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A Small Favor for Aunt Marla

For the past two weeks, it's done nothing but rain, and while that type of weather may suit some, it's proven particularly bothersome for folk in the Sembian port city of Yhaunn because it has delayed the spring runs of many ships who quarter here over the winter. Ain't nothing like a bout of ill-favored and ill-timed rain to make sailors grumpy and happy-go-lucky city folk downright cantankerous. But...even in the rain, news travels fast, and the word on the street is High Priestess Jhyndara of The Ladysluck Tower, temple complex of Tymora, has foreseen the spring rains will cease today. Even now, as you head for an early dinner meeting, there is nothing but a slight drizzle and there are even spots of blue in the sky overhead!

The past few years have been a whirlwind for you and your companions. From the time you were kids, you've found yourselves neck-deep in adventure...from chasing feral cats through the streets, to running from angry sailors when you "accidentally" set fire to the sails on their ship, and from digging for gold along the edges of the quarry, to sneaking rum from a wedding party and getting dog-drunk while fishing for mermaids (and puking until you thought you were going to die). And that was just some of your adventures as friends before you left town to fight pirates on the sea, slay dragons, and save the Dalelands from the next Orc invasion...most of which haven't happened yet, but you are confident they will eventually.

Winter in Yhaunn has been pleasantly boring and that was just what the doctor ordered after spending the year adventuring through much of the Eastern Heartlands. Ragged and bone-tired, you arrived just a few days before the winds of winter swept down from the Great Glacier north of Vaasa and Damara to join forces with freezing rains coming off the Sea of Fallen Stars. The folk of Yhaunn welcomed you back from your adventures, the town wrapping you in its warm embrace...while trying to relieve you of your hard-earned coin in the process. Truth is, you always return to Sembia and to Yhaunn. Why? Because it's home. All of you grew up in and around this region, and by the luck of Tymora you crossed paths and have been together ever since.

So, with the spring storms finally ebbing, you are getting the "itch" to hit the road again...or perhaps catch a ship to a new land. Having left your rooms at the Last Sunset House, you trudge through the muddy streets, but you are far from alone. Hundreds of Yhauntans are out and about, eager to be about their business or perhaps just to take in the sweet sunshine. Knowing this to be the perfect time for pick pockets to ply their trade, you keep one hand on your purse and the other on the hilt or handle of your favorite weapon.
"Where did Aunt Marla say to meet her for dinner?" someone in your group asks.
"At her house," comes the answer.

For many years, Marla Wyverhold has been very gracious to you all, and knowing you are about to leave town, and that it may be months before she sees you again, she has invited you to her home for a sort of farewell dinner. Aunt Marla is a widow. Her husband, a merchant captain, died several years ago. Captain Slorus Wyverhold had built up a tidy sum for his retirement, and Marla used it to open a dress shop featuring the latest styles of the south and east. Her shop, named simply, Wyverhold's Fine Clothes, is near the section of town known as The Stiltways > a bustling market street near the docks where tiny shops are crowded onto all four floors of the buildings, reached by a ramshackle, groaning, and ever-changing maze of bridges, ladders, stairs, ramps, chutes, and rope-swings. Aunt Marla lives in a modest apartment above her shop, and when you arrive she greets you and gives out smiles and hugs to all.

Fawning over each of you, she brings you inside where the air smells of food and freshly baked bread. With bellies grumbling and mouths watering, you take a seat at a table large enough for every guest. Fine wine is poured and a sumptuous meal is laid out and you eat heartily, laughing and talking among yourselves and with Aunt Marla. After the servants have cleared the last of the dishes away, and refilled your glasses, Aunt Marla clears her throat and says:
"I am so glad to have you all here at my home, and I hope you have enjoyed the past few months in our fair city. Looking around the table, I see that same spark that always came into my dear Slorus's eyes - the lust for adventure - and I know it will soon take you away. Before you go, however, I have a small favor to ask."

Her face reddens a bit and a tear starts to make its way down her cheek, then she continues in a choking voice.
"Three months ago I made my son Rustin a full partner in the business."
As she pauses to compose herself, you minds conjure up the face of Rustin - a known wastrel, who spends most of his time on the "wrong" side of town, drinking heavily, and gambling away his father's inheritance. Your thoughts are interrupted as she begins to speak again.

