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Unread 29th of August, 2010, 11:10
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News Broadcasts

"This is the Iron Eagle, broadcasting live from the Citadel of Iron. I know that many of you are aware that the heroes known collectively as Fight The Power were slain today. I wish, first, to extend my condolences to all of their family and loved ones, and to say that we in the Ordersmiths will do all that we can to find their killers and bring them to justice. Our doors are open to those who have knowledge of these crimes, or those whose lives have been impacted by the tragedy."

A shot of a decimated city block is shown.

"This killing is particularly heinous, in my eyes. While, regrettably, people are killed every day, even supers, it is rare that a group is targeted like this, and in such a vindictive way. The fact that 29 civilians were left in various states of distress is merely one part of the horrible nature of this crime. However, I am stating, here and now, to all who will listen, that the Ordersmiths and their associated groups will not allow this to recur. We *will* find those responsible, we *will* punish them, and we *will* protect those in our charge. In the next weeks, expect to see the Ordersmiths, the Sentinels, the Greenville Guardians, the Enforces, both New and Old, and several other groups patrolling the streets, keeping citizens safe. We will be in every dark corner, in every seedy bar, in every suspicious activity. AND WE WILL KEEP THE PEACE!"

Pounding his fist emphatically, Iron Eagle gestures off screen, and visibly calms himself.

"We have assigned a group of heroes uniquely suited to this investigation to devote their every waking moment to solving this crime. We have the utmost faith in them - they are unsullied by prior events, have no ties to anyone involved, and will be ultimately impartial and dogged in their search. We are keeping their identities a secret for obvious reasons, but know that we have complete faith in these heroes."

"I know that the tragically slain heroes had a history. I know that there were those who questioned their methods, and their motives. Who said they were running drugs, running crime families. I say to those people that the time for such accusations is past. We now must look to the people behind the masks, regardless of our feelings. We have put together a short retrospective of the 6 heroes in Fight The Power, which will conclude our broadcast tonight."

As stirring music plays, six portraits scroll across the screen.

An image of a woman covered only in semi-opaque ice flashes on the screen for a brief moment, then moves on.
Ice Box: 1982-2010.

An image of a young mixed race man clad in a green, yellow and red poncho over jeans, dreadlocks cascading down his back is revealed next. His right hand is blurred out, in the nature of nudity on broadcast TV.
Rastamon: 1992-2010.

An African American man, dressed all in black, with a black beret and dark sunglasses scrolls past next. His arms are crossed across his chest, and he has a large, gold plated handgun in each hand.
The Black Panther: 1972-2010

An exceptionally slender man dressed in a plain red spandex suit stands looking in to the middle distance. His mouth and jaw are slightly oversized.
Serpentis: 1988-2010

A man in an extremely well tailored Italian suit and a fedora stands with his back to the camera.
The Accountant: 1977-2010

A young Japanese woman, her hair frazzled, her expression one of deep confusion, sits in a wheelchair in an idyllic park.
Ikiryou: 1991-2010.

The screen fades to black, and then a commercial for hair dye blares out.
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