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Unread 8th of June, 2011, 21:31
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Here There Be Adventurers

Hear ye, hear ye! All adventurers may post their statistical sheets herein.

The format will be as follows:

Name Mordecai the Strong
Class(es)/level Fighter/1
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human

Str #
Int #
Wis #
Dex #
Con #
Cha #


Helmet, great*
Chain armor*
Sword, two-handed*
Rope 50' (B)
Torches x5 (B)
Backpack, leather*

*equipped; (B) in Backpack

Racial/Class abilities


Common, Neutral Good

Random Info about character
Has a birthmark in the shape of a bull on his left arm. Abstains from alcohol, prefers to drink goat milk instead. etc.

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Unread 9th of June, 2011, 09:34
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Awesome McCoolname
Fighter/Magic-User 1/1
Neutral Good

Str 18/58
Int 15
Wis 12
Dex 18
Con 12
Cha 14
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Unread 9th of June, 2011, 09:39
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Name Gulvin the Dunce
Class/level Cleric/1
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human

Str 11
Int 9
Wis 16
Dex 14
Con 15
Cha 15

AC 6

Studded Leather* (15gp)
Small Wood Shield * (1gp)
Footman's Flail* (3gp)
Low soft boots* (8sp)
Cap* (1sp)
Holy Symbol (wood)* (7sp)
50' rope (B) (4sp)
Ration, standard, 1 week (B) (3gp)
Backpack (2gp)
Waterskin (filled with watered down wine (15 + 5 sp)
Tinderbox, flint and steel (1gp)
Belt and small belt pouch (18sp)
Hammer (B) (1gp)
Prayer beads* (1gp)
Wax candle (B) (1sp)

*equipped; (B) in Backpack

Racial/Class abilities

Weapon Proficiencies
2 - Mace, Hammer

1st Level (3)
Cure Light Wounds (2)
Light (1)


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Unread 9th of June, 2011, 11:35
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Class/level Cleric/Fighter 1
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Half-Elf

Str 13
Int 11
Wis 14
Dex 10
Con 16
Cha 14

Scale* -4, 60', 35lb, 45g
Heavy Mace* 1d6+1, 1d6, 10lb, 10g
Medium Shield* (?) -1, 8lb, 12g

Gold: 23 (base 90, counting shield)

*equipped; (B) in Backpack

Racial/Class abilities
30% resistance to sleep and charm
When searching, detect secret doors 2 in 6 and concealed on 3 in 6; when passing within 10' of a concealed door, notice on 1 in 6
Infravision: 60'
Movement: 120'

4 weapon proficiencies (-2 penalty for non-proficiency)

Spells (1+2)
Turn Undead

Common, elven, gnoll, gnome, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, orcish (wait what?)

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Unread 9th of June, 2011, 23:48
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Name Aerius the Slick
Class(es)/level Thief/1
Alignment Chaotic Good(ish)
Race Elf

Str 13
Int 9
Wis 11
Dex 13
Con 7
Cha 12

Studded armor*
Thieves' Tools (B)
Rope 50' (B)
Backpack, leather*

*equipped; (B) in Backpack

HP: 6/6

Racial/Class abilities
+1 to hit with drawn bows, Longswords and Short swords
90% resistance to sleep and charm spells
Detect Secret Doors: 1 in 6 in passing, 2 in 6 if searching, 3 in 6 if searching and it is concealed
Surprise: 4 in 6 if 90' from group or traveling mostly with halflings/elves, 2 in 6 if a door must be opened
Move Rate: 120'

Proficiencies: Daggers and Longswords (-3 if not proficient)
Backstab: x2

Climb Walls: 75%
Find Traps: 30 %
Hear Noise: 15%
Hide in Shadows: 30%
Move Quietly: 25%
Open Locks/Disable Traps: 25%
Pick Pockets: 40%
Read Languages: 11%

Common, Elven, Gnoll, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, Hobgoblin, Orcish

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Unread 21st of June, 2011, 09:57
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Name Kragin the Bastard
Class(es)/level Fighter/1
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Dwarf

Str 15
Int 14
Wis 11
Dex 10
Con 11
Cha 14

HP 10
4(3 with Shield).

Banded armor*
Sword, Bastard*
Shield, Small Wooden (B)
3 Throwing Axes (B)
Rope 50' (BP)
Torches x10 (BP)
Tinderbox (BP)
Mirror (BP)
Signal Whistle (BP)
Backpack, leather*
Morad-Hrun (B)
Flasks of Oil (2) (BP)
Large Iron Spikes (10) (BP)
3.5 GP (minus cost of Morad-Hrun)
*equipped; (B) on Back (BP) in Backpack

Racial/Class abilities
+3 Save vs Magic, Poison
Detect Dwarvish stuff (Slope/Construction 75%, Sliding rooms 66%, Pit Traps, etc 50%, Depth underground 50%)
60' Infravision
+1 to hit half-orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs
+4 AC vs Ogres, Trolls, Ogre Magic, Giants, Titans
10% XP bonus for exceptional strength
Proficiency with Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Long Sword, Throwing Axe


Common, Neutral Good, Dwarven, Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Oricsh, Elvish, Ogrish

Random Info about character
Plays a strange three part drum he calls the "Morad-Hrun" quite well. Avid reader. Hates fish. Has never seen a duck. Curses in Ogrish when angry, Elvish when hurt, Dwarven when drunk. Nervous when under an open, clear sky.

There is an inconsistency with the number of dierolls in this post due to editing!

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