"I had hoped that a position of responsibility would change his terrible habits, but alas, not only did they worsen, he has now done something that threatens me with financial disaster. This morning a messenger from the Earl of Culhane arrived with this note."
From a pocket inside her dress she produces an envelope. She removes a piece of parchment, unfolds it, and passes it around the table for each of you to read:


Madam, your partner (and son) has executed in my favor a note in
the sum of 50,000 pieces of gold to cover his losses at the dice
table last night.
This note is payable in full in 30 days.
I prefer payment in gems or jewelry to avoid storage problems.

Earl of Culhane

"I don't know how I can possibly pay such a sum. All told, I have 4,000 gold pieces set aside for emergencies, and the shop itself is worth only 10,000 gold, which is what a merchant offered me a year ago. I know that you do not have this type of money to give me, but I have one hope."

Marla goes to an old chest near the window and removes a dusty leather-bound book.
"A while back I looked through Slorus's sea chest in the hope of finding something I may have overlooked when he died, and I found this in a concealed compartment in the lid of the chest. It is a book written in a strange tongue, that may be worth enough money to get us out of debt. I would try to sell it myself, but word has already spread through town about my predicament and I fear that no one will offer me a fair price. I ask that you try to sell it for me. If you can bring in enough to get me out of this terrible debt, I would gladly reward you with a small commission."

With more tears streaming down her face, Marla bursts out crying and says, "I just don't know what else to do!"

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Aunt Marla's Book...

...Wherein We Meet Our Group of Adventurers!

There is barely a moment of silence after Aunt Marla bursts into tears but that the group of companions chime in their support.
"Of course we will help!" says a tiefling, Echo, with a slight bow to Aunt Marla, as he eyes the book over his black sunglasses.

"I will also help!" Oliver says. The barbarian adds, "I think we all can lend a hand in helping you secure enough money to make things right."

A tabaxi, Spade, takes another sip from his mug, seemingly lost in thought. He then looks to Echo and nods. "Of course."

"Me help also." This from a really large (some might say "fat"...although not to his face) dwarf sitting on the floor by the name of Feng.

"I can't let Rustin get into trouble all by himself! Count me in, Marla! It's the least I can do for your help with the innkeeper's daughter the last month."
"Oh, Dorian!" Aunt Marla laughs, wiping the fresh tears from her eyes.
"How should I have known she was betrothed to a nobleman? She's an innkeeper's daughter! I figured I could stay the night and leave in the morning... I'm not making things better, am I?"
Aunt Marla grabs Dorian's hand and squeezes it, laughing again.

Another stands up, Grimmell, who takes a drink of wine and says, "I'm always up for an adventure and if it helps you out Marla, well, hell you can count me in."

Amid the calls for support, comes silence from the remaining three of the group, each lost in their thoughts. One is a handsome young man from Westgate.
“Where is Rustin now, Marla?” Rukford asks, still not looking at the woman. “We need to find him. He can accrue no more debt here. Does he know about this book? If not, WE should keep it a secret for now,” he said, looking around at everyone, “lest he thinks he has more money with which to gamble.”

Marla looks momentarily confused. "Well...I really don't know where Rustin is presently. Do you think the Earl of Culhane has him captive, Rukford?"
Her lip trembles and her eyes grow wide with sudden trepidation.

"Yes, where is Rustin now?" comes the silky voice of the only other woman in the room. From the concealment of her evening cloak, Holen looks out at the cluster of her companions, her golden blond curls neatly tucked in the folds of her hood. "And, who is this Sensular, as I am unacquainted with the Earl."
Marla scoffs and waves her damp hanky. "Oh, he's a minor lord of Ordulin with a small castle on the edge of a smaller lake. I've only met him one time, but he seemed a decent fellow."

The thin man seated slightly away from the others finished the rest of his tea and calmly returned the empty cup to the matching saucer. His face showed no emotion as looked at Aunt Marla down the end of the table.
With a subtle motion, the man his acquaintances knew as Septinius Bosch slid his right hand inside this finely made cloak and withdrew a small leather bound notebook. He laid the notebook on the table as he quietly waited to see the note being passed around to the others.
He studied the note for several moments, before writing briefly in his own notebook.
Looking between the note and his notes, the lythe middle-aged man barely moved, remaining quiet as he passed the demand note on and caught the eye of the pensive tracker (Vin Ruckford) across the table.
Bosch had been surprised and pleased to see a familiar face in this..unique group.
He stared at Vin as the note made its way around the table and, if an onlooker had been paying careful attention, they might have seen Bosch raise his eyebrows slightly as he looked at Vin, as if to say, "What the Hell?" in response to such a strange predicament.
Bosch pulled the lapel of the finely made dark cloak closer around him, after returning his notebook to an inner pocket.
He turned to the sweet widow woman of the fine clothing store where he'd bought for such a fine piece of clothing and nodded and smiled as he said, "Of course, I'm happy to help, Aunt Marla", but there was no hint of happiness on the man's face, only an inscrutable stoic look of calm.

