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Unread 14th of March, 2003, 05:53
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While his face remains placid Koden boils with rage. Beneath the table his hands clench a leg of the great table. His heart beats and pounds wildly as adrenaline surges through his veins. He would like nothing more than to give each of them a firm verbal thrashing. Perhaps even a taste of his faith would be in order.

No. He cannot. To lose his temper now and commit a crime would jepordize his case and he cannot have that. So he smiles pleasantly and plays the innocent fool that they believe him to be.

"Guards? Oh, no? Improper? My apologies, I'm not familiar with your customs. It must have been a simple misunderstanding by your servant to seat two people from our land together. Such a shame too Teto, I would've enjoyed your company," he says, unable to control his sarcasm for a moment.

He pushes himself away from the table and rises to his feet, looking the other man in the eye he continues to smile.

"My apologies," he says, still keeping his eyes on the Japanese man, "but I'd advise you keep your servants better informed. I'd hate for this to happen again."

I wonder if this is Lushima, he thinks as he moves away to another seat, and if so, could I have been mistaken for him? Why? Perhaps he is in league with Teto. He must be if there is such a fuss about the seating arrangements at a banquet. I shall have to ask Kataji later.

Unconsciously he looks toward the balcony, but is still unable to find her. For this he's grateful, the last thing he'd want is for Lushima to spot here there under lock and key. It would be a simple matter to find out why.

Sighing he finds a nearby servant and requests that he be shown to his seat.

"Try to make it the real one this time. I'd prefer not to be yelled at by your master again."
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Kataji fumes impotently as the scene below her unfolds, though the only visible sign of her anger is the slightest tightening of her eyelids. She knows there is no way that Koden can see her but she nods slightly anyway, wishing there was some way to tell him that this was Lushima. There he was, the object of her anger, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She breathes deeply and takes stock of her limited options. Her calm restored, she steadfastly observes everything she can about Lushima and the other woman at his table, making a concerted effort to remember every detail.
Unread 22nd of March, 2003, 01:47
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Koden is escourted to another seat a short distance away. From here he can see the man and Teto cheerfully talking to one another, cooing thier victory of lies no doubt. Soon enough food is placed infront of him as well as a cup of warm water to drink, as is the chinese custom.

The man directly next to you offers a toast to something or other, not speaking either Japanese or Chinese you can only tell by the fact he raises his cup towards you. On your right a Japanese lady is seated, remaining quiet to herself she begins to eat her meal. Across the table, even more important looking people, some chinese, and some from another strange land like the man next to you.

Soon the music begins with a thunderious crash of gongs and drums and the eating begins in celebration of the newly wed couple. You wonder if the celebration would have lasted so long had the man in the couple not been a major military general in the Wu Army, but let the thought pass quickly as you remember your goal of the evening.


You watch from the baclony as Koden is relocated to the next table down, and seated within view of Lushima and the strange Japanese women whom he choose to sit next to. "Good" you think as you realise he can atleast still maintain a view on the suspect of your speculation. The table he is seated at is a strange one from the look of people, with no apparent order of things like the others. Despite the fact many of them look important it looks more or less like a "left over" table for extra guests.

Looking back at Lushima you notice that he has begun to speak with the strange Japanese women, acting all friendly and innocent despite your deepest feelings that he is infact a cold blooded murderer of little helpless women. The two exchange dialogue for along time, you cannot ascertain what they speak of but it doesn't look important as both giggle and laugh at the others comments.

What could this psycho be thinking? You wonder to yourself as you watch the pair chit chat backwards and forth. Japanese officials and diplomats where sent to the Chinese kingdom of Wu in order to arrange for trade agreements between the Kingdom and the seperate (often waring) houses of the young Japan. This wedding so far has overshadowed those proceedings greatly, already expanding the diplomatic discussion by two days.

If Lushima was here for diplomatic trade negotiations why would he kill a servant? Because she knew something? That seemed to be the reasoning but WHAT did she know? Was it some underlying plot that Lushima had? Or something more sinister? These thoughts pulse through your head as you watch the pair chating backwards and forth from the safety of your balcony.

Just as the music begins with the sound of drums and gongs, the door to your balcony opens and the servant girl returns bringing more food.

"The master says he wishes you to eat well, and that your reluctance to accept his offering only dishonours him." She speaks in Chinese to the two guards, paying you no attention.

"Tell the master we mean no dishonour and will graciously accept his offerings with thanks and good blessings." replies one soldier who takes the extra food and lays it out on a near by bench.

The girl and the soldier bow at each other, before the girl departs. However just before the door is closed, she glances at you with a truely unnerving emotionaless face, and continues to do so untill the door closes fully...
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Unread 27th of June, 2003, 04:20
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Everything seems to go slowly for a moment, and a great howl can be heard. Everyone quietens down before finally there is a great thunderous crash as the wooden beams of the roof sharter and splinter as a figure comes crashing down with great force through the roof onto the host. From your repsected positions, it looks like a young woman, her weapons drawn - but she doesn't move and instead lays there bleeding from her mouth.

The host and many guards immediately react jumping up from their seats to escourt the important nobels away from what could be a threat. Before too long there is a second crash on the roof not too far from the newly formed hole. Everyone gazes up in awe to see the body of a second person on the roof, laying limp. The figure - also holding a weapon, slowly slides forward before falling through the hole completely and landing on the table right infront of Lushima.

The Japanese man jumps backwards with frightening speed and looks up at the hole before slowly backing away from the mess. Three guards acommany Kataji out of the building, and Koden is forced out with the crowds as the whole area is put off limits.

You soon learn that out of the two figures, only one lives. You both have also been told to meet with the council before dark regarding these new accurances...

(This Concludes this Chapter, both of you have leveled up so go ahead and update your character sheets. You should await my postage of the new chapter in the main forum. )
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