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Unread 15th of January, 2006, 05:13
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Icarus swallowed his pride and reluctantly grasped his comrade's arm as the paralyzing effects began to wear off. Icarus knew by the end of the battle there was something askew. In the past, Dragon Blooded warriors were always known to greatly outnumber their opponents, and this was the only reason they had succeeded in wiping out the Solars and driving out the Lunars. However, these two Dragon Bloods had been able to handle two Lunars and had somehow used some sort of dark magic to dissapear from battle once things looked bleak. Despite this, a Dragon Blood is still a Dragon Blood, and it is a great dishonor to lose a battle against a terrestrial in single combat.

Icarus shifted back into his human form and scooped up his belongings. Hanging his head, Icarus began to think to himself maybe the best place for him was among the trees, living a solitary life like before...
Give a man a fire and he'll be warm for a while; set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
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