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Star Powers

There were three great migrations from Earth. The first happened when we know little to nothing of what was going on out in the stars. The great endeavour of it's time, massive generation and sleeper ships were sent out to slowly crawl across the vast emptiness to establish colonies on distant worlds. Many made the journey, settling new lands that just barely managed to survive. Only a few managed to establish new great civilisations.

The second wave was centuries later, when technology had advanced to the point where mechanical probes could be sent across faster than light channels. While living tissue couldn't survive the process, this allowed for fast scouting of new systems and ushered in a new wave of colonisation.

The third and final wave happened when true Hyperlight Travel became possible for humans. With the galaxy shrinking more and more people left to forge a new life in the sky, and the descendent of the second wave migration forged the first Star Kingdoms.

Today there are three superpowers amongst the stars, three remaining Star Powers that between them decide the fate of humanity.

Brulian Republic

The Brulian Republic came from one of the first wave of migrations. Finding themselves in a system with three habitable bodies - the main core system, a borderline ice world, and habitat required moon of a rare inner system gas giant - the Republicís is the longest continually standing post-solar community, with massive mega cities dotting the surface of it's three worlds. When technological advancements arrived, the Republic was slow to expand, the central parliament loath to relax their tight grip of the population to allow expansion.

Through the eons, the Republic never reached potential it held, a series of leaders opting for personal power, and conflict with other Star Powers crippling the Brulians and leaving them an inward looking society, despite being the largest single post-solar population. It is only recently that groups within the parliament managed to reach a balance, and the Republic began looking outwards.

The Sosio State

The Sosio State was the only one of the original Star Kingdoms to expand and hold the rank of Star Power. After generations of incompetent rule and loss after loss in conflicts, revolution rocked the Sosio Kingdom, the previous royalty being brutally overthrown by a coalition of Military officers and Intelligence agents. For many years the interior situation seemed unstable and doomed to fail, as different factions vied with each other for control. An effort to maintain stability led to a massive expansion effort, with the Sosio State putting the claiming of new lands as the first interest of any citizen.

With the new resources from the new systems, the Sosio State became the largest of the Star Powers, with massive untapped wealth. But it was also the least developed, with a spread out population of frontier colonies working onto to launch new expeditions. That all changed when the current President seized power. Building a massive cult of personality around himself, the man managed to draw power back to a centralised point and set about exploiting the natural wealth it has access too.

The Vlent Federation

The Vlent Federation is by far the most technologically advanced human society, their public face a generation ahead of the nearest rival, while their technological secrets are generations ahead of anything else humanity has discovered. Rising from the dissolution of the Bahuk Kingdom, the Federation has a limited population of disconnected populations. The central government serves to mediate between the various corporations and super wealthy the vie for control. The bleeding edge of the technology allows for Vlentian interests to be put first, their warships the smallest yet most powerful in known space.

The first amongst the Star Power, that status is threatened by the recovery of the Sosio and expansion Brulian Republic. The corporate interests are divided between using their status to contain the rivals before they grow any further, or using the rise of the two other Star Powers as a chance to expand profits and influence.

The Old Star Kingdoms

There were Six original Star Kingdoms. While no match for the Star Powers, the Old Kingdoms still wield significant economic influence over galactic society having some of the most advanced societies and military forces of any human civilisation.

The original was Fremp Kingdom. The Fremp found themselves in worlds that allowed for easy colonisation and soon spread their influence to other nearby systems absorbing the colonies into the crown. The greatest amongst the first Star Kingdoms, the Fremp were the first to wage an Interstellar War, established many of the customs and practices that are still carried out to this day. The Fremp never sought to expand to unsettled worlds, preferring to seize already established planets. This practice led them to slower growth than their contempories, and they were soon left behind. The King still rules over Fremp, but what was once the jewel of human civilisation has became a conservative backwater.

The Bahuk Kingdom once ruled the mightiest Empire humanity has ever seen, equal to or greater than the Current Star Powers. Developing the right technologies at the right time, having the right Admirals, and Brilliant Royals, the Bahuk expanded at an amazing pace. During the reign of the long lived Queen Amber, the Kingdom expanded more than a hundred fold, establishing new colonies with wild abandon and being in constant conflict with other powers. A hundred years of endless war did nothing to dampen the Bahuk, with both the Tuich People and the Brulian Republic suffering under the heel of conquest.

In the end, the very success of the Bahuk was it's undoing. Able to withstand any external force, it was an internal one that brought the Empire down. After the death of Queen Amber and the succession of the unpopular King Matthew, the far flung lands moved to gain independence. Attempts to crush the dissent met only mixed success, and the Empire fell apart. Many sections of the former Empire would later come together to form the Vlent Federation, but now the Bahuk Kingdom is reduced to a core set of systems, and a series of far flung military holdings it refuses to cede to nearby interests.

The Paional Kingdom was the first to establish what could be called Star Empire. Growing from an original world that only barely supported life, the Paional people were forced by necessity to be uncompromising and cunning. The first to build an early form of life supporting Hyperlight Engines, the Paional grew unopposed, claiming vast swaths of of sky for themselves. The wealth of the empire flowed unending to the Capital, transforming the world from a barren land to a near paradise. The rulers became complacent, and as the rise of the other Star Kingdoms drew them into conflict, the provinces were neglected.

When the revolution came, it was near universal and the central world did nothing to stop it. Indeed, many of the regional governors and military forces sided with the local rebels. It's a standing joke that to this day, generations later, that the royal family have yet to notice the loss of their distant provinces.

The history of the Ledzeine Kingdom is one of struggle. [Fill this is later. Something about spending most of history dis-unified, when they came together they kicked arse and are still considered to have the best individual military personal, but these days are deeply unfunded. Every unity inevitably led to war with some, or in several occasions, all, of the other Star Kingdoms]

Sol and the nearby original extra-solar colonies are considered to be one of the original Star Kingdoms, despite never having possessed any real unity or royalty. The original home of humanity varied between an overpopulated wasteland, and regimented gardens the result of eons of human cultivation. As the rest of humanity spread out, the people of Sol became insular, hanging onto the old ways and backwards technologies. Eventually the inevitable occurred and waves of religious revolution rise across it. [ALSO FINISH THIS LATER. Something about primitive people, barely above 20th century tech in their day to day, and deeply divided and fighting each other]

Tuich Dynasties. [so lazy, also finish this later. One of the original migration targets, and the only one to be subject to all three waves of migration. Early industrialisation gave an early edge, but led to massive pollution. The successive migration also led to a healthy stratified class based society, with the original inhabitants holding all the power over the newer arrivals. Judge Dredd Mega Cities thing.

Old Star Kingdoms: Former Powers

Brulian Republic: Star Wars Old Republic/Corrusant
The Sosio State: Space Cowboys
Vlent Federation: Hightech Cyberpunk
Fremp: Stuck In the Past
Bahuk: Vestige of the Empire
The Paional: Decadent Failure
Ledzeine: Space Vikings
Sol: Freman of Dune Earth
Tuich: Megacity Wasteland
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