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Unread 10th of February, 2013, 10:08
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Help an Artist, Get a Prize

Hey, it worked for Wired*Nun.

I have a very dear friend who happens to be a really good artist. She can do quick character sketches for about $20. Partially to build her portfolio. Partially because her kitty is pretty sick and she's going to have to make payments on his medical care (and much as that cat could drive me nuts when we roomed together, I love him to bits). Last time she offered commissions, our WoW RP site didn't give her too many hits, so I'm trying to help her network a bit.

Her DeviantArt gallery is here. For the $20 character busts, you're likely to get something like this or this (both of those are characters of mine; she's done a few others of mine in that DA gallery too). I don't know if you could convince her to do more with more money. She uses PayPal.

Things to keep in mind:
  • She's in college full time.
  • She works part time.
  • There's also family stuff going on in the background.

These factors may slow her work.

She's normally got a pretty quick turn-around--the 2 quick sketches I linked, she did in about 2 hours each--and is familiar enough with fantasy concepts, since she does a lot of WoW art. I dunno about more scifi techy concepts or armors though.

It's a thought, if you've got a character you'd like to see portrayed! I mean, how long have some of the characters from Adventurers' Escapades been around, anyway? Or maybe from other games, or stories...

If you can't drop her a DA note, let me know via PM (so I'm more likely to get a notice) and I'll see if I can't arrange a contact for you, depending on how busy she is. There may be a waiting list.

*Leaves a sacrifice tied out just in case*
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