(OOC: I included almost all of Crafty's post because he only posted to me and one other player

As if waiting for their final comrade to comment, several ask to see the book...with the hope of possibly identifying it perhaps as a magical tome or a rare treasure. The weathered volume is passed around the table for those who wish to open its yellowed pages, smelling tart and musty.

In Echo's hands the book seems to spark a memory, and the tiefling smiles as he pushes up the sleeves of his red shirt. While Echo examines the pages, Oliver takes a look, but the strange words and symbols mean nothing to the barbarian. All of the pages have some type of script on them except for the last two pages which are blank.
"Ah!" Echo says after looking at a few more pages a little more closely. "I is a rutter."
He gets a lot of blank stares and quickly continues. "While I can't make out a lot of the words, the symbols betray its meaning. Such a tome would likely be a nautical navigational aid, detailing sailing instructions to and from various locations."

"You mean one a sea captain might find useful," Marla says, gazing out the window toward the harbor. "Like my Slorus."
She jerks herself back to attention and asks, "Do you think it would sell for enough gold to pay off my debt?"
Before anyone can answer, Marla says, "I know of three people in town who may be interested in buying it. Strasus "the Bold" Thingoleir, a cranky wizard who lives on the west end of town; Samantha, the town librarian; and Nicodemus, a sage who lives and works in the Stiltways."

Glancing over the shoulders and from behind the men, Holen eyed the tome with increasing interest at its mention, having suspicions that it held either clues of value or arcane power both that made her mind race. She held back her apparent greedy lusts for laying hands on it straightaway.
"Good warriors, when you are finished, bid that I may study the tome, its scripts and perhaps understand its nature, its essence? Perhaps overnight, in my bed chambers, I might see if the tongue of this ledger is familiar?" Holen proposes. And as an afterthought, she asks, "Whence shall we venture forth?"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>

Alright fellers! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day long weekend and maybe enjoyed a game (or three) of college football!! Great win for the Hokies tonight! But I digress. Here is the second group post and I hope I didn't leave out anyone. We have nine players and here they are with their characters:
Echo > Tiefling (Malcolm)
Oliver Closov > Human (Chris)
Spade Larkin > Tabaxi (Octavio)
Feng > Dwarf (William)
Dorian Oceaneyes > Human (Marc)
Gremmel Pavlolov > Elf (Johnny "Burl")
Vin Rukford > Human (?) (David)
Holen Branwyn > Human (Robert)
Septinius Bosch > ?? (Michael "Crafty")
As you can see, I left out the class of the characters, figuring that would be revealed in play, although some might appear obvious already. Most of you have sent me a character sheet, and as for the others, no rush; get to it when you can.
If you wish to make a specific ability or skill check, indicate such in your post. And if you have access to an online dice roller, you are welcome to go ahead and roll the check yourself. Hell, I would trust you to rub the dust off your dice and roll one of them! Whatever works best for you.

So, you have some information in the post about each other > more some than others > and some options with the book and the situation with Aunt Marla...who is actually one of the character's aunt! I haven't picked one yet; if one of you would like to volunteer...
I would venture to say it is likely not Spade or Feng. 😉

In your reply, please make sure you include everyone in the group!

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Making Plans to Sell A Book

Scratching his furry chin, Spades sits back and replies, "I'll just pick up my backpack and am good to go, you know me, travel light and always ready to bug out!"

"I would suggest that we do not separate," Echo says, even though Holen is halfway to the door, having made up her mind to do some shopping before the group tries to sell the book. "We go as one to each of the three. I have ways of determining if they speak truth and what their desires in this matter are," he chuckles as he taps the forefinger of his left hand on the temple of the left side of his pale face. The tiefling then goes through a mental list of the three aloud:

"The wizard may be a tough nut to crack."
"The librarian will be plumbed like an open book."
"The sage, methinks, is likely the one who will desire the book most."

