, 14:38

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Newb warning: Do not use grenades. There are more ways to kill yourself with these then there are for other players to kill you.

Newb warning 2: Never go into a place where a hidden enemy could see you before you see them.

...those would cover pretty much all the errors in that tape, except the shooting a teammate in the back of the head one.
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Unread 2nd of August, 2003, 17:33
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interesting side note :
I hate this evolution of the word newbie

I pretty much got a front row seat in my MMORPG days

at first newbie just meant new player
then it got 133t-ised by some retarded monkeys
and then it was an insult that players would scream at one another, or me
mainly me
and it didn't make sense
I just managed to take all of your stuff, clearly I'm far from being a new player, I'm a 4 year vet dammit, otherwise I wouldn't be holding your belongings and taking screenshots of you crying like a baby to make episodes out of later
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Unread 3rd of August, 2003, 08:13
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I may not be the best at, well, any shooter (Except XS, as I'm the only one I know who plays it), but I am no n00b. To my credit, I am More useful with a grenade launcher than some others are to a lead spray.
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Unread 5th of August, 2003, 23:38
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That shows all the reasons why I don't use grenades. Ever. I don't trust myself with throwing them at all. The Phoenix Commando or SEAL-9 guy next to me can take care of that issue.
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