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Unread 24th of January, 2011, 22:13
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"I know of Master Li," Bailey says with a nod to Yavan. "They say that his paintings are amazing works of art, though it is only the rich that can ever afford to see them. He shuns the public eye and refuses to show his works to, or even see, visitors.

"Though he does take on students, and is sometimes seen out with them when the light is especially good for painting. They have been spotted in several of the town gardens, and in meadows and farmers' fields outside of town as well."

Bailey laughs. "I learned all this from the bartender at the Dog and Bugle, but I saw them myself when I first came to town a couple of days ago. They were down by the ruined fort south of here, and he himself was painting a portrait of a young woman with the ruins in the background. It seemed to me like a strange place for such an activity.

"But you know, it didn't look like he had made much progress on the portrait yet, so maybe they will be there again today. I could take you there and show you the place where I saw them. It may be the only way that you will get to meet this reclusive artist."
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Rina's face goes through a series of emotions as Bailey describes the reclusive artist. She hadn't truly know what to expect - artists of all stamps tended to flaunt convention, and age often brought even more eccentricity. A grin flashes across her features as she tries to imagine Yavan in a few centuries, having his way with tradition. It seemed terribly unlikely, even with the vast span of years ahead of him, that any such loosening could occur.

Still, she felt there was something rather strange about an artist who refused to share his work with anyone. Even Yavan - especially Yavan - loved performing. Curiosity, of course, never had far to go to get the best of her. She can see that the elf is curious as well, and smiles brightly when he offers no objection.

"Yes, we'd love to go!"
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