"In the morrow, should we not visit these three?" Holen says, about the three people, completely ignoring everything Echo just said. "In that time till dawn, we should make preparations to securely protect the tome. In the meantime, there are preparation that I must attend to."

Musing over the possibilities, Holen suggests, "Why not start with the librarian? She's probably got more resources available to her for comparisons and researching the symbols. And, let likely to tell a lie in the public domain, don't you think? Then, if she fails to be productive then we can try the other two but Samanatha, as a library curator, may be more approachable. And less likely to plot again anything we plan using the tome. Let's go speak to her? What does everyone say?"

“No, Marla,” Vin Rukford said, now looking at Marla after having been momentarily lost in his thoughts. "I think Rustin will turn up tomorrow evening at the latest, little the worse for wear.” Rukford hoped this was true for her sake. Although, Rustin might turn up with a bruise or cut he may have to explain. “If Sens. . . if Culhane is indeed a smart man, which I’m betting on, he will know that keeping you a little worried is good for him. It motivates you to get his funds. But there’s a fine line to it. If you are too worried, it’s bad for him. You will be distracted and won’t be able to raise the money he wants.”

Marla sighs. "I know, I know, Vin. It's just...Rustin's my son. A scoundrel of a son, but my son nonetheless. I will do whatever I have to do to protect him."

Rukford exhaled a thin cloud of the Halfling weed that was grown not too many days ride from here.

"How many people, by the by, aside from us, have seen that book since you found it?”
Aunt Marla responds almost immediately, "My dead husband and myself...and now you. At least, that's as far as I know."

Vin extends his hand to Echo. "May I see the book?"

"It will be best to know all about that there book before we decide whether to sell it or use it for something else." This from Feng, who has been sitting quietly, thinking.

“Truth is,” Dorian sighs as he’s been there before, “ransoming Rustin for a ridiculous amount is bad business. As a fellow... entrepreneur, I would rather have a little bit of money and set the compulsive gambler loose in order to make even more profit!”
Dorian pauses and shrugs. “Disowned noble, remember Auntie? Tragic it may be, it has taught me a lot about making your own way. If I was this nefarious kidnapper, negotiation might be in order. By all means, sell the heirloom. I still think we can get Rustin back at a bargain. After all...”

Dorian bows with a flourish and stands up straight as an arrow. He looks noble, almost regal in his baring.
“I am Dorian of House Oceaneyes! And as far as anyone knows, I am the heir apparent to one of the most venerable and powerful families of sorcerers in the region!”

Dorian shrugs again and loses the regal stance. “At least it works to impress barmaids at the pub.”
Aunt Marla claps her hands expressively, ignoring the groans from some of Dorian's companions.

Vin Rukford catches up with Holen on her way out and says in a whisper, too low for Aunt Marla to hear, "A librarian won't have the gold to pay for such an item, even in Sembia, unless she has private backers with really deep pockets supporting her collection. You're right in that it's probably the best place to find something out about the book. It's a decent notion and as good a start as any."

Bosch walked up to the two discussing the librarian. He nodded amiably to Vindolen. "It's good to see you again," he said quietly. "Quite the interesting puzzle we've been presented."
He turned to Holen. "You and Vin are thinking similarly about this librarian. I know there was talk of all of this merry band staying together, but perhaps it might be more...efficient if we divided ourselves and devoted our...talents toward learning more about this librarian. There are so many questions to be answered."

Holen nods, tucking her hair down the neck of her cloak.
"Boys, if you need me, I'll be 'round to the herbalist, the stables, the weaponsmith, the provisioner, the tailor and the chapel. We must ready ourselves!"
She swirled on her forest green slipper, glided gracefully toward the door.
"If you need me before then, I'll be at the Scabby Wench. Minstrel Hob Knobben's playing a set on his lute this very eve! Anyone else who's game, this way!"

She looks at Echo on the way out and is soon out the door.

The rest of the group watches her go and then Aunt Marla sighs and leans back in her chair. "That girl, I swear she would try the patience of a rock! The Scabby Wench is a nasty place! No wonder she has yet to find a man and settle down. Why don't one of you good know." She smiles at Dorian and gives him a questioning look.

