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"You can start a new life as I did."

Silver Wind felt a coldness settle inside of her inside of her at Tiden's words. She couldn't really hold it against him, since he'd never had a family himself, but what he was suggesting....

She felt his hand engulfing hers, gave it a tiny squeeze, then drew her hand back. "No Tiden. No I can't."

They rode in silence after that, Silver Wind seemingly lost in thought and not responding to anything Tiden says. After about an hour they arrived at the mouth of a cave and Kheervis came to a stop. "I have something I need to take care," she said, breaking the silence. "If you could just stay here for a few, I'll be right back." She dismounted then, the plants gripped in her hands, and went into the cave.

She didn't activate her anima banner, remembering the odd little man's dislike of the light. She went in as far as she dared, completely engulfed by darkness but with the entrance still in view. "Yada? Yada are you there? It's me, Silver Wind. I brought those greenies you wanted."

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Kami listened to Icarus solemnly, sitting on her haunches and regarding him with green feline eyes, her tail curled up at her feet. She realises, dimly, what those preventative measures are - the tattoos that all three Lunar sport in some fashion or another.

She growns and shifts her shape again, turning back into the young girl she truly is and smiles at Icarus, placing her hand in his.

"Thank you, Nain-ya, for correcting my ignorance and helping me to understand a little of the heritage I am now a part of. I apologise for being harsh to you and the others of Luna who are with us, I have no desire to lose control over whom I am. If you and the others would help me earn the tattoos you all wear so proudly, I would be grateful."

Her fingers curl around his larger hand and give a soft, friendly squeeze looking into his gaze with something akin to warmth.
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For what seemed like the first time in quite a while, Icarus felt content. It had almost blinded him from the approach of another soul. While a slight feeling of uneasiness began to rise inside him, Icarus buried it to hide it from the girl. He began to continue on about the Silver Pact, its main function and purpose, mostly ignoring the shadowy figure that neared the clearing.

Though, in what seemed like an instant, the figure was upon the two. As it raised its weapon, Icarus reacted with preternatural swiftness, as he already knew why it had came. Grasping the Pearl in his free hand, Icarus leapt to his feet, his other hand throwing Kami into the woods behind him.

"Get out of here!"

The Pearl erupted in a gout of bright orange flames as it changed into a curving sword of glowing obsidian. Icarus brought the sword to bear as the figure brought its huge weapon down on him. As steel and black glass collided, a rain of sparks and molten rock filled the air as the two weapons whined and screeched. Icarus turned his head towards Kami, all the while struggling to keep his foe's weapon away from his body.

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You sit idly, clearing your mind in silence. The courtyard is empty and the wind ebbs ever so slightly against your cheek. You can hear a faint whisper in your head but you largely ignore it, casting it off as a distraction within your subconscious. You continue to relax... until you notice that the whisper is gnawing ever so slightly at your concentration, growing louder and more difficult to ignore with every passing second. You're startled; The sound is piercing, heinously powerful, digging into your mind like a needle. Your eyes open with effort, bloodshot, your hands already over your ears though the sound, the madness, does not diminish. You open your mouth to cry, but nothing comes out. Your throat is dry, your muscles locked, your head is screaming for relief, and all at once, there is silence.

A beautifully pale woman stands before you, clad in robes of silk and linen. An ornate mirror hangs from a jeweled necklace round her neck. You sit still, watching her, no longer unable to move but strangely without the desire to do so. You feel euphoric in a strange, drunken sort of way. Seeing her makes you happy, and it feels as if this woman might be someone from your lost past. She walks up to you with a slow, careless grace, one hand stroking your cheek and moving to caress your brown curls. the other making its way down to your waist. She exhales slowly, her breath like the last sweet savor of a wilting flower. Your hair stands on end, fire brewing in your core. Her lips are inches from your ear as she speaks and you can feel her cold breath on your neck.

You have no recollection of what happens next, other than an irresistible woman and a voice that was irresistibly captivating. Lust and rage were all that you felt.

