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Raccoon City Hospitol

Terry moves closer as Aerin covers him. Kiril motions Becks and Giggs in behind Terry and watches the silhouette moving about. From what you can make out it looks humanoid, but you can't be sure. Several seconds pass, and suddenly a flood of screeching and scratching is heard and a loud human yell is heard. Followed quick by what sounds like a dropped large metal object. Out of the darkness swarms an army of rats.

Screeching and clawing at anything in an attempt to get out. Something tells you this is not normal rat behavior and then the wall instantly crumbles and a GINORMOUS snake crushes right through the concrete. Upon a visual inspection you'd say it reminds you of "Anaconda" (check this: except with huge fangs. Terry immediately tries to blast it, failing horribly. With lightning precision the snake instantly strikes him in the lower torso and wraps him up. You hear his bones shatter almost instantly in its grip. His arms go limp dropping his Benelli and he is quickly swallowed. Giggs fires his Sig 556 into the creature trying to free Terry. Becks lands a few into the creature's side but doesn't slow the creature in the least. The creature's large body knocks Beck's to the ground as it rushes Giggs. He too is quickly no match for this monster. Kiril eyes Aerin....and looks to Beck's who nods.

"Up the manhole NOW!!!"

He throws another flaming bottle and rushes behind Aerin up the manhole. Beck's unloading his C-8 into the creature's face before flames block out your view. As you reach the top of the manhole, you hear multiple shots being fired. Kiril moves up over you and opens the manhole. He helps you up and in the distance you can see several flashes from weapons as the undead hordes seem to be overrunning the blockade. Kiril seems pissed as you look at his eyes but says nothing. He surveys the area and looks himself and you over.

"Let's head towards our extraction point. We'll get some reinforcements
and head back out."


Everyone makes it out of the burning rubble that is now the Apple Inn. Officer O'Connell using the Ladder of the Fire Truck gives you a way out before the building crumbles as the last of you exits (for the fun of it, let's make this Gordon). You all check on the young girl. She introduces herself as Opal and says she can't make out her parents in the crowd. Officer O'Connell offers to hunt for them as Gordon recommends taking everyone to the hospitol to get checked out. Oddly as it is, no other vehicles or EMTs are present on the scene. Only Officer O'Connell's cruiser is a presence of police reinforcement. Something isn't adding up. Gordon gets on the CB in the truck and is immediately told to head to the Hospitol get checked out and help with the city wide quarantine. The National Guard has blockaded the the city and all support personal have been ordered to help.

Officer O'Connell has no luck in hunting through the masses. Not but a few minutes after the truck leaves with everyone in tow to the hospitol are the masses overrun with Cerberi and Infected. Officer O'Connell is able to make it to his cruiser and roll out before anything happens to him. He immediately calls into dispatch and receives no answer. He figures the best thing to do is head to the precinct, but will try to get Gordon over the radio.

After several minutes of nothing, you both manage to contact one another. Gordon relays the message he received to O'Connell and O'Connell tells Gordon to have the group meet back at the precinct after getting checked out at the hospitol. It takes awhile to be seen at the hospitol and you begin to wonder what is taking so long.


Officer O'Connell heads up to Chief Irons' Office. Just before getting there, he runs into Officer Branagh.

"If you value your position in this Squad, you'll leave the Chief alone. He's not acting like himself. He's left me in charge of getting the men rounded up to secure the precinct as the rest of our units are out on the blockades. Speaking of which.... shouldn't you be out there?"

"Look its too much to explain. You need to pull our men from the blockades. There's an army of.... ..... ... zombies out there."

"Are you serious man? You need to calm down and get a dose of reality man. Slow down and breathe. There ain't no zombies."

"I know what it sounds like, but you got to believe me. Hordes of them just ran through civilians at the Apple Inn. I just came from there. My bullets wouldn't stop them. We got to let the Chief know."

"You didn't hear me. You ain't going in there, especially with this....."

Both of you are cut off as a young desk clerk comes through the hall looking for Officer Branagh.

"Sir.... looks like your friend here is right. Reports are filling in of Zombies overrunning the city and the blockade forces. What are our orders?"

Marvin stands a minute trying to comprend everything. He looks at Brian and then speaks.

"Look man.... you've seen these things first hand. What's you assestment of the situation?"

"I suggest you get all your weapons and all your men and start fortifying the precinct. No man in or out once your fortifying is complete. I have some people I need to check on at hospitol but I will be back to help you. If its as bad as I think out there, they'll need my help and we'll need their's."

"I'll get started and wait for you to return."

Marvin sends the orders with the desk clerk and follows her into the main corridor of the Station. Brian heads back to his cruiser and is amazed by how quickly the night as set in of the city. The sun is beginning to set, and the darkness is closing in. He hauls it to the hospitol where everyone else is.


Kiril and Aerin walk for miles before they finally reach the extraction point. The helicopter is still there but there's no one in it. They search the area and cannot find anyone. Kiril heads into the copter and fires the thing up. He throws on the head unit and listens to the radio chatter.

"The city is being overrun by the infected. Our units are quickly being overrun too."

Aerin listens in as she hears the screams and gunfire over the comms as the rest of the UBCS is being overrun. Kiril looks over at her and motions her to strap in. The bird begins to lift off and Kiril gets just above the city before he notices something quickly moving towards the craft. Aerin spots the smoke coming from it, and notices the large creature from which the trail begins. The rocket strikes the tail of the craft sending it into a spin. Kiril looks back to Aerin and manages to right the craft but it crashes into the hospitol knocking both of you unconscious for awhile.

All of you in the hospitol are immediately shook as the building rumbles with the helicopter crashing into it. By this time the ER staff as looked most of you over and cleaned and bandaged most of you up. You're just waiting on the doctor's to give you the once over. Gordon motions everyone out and heads towards the smoking rubble. Brian meets up with you all there. Gordon notices the 2 bodies still stuck in the remains of the burning wreckage and commands everyone to help pulling them out. Opal stands back as she seems almost caught off guard by the wreckage. Everyone helps and pulls the 2 soldiers out of the helicopter.

I'll leave it here for now so you all can figure out what you want to do with the them and with yourselves.

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Aerin straps in as Kiril takes the helicopter up, she listens intently to the transmissions, overlooking the carnage and chaos. She checks her weapons and then as the incoming rocket hits the tail of the chopper, she hangs on screaming into her headset, "Ohhh god, ooohhh god, oooh shit!"

She lays unconscious and hopefully comes too with some medical assistance.
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Gordon heads over to the wreckage to inspect the passengers(see if there alive, breathing or what not). After noticing there condition and the condition of the helicopter Gordon helps remove the passengers from the helicopter.
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Helps Gordon to move the injured passengers out of the crash site " I'm beginning to think you guys attract bad attention at either rate and we definitely can't stay here long. " quickly checking over the passengers and seeing the uniforms take a quick check for any weapons scattered around. "I'll explain on the way but first lets get everyone together and see what we have first." Seeing to our unconscious friends as well as checking to make sure all of my equipment is ready to go.
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