She then gets up and walks over to Echo, putting her arms around his neck. Kissing him on the cheek, she says, "Nephew, what are you going to do with this motley crew of adventure seekers? And don't you think I haven't been on the lookout for someone for you too!"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Alright fellers > been awhile since I posted, so I tried to condense others comments into one post to help all of us know what is going on. Speaking of, here's a recap of what has transpired:
You wintered in Yhuann (You-Awn) on the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, having returned from your adventures. All of you know each other and have adventured together either as a full group or as smaller groups for the better part of four years, all being from the nation of Sembia (or thereabouts).
You are invited to dinner with Aunt Marla > Echo is her nephew > at which she reveals she is in a dire predicament. Her wastrel son, Rustin, has gambled away a fortune and put her business up for collateral. She owes the Sensular, the Earl of Culhane, 50,000 gp, due within a month or she will lose the store. She has an old tome > a rutter > that might be worth a fair bit of coin. She wants you to try and sell it for her, and you've agreed to help her out.
Each character has pretty much introduced themselves > there are nine of you. Should you wish to elaborate a bit more on your character > for the sake of the other players > please do so; just work it into your post.
I would like a pic of your character > Robert already has one, included in this post. If you can't find one, I can help you.
Speaking of Robert's character, Holen has left the tavern and is out "shopping" for provisions. I will handle that privately to Robert, unless...some of you are going with her. If so, now's the time to let me know that.
That's all I have for now. I will wait until tomorrow to private post to Holen.
I have toyed with the idea of getting a group page on Facebook, and also to setting up a forum on a gaming site. I like the avenue of email, because our tech dept. at work won't flag it, but, I'm willing to do whatever is best for the game. I want you to be able to have easy access to posts, maps, pics, etc.

re: Hurricane Florence > I greatly appreciate all the prayers and well wishes sent our way over the past week. We are truly blessed in that we never lost power and have plenty of food and water. We have been cleaning up for the past three days and I'm exhausted; I think I overdid it yesterday; haven't done much today and don't plan on much tomorrow. The Cape Fear River is supposed to crest early in the morning (around 1:00 am) and that will bring even more flooding into our county and downtown where Katrina (my wife) works. School is out indefinitely because there was significant damage to 16 schools in the county. Several are being used as shelters and there is no end to that as of yet. Supplies are making it to Wilmington by boat, air, and on some backroads that are yet not flooded (these are very few and far between). We have a long rebuilding process for our county (as in years) and I expect many newcomers will move out. But, like I said, we are very blessed.

Axe High!

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Preparations...At Least For Holen

"Nephew, what are you going to do with this motley crew of adventure seekers? And don't you think I haven't been on the lookout for someone for you too!"
"Auntie, thank you for your concern, I am good," Echo smiles. "I need the friends.. for the voices," he breathes out.
He leans in and kisses his aunt on the cheek. "My friends will help, I promise," Echo promises and then kisses her
other cheek.
"Methinks the young lady needs help," he says and then lets go of his aunt's hands. He exits her home and catches up to Holen.

“Holen loves seedy public houses and isn’t ready to settle down? Sounds like commitment issues. That’s terrible. I’ll go make sure she either stays out of trouble... or gets in the right kind!” With a bow and a flourish, Dorian makes his way out towards the Scabby Wench to accompany a seemingly lonely Holen.

Feng stands and nods at Aunt Marla. She smiles and says, "As the spiritual advisor to this motley group, I know you will do your best to keep them hale and whole. I will be praying for you all."

The companions of Sembia either leave or stay. Echo hurries to catch up with Holen, while Vin excuses himself and exits through the kitchen and out the back door...unbeknownst to Aunt Marla and most of his companions...or so he thinks...

(OOC: Haven't heard from Chris, Crafty, Octavio or Johnny > not sure what Oliver, Bosch, Spades, & Grimmell are doing; I'm assuming Bosch is going with Echo and Holen? Is that a correct assumption?)

Once outside, Echo catches up with Holen.
"What is your rush, m'lady?" he inquires as he matches her stride. "We are curious," he says with a smile.
"We?" she replies, looking around and seeing only the tiefling walking with her.
"Yes, we!" Dorian replies, coming up on the other side of the magic-user. She smiles, loops one arm through Echo's and another through Dorian's, and the trio heads on down the road.

