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Unread 24th of April, 2008, 16:37
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The Colors of Language

Under revision. Adding a small section about regional and cultural dialects perhaps.

Originally Posted by LeadPal Okay. While I was deciding what my character should speak, I took the liberty of listing out a whole bunch more languages that might come up. This of course flies in the face of what's come before, but meh, I like the consistency.

Common = White
Undercommon = Black
Dwarven = Brown
Elven = Cyan
Giant = Sand
Goblin = Olive
Orc = Orange
Draconic = Red
Sylvan = Green
Celestial = Yellow
Abyssal = Violent Violet!
Infernal = Unreadable Red!

Feel free to disregard my list, but it was fun to type.
Disregard? Hell no. Thank you!

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