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Unread 3rd of May, 2002, 04:31
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Tsune Kataji

Family: Tsune (Spiderweb Crest)
Region: Japan
Lawful Neutral
Human Female (18 years old)
Size M (5'1" 112 lbs)
Level 5 (Nusubito2 Budoka2)
Experience 6000 (10000 needed for next level)

Str: 14 (+2)
Dex: 17 (+3)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 14 (+2)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 10 (+0)

Initiative Modifier +7
Walk 30'
Current Load 40.5 lbs (Light [58.0/116.0/175.0])
Total AC 15 Flat Footed: 12 Touch: 15
Hit Points 30 [30]
Base Attack Bonus +2
Melee Attack +4
Ranged Attack +5

Saving Throws
Fortitude +5 (+3 base)
Reflex +9 (+6 base)
Will +5 (+3 base)

QTY Name [Location]
1.0 - Outfit (Monk's) [Equipped]
1.0 - Caltrops [Equipped]
1.0 - Thieves' Tools (Masterwork) [Equipped]

1.0 - Backpack [Equipped]
1.0 - Bedroll [Backpack]
3.0 - Candle [Backpack]
5.0 - Rations (Trail/Per Day) [Backpack]
1.0 - Rope (Silk/50 Ft.) [Backpack]
3.0 - Sunrod [Backpack]
1.0 - Torch [Backpack]
1.0 - Waterskin [Backpack]
1.0 - Whetstone [Backpack]
1.0 - Outfit (Courtier's) [Backpack]
1.0 - Outfit (Peasant's) [Backpack]
1.0 - Outfit (Traveler's) [Backpack]

1.0 - Pouch (Belt) [Equipped]
1.0 - Flint and Steel [Pouch (Belt)]
1.0 - Mirror (Small/Steel) [Pouch (Belt)]

1.0 - Butterfly Sword [Equipped]
15.0 - Shuriken [Equipped]

Armor Statistics
AC (Base/MaxDex) ArmorCheckPenalty ArcaneFailure Speed Item
None worn
Armor Proficiency: Armor (light)

Weapon Statistics
Name ToHit Size Damage(type) #Att Range Category Crit(Mult)
*Butterfly Sword +4 S 1d6+2(S) 1 0' Exotic-Melee 19-20(2)
*Flurry of Blows +2/+2 T 1d6+2(B) 1 0' Non-Standard-Melee 20(2)
*Shuriken +5 T 1(P) 1 10' Exotic-Ranged 20(2)
*Unarmed Strike +4 T 1d6+2(B) 1 0' Non-Standard-Melee 20(2)
Weapon Proficiency: blowgun, club, crossbow (hand, light, heavy), dagger (punching), dagger, dart, javelin, jitte, kama, mace (light, heavy), morningstar, ninja-to, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shortbow (composite), sword (butterfly, short), shuriken, tonfa, wakizashi

Magic Items
1.0 - Ring (Sustenance) [Equipped]

Platinum -
Gold - 5
Silver - 2
Copper - 4
Other -

Special Abilities
Sneak Attack +1d6,Evasion,Flurry of Blows,Stunning Attack 2/day (DC15)

Tot - Name Ability [ranks + ability mod + other mod]
10 - Balance DEX [5.0 + 3 + 2]
6 - Bluff CHA [6.0 + 0 + 0]
8 - Climb STR [6.0 + 2 + 0]
3 - Diplomacy CHA [1.0 + 0 + 2]
8 - Disable Device INT [4.0 + 2 + 2]
6 - Disguise CHA [6.0 + 0 + 0]
5 - Escape Artist DEX [2.0 + 3 + 0]
10 - Hide DEX [7.0 + 3 + 0]
9 - Jump STR [5.0 + 2 + 2]
2 - Listen WIS [0.0 + 2 + 0]
10 - Move Silently DEX [7.0 + 3 + 0]
9 - Open Lock DEX [4.0 + 3 + 2]
9 - Pick Pocket DEX [4.0 + 3 + 2]
7 - Search INT [5.0 + 2 + 0]
4 - Spot WIS [2.0 + 2 + 0]
10 - Tumble DEX [5.0 + 3 + 2]

Chinese, Japanese, Literacy, Vanaran

Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk class feature)
Dodge (Human bonus)
Improved Initiative (Character level 1)
Stunning Fist (Monk level 1 bonus)
Improved Grapple (Character level 3)
Choke Hold (Monk level 2 bonus)


Kataji is a small woman, serious looking until she smiles. Shoulder length, glossy black hair is bound back with a narrow leather strap. Dark eyes move restlessly above a wide, mobile mouth and small, upturned nose. She is attractive enough in her own way but hardly striking. She has a dancer's body; lean, well-muscled, supple. She moves with unconcious grace, always balanced, always elegant - almost as if she is constantly performing.