The first stop was Cauthen's Stables & Steeds. With Echo and Dorian in tow, Holen entered the realm of the stable master with intent in her eye. A bearded man dressed in work clothes comes out to meet them.

"Afternoon. Can I help ya?"
Dorian smiles, "She looking for a..."
"That one," Holen interrupts, pointing to a maple-chestnut pony, fourteen hands height. "What's her name?"
The man blinks and turns to look at the mare. "We've took to calling her Affonyll. Speaking of, I'm Cauthen. Who might you folks be?" He gives a sideways glance at the tiefling, then back to Dorian.

Dorian introduces the trio, and Cauthen shakes each of their hands; more firmly with the men, than the lady. He whistles and a stableboy comes running. "Fetch Affonyll for the lady."
The stableboy gives a curt nod and does his master's bidding. He hands the reins to Holen and steps back. The mare sniffs Holen's outstretched hand and jerks her head slightly, before allowing Holen to stroke her mane and neck.

"Affonyll. I love the name; it suits her," Holen beams, looking over the fine steed.
"And, I'll require a fine leather set of saddlebags, if you please?"
"Of course, M' Lady," the stableboy says, hastening away and returning with an intricately crafted pair of caramel saddlebags. "What else do you desire?"
Holen smiles and walks with the boy. "Directions to the Provisioner, if I may? And a quality riding saddle?"
As she examines the products of leather craft, Cauthen pulls Echo and Dorian aside.
"She seems to be the kind of woman who is used to getting her way, don't she?"

After a while, Holen points and says, "That one. I'd like that one. Please take it down and let's fit it to Affonyll."
The stableboy complies, and after a minute or so Affonyll is ready to ride.
Holen eyeballs the size of the saddle, seeing it suits her steed in a quality match. She flips a singular gold piece to the youthful stableboy and then walks back to Cauthen and her companions. She gives the stable master a questioning look, and the seasoned fellow says, "Forty-four gold ought to do the trick."
She counts out forty-four from a pouch on her belt, and sprinkles five more on top.
Cauthen smiles, showing tobacco-stained teeth, and tips his hat to the lady, while shaking her friends hands again.
"Either of you need a horse? Even with the rain, it's turning out to be a good day," he says, grinning again and tucking the gold pieces away.
While he awaits Echo and Dorian's reply, he gives a jerk of his chin and points across the street.
"Oflane's Supply is the best place for provisions in the city. He'll do ya right."

Holen thanks Cauthen again, takes the reins of Affonyll, and walks across the muddy street to hitch her newly purchased mount to a post outside of Oflane's Supply. The creamy-skinned woman turns to look at her companions and then walks inside.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>

(I have actions already for Holen, Feng, and Vin; just wondering about the rest of ya!)

As you've probably already noticed, I tend to post OOC comments in orange > just a habit from years of posting in online gaming forums. I'm sending a private post to Vin and at least one other. Then, I'll await your replies and get back to a group post as needed.

Many thanks for the good thoughts and prayers over the past couple of weeks. Our streets are being cleaned today, with huge debris trucks picking up all of the cut up limbs, tree trunks, and leaves. There are still parts of the county where folks are displaced > flooded out completely, having lost nearly everything they own. Hard to believe it happened right here in "our own back yard." It will take a very long time to recover. Rivers are still flooding and more rain is in the forecast. And that's just in our county > the surrounding counties are under water with no reasonable timeframe as to when folks can return to their homes. Very sad indeed.
Got a call as I worked on this post > school closed until next Thursday; we report to work on long as things move along as expected. We'll see.

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Preparations #2 - Oflane's Supply

Holen thanks Cauthen again, takes the reins of Affonyll, and walks across the muddy street to hitch her newly purchased mount to a post outside of Oflane's Supply. The creamy-skinned woman turns to look at her companions and then walks inside.

Echo chuckles as he watches Holen take the lead in Cauthen's Stable and Steed. Not a fan of horses, their minds are too flighty, he simply listens to Holen telling the man what she wants. When Cauthen makes the comment about Holen getting her way, Echo nods and says, "yes, she does indeed."
"Hello sir, the name is Echo, we won't be in town for long, no worries," he smiles at the horse dealer. Cauthen nods and indicates the stables with a wave of his hand.