Silver Wind and Tiden

You hear a faint voice in the distance... "Greenies?... Gu... Greenies for Yada?" Then the strange little man approaches. You can barely make out more than his outline in the darkness. He reaches out a hand and gently takes the greens from your hand as if they were made of solid gold. "Oooh...p.. pretty...." He looks up at you. "Th... Thanks... I's think that... that da boys be... be no bother me an... anymore. They know I's... uh... that I's been to da top.. ya...yea... Thanks pretty..."

Then you hear a shout from outside the cave. "Silver Wind! There's something wrong back at the town! Hurry!" Tiden shouts. When you turn back to the cave, Yada is gone, lost to the darkness. That's the last you see of him.

Gorthas and Lacuna

The two of you found each other in the woods, just outside where Icarus and Kami were. You both start to head back to the inn when a sudden scream from within the forest startles you. On recognizing Kami's voice, you rush back. The scene that you see when you arrive will make you both wish you had never left.

Icarus and Kami

"Get out of here!" Icarus shouts as Kami is shoved into the trees behind him. The young lunar turns just in time to see Shaedra's massive goremaul come down, Icarus blocking, straining under the power of the Solar's might as shards of molten rock burst from where their weapons met. Icarus turns once more. "GO!" he shouts, his voice with a measure of strain. Shaedra's eyes are red hot, her breath trailing white mist, her teeth bared, an expression of hate and murder on her face. She pushes hard and the two combatants separate, the Solar returning with such speed to crush Icarus under the force of a second essence-charged blow. The trees buckle, the loose foliage shooting outward from the point of impact as Icarus cries out, his wounds painfully reopening as the blow knocks him backwards and to the ground.

Shaedra does not show an ounce of restraint. Leaping overtop of Icarus like a wild animal, her caste mark glowing, she drives him into the ground, blow after blow her anger does not wane. Kami is torn, not sure what to do. She screams futilely at Shaedra, shouts for the others, for Silver Wind and for Gorthas, all the while each strike echos out into the distance like a cannon, the Solar screaming out in anger and rage. When she sees that none of them are near, she launches at Shaedra, her heart set on saving Icarus' life. This is unfortunately met only with a seething glance and equally enraged assault by a goremaul, Kami sent hurt and flying into a pile of dirt some distance away. Shaedra's anima is burning now, the image of a forge almost visible between the locks of flame and light. Shaedra throws half a dozen more blows, like a berserk, frustrated woman driving in a uncooperative nail. When it seemed like her frenzy would never end, she finally stands up straight and turns back to Kami, smiling a smile only a madman could wear as she walks towards the injured lunar.

Then Kami sees something in the background; a glint of refracted sunlight. A woman in tight fitting black cloth with a mirror hanging round her neck stands in the near distance, whispering words you cannot hear. Suddenly, a man emerges nearby, just a stones throw from the woman. He has wavy black hair down to his shoulders. Loose robes give the man a large appearance, and a straw hat sits atop his head. "Suki..." he says plainly, not taking his eyes off the woman. The woman turns and smiles at him, the sort of smile that Shaedra gave you just before.

"Dearest Brother, how nice of you to join us." She says without missing a beat. Suki turns to Shaedra, who immediately forgets about Kami and turns to attack this strange newcomer. There's a flash of light, a rush of flower petals, violet and bronze surrounding the stranger's suddenly drawn sword, and Shaedra's goremaul is beaten away with amazing force. The man then points his blade outward with the length of his arm, his expression calm and composed. Shaedra is furious but does not dare to move closer just yet. With his attention now on Shaedra, Kami has a second to see a glimpse of the man's chiseled face and deep blue eyes.

Suki frowns a little. "You never tire of this dance, do you Brother..." she says, leaping away into the distance and the man immediately gives chase. Shaedra collapses abruptly, dropping her bloodied goremaul, her anima dropping down to glowing embers. The man and woman in the distance are both gone.

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Please resume posting in Chapter 3

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