She is garbed in the loose fitting robes that are preferred by many monks, the heavy silk a dusty black from her travels. She wears a small furoshiki on her back, the heavy grey cloth in good repair. Barely visible beneath the pack is a short, wide butterfly sword. A wide obi of faded green cotton is wrapped several times about her waist.

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Things you should know;

While Japan is young it remains fierly independant from Chinese or other Rule.

Japan is ruled by an Emperoress, the first "Shogun" has yet to be appointed.

The Japanese clans remain largely neutral but independant from each others political struggles.

A Great Deal of trade accured between the former Chinese Dynasty (Han) and the early Japanese clans, immigrations, weapons, food and livestock was moved regularly. This ceased with the erruption of the Three Kingdoms and has caused Japan great pain. Japanese farms work overtime to produce enough food for everyone and riots are not a common accurance in the Japanese towns.

Many clans have sent messengers to the Queen with requests of an diplomatic outreach towards one of the coastal Kingdoms (Wu or Wei)

Finally clans began to send their own diplomats to the kingdoms, some trying to work out deals with the Wei kingdom and others with the Wu kingdom, the latter controlling a larger proportion of the coast and thus having a greater trading ability. Your family also decides to send a diplomat - you.

You know little of chinese culture and customs but have studied the chinese language and find it easy to understand and speak.

*check game thread when posted*
Unread 11th of May, 2002, 00:37
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Women in the Three Kingdoms

Like most cultures of the time, the Three Kingdomws are a man's world. Daughters are burdens to be married off as soon as possible. Many families keep slave girls, and slavers have no qualms about kidnapping them.

However, in Mythical China, Heroines can and do rise about these limitations. The Chinese accept female wu, nuns, spies, entertainers and artists. Additionally, there are two other ways for women to stand proudly in a male-dominated world: Magic and the Martial Arts.

Magical talent, particularly of the animist variety knows no difference between men and women. Female shamans and sorcerers wield spells just as powerful as those of their male counterparts. A powerful female spellcaster can easily earn atleast a grudging respect from male onlookers with even a simple display of her magical power.

Chinese legends are full of heroines who scoff at the idea of female inferiority. Though mastery of the martial arts, female characters can easily force the issue upon unsuspecting male adversaries.


The Chinese believed strongly in the phrase "the clothes make the man." The civilized dress of the Middle Kingdom set it apart from the barbarians. The basic outfit for all chinese from the lowest urchin to the wealthiest shih, consisted of a tunic belted with a sash, loose pants, and a padded jacket fastened by buttons made of knotted cord. Women added dresses and aprons. Round, woven straw hats offered protection from the sun and rain.

The length of the sleeves and the tunic depended on the nature of the wearer's work. Peasants, soldiers, and martial artists favoured short of no sleeves and loose garments that allowed for maximum freedom of movement. Many commoners and soldiers also adopted from the horse barbarians a custom of wearing leather pants and sturdy boots which made fighting, riding, and farming much easier. By contrast an Imperial Minister's formal robes might trail several feet behind him.

Commoners made clothes out of hemp or nettle-fibers while the rich indulged mainly in silk. The poorest Chinese wore uncomfortable straw sandals or simply went barefoot.

Cloth or leather boots were the most common footwear, but the wealthy and their servants enjoyed brocade slippers. The well-to-do decorated their clothes with embroidery. Magistrates and other bureaucrats wore ritual capes as part of their offices, and special tunics were used for religious obervances.

Color determined social status in the Three Kingdoms. Commoners usually wore black or earth tones. Purples, Greens, and Blues were reserved for officials, and only the Emperor and his personal staff wore yellow. White was for mourning, red for weddings. Women made heavy use of makeup and the idle rich of both sexes sported long fingernails to show that they were above menial labor.
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Not quite finished with my level up stuff. I'll post here when it is final. I'm just not sure which ability I want to increase - I can make a good case for strength, dexterity or wisdom.
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