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Unread 5th of August, 2013, 10:47
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We don't want your dirty money.

Actually we took it down a while ago. We want Orp to be free and advert free, and having a donation button up doesn't seem like it would be worth it. Every now and again we think about it, but never seem to be willing to go to the effort.
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Unread 30th of October, 2013, 00:23
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Well, I finally have something in print. Its part of a collaboration with a number of other writers, and the themes are horror and fantasy.

Print version!

Kindle version!
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Unread 21st of December, 2013, 14:27
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Just figured I'd update everyone. I now have 12 books published, three more on the way and am clearing several thousand bucks a month as an indie author. It's been a very busy eighteen months since I started. I've worked harder than I ever have before. It's no easy road but it can be done. For those interested, rule number one is write, write, and write more. Cheers all. If anyone's serious about the indie path and wants to know more, e-mail me at david (at)
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