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Unread 16th of July, 2013, 17:13
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Mohrg [GM]

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Hi there, it's been a while

So, I considered just starting completely over, making a new account, in case I'd really pissed anyone off with my sudden disappearance. I feel like I should say, that was not my intention. Regardless of that, I needed to go, and I couldn't allow myself the time to explain, otherwise I wouldn't have left. At the time, I was way too immature to be doing anything of this sort, and I apologize for effing up all the stuff I did. The reason I left (other than just not being the right fit for the community at the time) is that I was in danger of flunking myself out of high school. I'd come home from school, and think, "Hmmm, homework, or roleplaying?" and the choice I'd make is obvious. Anyways, I've graduated now, and I also feel like I've grown a lot more mature, so I'm going to try giving it another shot (if you'll let me)

I don't expect many of you to read this, but it's stuff I wanted to say, so thanks if you do, and it's no biggie if you don't
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Unread 16th of July, 2013, 18:08
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Hey, welcome back Dab. Always good to see someone return from the mist of real life
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Unread 24th of July, 2013, 05:36
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Ergonomic Cat
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Stuff happens. I disappeared about the same time too, so I get it. Welcome back!
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