"No horses for me for now," Echo says to Cauthen and then he looks at if in reply. He then walks outside to wait for his companions. Dorian soon follows and they follow Holen into the supply shop, wondering who she will command next.
A tiny bell jingles as the door swings open and the dozen or so customers inside lock their gaze upon the new arrival, in awe of the beauty they were unaccustomed to witnessing outside the bounds of a castle keep's walls. Holen clears her throat to break the suspense.

"I shall require the services of a porter for things I am prepared to purchase," her hand glanced over the shelves laden with supplies.

"Right away, M'Lady!" calls a portly fellow from behind a counter. He comes out in front, rubbing his hands and smiling eagerly. With a slight bow of his head, palms pressed together in front of him, he loudly proclaims, "Oflane of Amn at your service!"

The merchant then claps his hands and shouts, "Grepler! With this good lady, please!"

A young lad emerges from a back room and the accumulation of supplies begins with Holen directing the process!

"I'll be needing a back pack, like this one...a mess kit, two sturdy pouches, a trio of waterskins, a pair of double-stitched sacks, three blankets, two for me and one for Affonyll. And two tinderboxes and ten candles. That should do it."

Oflane's eyes flash at the volume of the purchase as the tallies on his fingers. "Anything else? I dare say M'Lady's forgotten something," he says, teeth gleaming.

"Have I?" Holen asks, innocently, her lips a pout as she thinks.

"Rations. Rations for the voyage, the undertaking you're preparing for? I myself never venture forth without a full belly and a plenty for the road...or sea. Ha!"

"Yes. May I have two-week's worth, rations for the road, at least to get me to the next town."

"Right away, good lady! Madgy! A ration order! Hurry! Hurry!"

Her total came to thirteen gold. Again, there was graciousness shared with her porter, Oflane and his good wife. Twenty gold unweighted from her personal wealth.

"I shall be around before my departure, to be fitted with three good sets of traveler's clothes. Here's another ten gold, in advance, for that order." (Please delete 30 gold from your wealth.)

"You are very gracious, M'Lady. Please speak to Madgy for your desires." Oflane says, counting the gold pieces twice, just to make sure he has the right amount.

"Indeed I shall."

And then a round lady, the same who brought the rations, takes Holen gently by the arm and says, "I must measure you for your clothes, yes? We have some lovely fabric to match your hair and eyes. Right this way."

While Madgy takes Holen to a private room, Oflane eyes Echo and Dorian. "Are you the lady's companions? What can Oflane do for you? Anything you need! We have the best supplies in the city! And at the best prices!"

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While Madgy takes Holen to a private room, Oflane eyes Echo and Dorian. "Are you the lady's companions? What can Oflane do for you? Anything you need! We have the best supplies in the city! And at the best prices!"
Once again, Echo and Dorian have nothing to say, and soon, Holen...decked in her new finery, thanks master Oflane and his helpful wife Madgy, and leaves the store. Leading sure-footed Affonyll, Holen ventures a block or so away where the sound of metal on metal rings up and down the street.

Inside an open building with no name, a dwarven weaponsmith is hammering on a steel bar. Between blows, he can be heard grumping to himself, and he doesn't even look up when the trio of companions enter the forge area. A door stands slightly ajar, leading into the adjacent shop where another dwarven craftsmen, this one rather large, is feverishly entwined in the stringing of a taut long bow. His eyes shift upward at the ringing of a bell as Holen, Echo, and Dorian enter the shop.

"What business does the likes of one like you have here?" the big dwarf asks, glancing at Echo and Dorian, his dark eyes lingering on the tiefling a few seconds longer. Strange to see a dwarf without a beard; Holen makes a note of it.

"You're the weaponer? I have a need."

"What of the likes of you, tiny human, could do with any of my finest craft? You're too diminished, too much a nothing!" the shaved dwarf barks.

"I'll be needing a sling. And a bag of steel bearings," Holen replies with a witty grin. The dwarf artisan sighs in defeat and asks, "What else?"

"And a stout, ashen wood quarterstaff. Strong and sturdy. And..."

"More?" the dwarf asks, eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Yes, more. A belt dagger, if you don't mind. Not a bejeweled one. Just plain smithed steel."

"My uncle, Barnes, crafts the best in the city. Anything else, lady?"

"Well, one more thing," Holen says, inquisitively. "I'll be requiring something more, more potent, adorned with an enchantment. You have anything that sure and true?"

