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Unread 13th of May, 2006, 18:39
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Character Sheet Template

Under Revision. Some of the links are broken now and must be reassigned. New skills to be considered.

This is the character sheet that I stole from LeadPal, slightly modified. Isn't it sharp? SRD links are cool, but not necessary. And as I mentioned, this particular sheet isn't required if you have something that looks decent, just recommended.

Character Name

Experience Points: XX/XX

Ability Scores
Strength: XX (+X) (base XX, bonuses and penalties)
Dexterity: XX (+X) (base XX, bonuses and penalties)
Constitution: XX (+X) (base XX, bonuses and penalties)
Intelligence: XX (+X) (base XX, bonuses and penalties)
Wisdom: XX (+X) (base XX, bonuses and penalties)
Charisma: XX (+X) (base XX, bonuses and penalties)

Hit Dice: XdX+x plus XdX+x
Hit Points: XX
Initiative: +XX (modifiers)
Armour Class: XX (modifiers), flat-footed XX, touch XX, flat-footed touch XX

Fortitude Save: +XX (modifiers)
Reflex Save: +XX (modifiers)
Willpower Save: +XX (modifiers)

Speed: XX feet

Base Attack Bonus: XX
Grapple: +XX (modifiers)
Melee Attacks: +XX (modifiers)
-- Weapon #1: +XX (damage, crit, reach)
-- Weapon #2: +XX (damage, crit)
-- Weapon #3: +XX (damage, crit)
Ranged Attacks: +XX (modifiers)
-- Weapon #1: (damage, crit, range)
-- Weapon #2: (damage, crit, range)

XX Class A skill points, XX Class B skill points
Appraise +XX (modifiers)
-- Appraise (specific, as appropriate) +XX(modifiers)
Balance +XX (modifiers)


A (lvl 1)
B (lvl 1, flaw bonus)
C (lvl 1, racial bonus)
D (lvl 1, class bonus)
E (lvl 2, class bonus)
F (lvl 3)


Caster Level 6
Spells per day: X/X/X/X/X...
Spell DC: XX+power/spell level
School DC: XX+power/spell level
Spells Known/Spells Prepared:

Special Abilities
Proficiency with...
Class Feature
Racial Feature

Melee Weapon #1 (XX gp) (X lb.)
Melee Weapon #2 (XX gp) (X lb.)
Melee Weapon #3 (XX gp) (X lb.)
Ranged Weapon #1 (XX gp) (X lb.)
Ammunition (XX gp) (X lb.)
Ranged Weapon #2 (XX gp) (X lb.)

Armour (XX gp) (X lb.)
Item Worn (XX gp) (X lb.)

Container (XX gp) (X lb.)
Potions (XX gp) (X lb.)
Scrolls (XX gp) (X lb.)

Carrying: XX lb.
Light Load: XX lb. or less
Medium Load: XX-XXX lb.
Heavy Load: XXX-XXX lb.

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