The dwarf put the longbow on the table he was working behind and stood, wiping his meaty hands on his apron. He gave Holen a measured look to see if she had the worth for such a request. His pause was long, awkward, and the tension of the moment rose. Finally, he asks, "What did ya have in mind?"

"A magic enchanted light crossbow." She replied almost instantly.

He nodded, as if knowing what she was about to say. "Three hundred gold. You got that much coin on ya, lady?"

Holen was expecting a considerably lesser amount, and was in fact, already reaching for the small sack of gold on her belt. Dorian whistles at the hefty sum and Echo chuckles. The dwarf eyes them both. "Magic weapons ain't cheap these days. Ask my uncle. A lot of time goes into crafting the weapon to hold the magic. Some just shatter when the enchantment is cast. We got one in a couple of weeks ago. Feller traded it on a sword he was wanting. Had it checked out and is in fact enchanted. Not sure how that helps you shoot it, but, what do I know! I just sell 'em."

"SETH! GET YER ASS OUT HERE!" comes a bellow from the forge.

Not wasting any time, the big dwarf hurries to the forge area where stands two of his friends. They grin and wave him forward. Holen, Echo, and Dorian overhear one of them say:

"There's a fight in Slackjaw Alley! Brass and some of his crew have some folks cornered! One of 'em's a catman! And a big barbarian is already growing cold on the ground! Ask yer uncle if we can go and watch!"

Dorian looks at Echo and then both look at Holen.
"There's only one 'catman' in all of Yhaunn," Dorian says. "It has to be Spades."
"And the barbarian can only be that dumbass Oliver," Echo sighs. "What are we going to do?"
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>

For the duration of this...whatever it is or becomes...I will be running Echo and Dorian as NPC's.

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Back in Aunt Marla's > Healing & Plans

"What are you going to do now?" (cont'd from Back Door #10)

"Just pick one of the 3 buyers and lets go and see what they offer, the sooner we finish this business the better, but, lets stay together this time." Spades says, wincing at his wounds, and glad to see Feng move to him next. The big cleric retrieves a jar of salve from one of his many pouches, doffs the lid, dips his fat fingers inside, and begins to dab the ointment on Spades' fur. The healing effect is almost immediate and the tabaxi sighs in relief.

“First, we see to our friend – the wounded one.“ Vin pats out a wisp of thin smoke from Darla’s spell and adds “A few of us may need attention as well."

OOC: Everyone took damage! It may take a while for Feng to heal everyone up > but he has plenty of spells and stuff to do the trick.

“Next, we see to the dead one. Then . . .” he motions to Spades, who has just spoken, and simply nods in agreement to the general plan. “But it might be a good idea to get some information on those two can be found,” he says motioning to his companions who are known for seeking out such information. “I like to know where to find those who are hunting me . . .or those who have been on the watch for me. I don’t want to walk into a trap again."

Aunt Marla rubs the weariness from her eyes and says, "These must be friends of Rustin. I confess...I do not know them. I do not keep up with his comings and goings. I guess I'm not a very good mother. But...he's a man grown! And he's got us in this mess! I swear to the gods when I get my hands on him..."

“I can’t promise I’ll stay together,” Vin mutters to Spades, “but I can say I’ll keep as many of you in sight as I can. Hopefully, next time, I will get in position quicker than Green and Darla.”

Everyone else is quiet > Grimmell is in obvious pain and yet waits patiently for for Feng to get to him. In the mean time, Aunt Marla serves up some tea, spiked with a dark brown bottle she pulls from inside a cabinet near the window. "This will help...with the pain," she offers.

An hour or so passes until Feng collapses onto a large couch (one that can bear his weight) in exhaustion. Aunt Marla pours him a large mug of tea and adds a liberal dose from the bottle. Feng drinks it straight down, smiling as his eyes water. He pats Aunt Marla on the back and offers his mug for a which she obliges.

Holen finally breaks her silence, "This place is not safe for the likes of us. We must hurry off to meet the librarian privately and learn what secrets and direction this accursed tome had hidden within. Then, we get what we need in provisions and make ready to travel."

Aunt Marla sighs. "I will make arrangements for Oliver. You need to head to the Library and quickly. Ask for Samantha > she may be able to help you. Or at least point you in the right direction."

Dorian and Echo say they will stay with Septinius and help Aunt Marla with Oliver. That leaves the five of you to carry on the mission.

Everyone is completed healed, but Feng has depleted all of is healing spells and resources for the day.

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