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Unread 17th of May, 2010, 11:11
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As you look over at the little girl, she smiles to let you know she is ok. You and the others lead her down the hall to corner room, only to find debris
and the room caved in. You all being to wonder if you'll ever get out of here when over Gordon's radio you finally hear a voice.

" This is Officer O'Connell of the RPD. I'm hailing any Emergency Staff over this frequency. I am on scene. From out here it looks bad. I'm trying to get additional units to the area. Please respond over. "

Everyone huddles in the hall and Gordon responds over the radio.

Go ahead and take the reigns here as I will respond with a bigger post. Just want to move it along to getting out of here.
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Unread 25th of May, 2010, 05:23
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"O'Connell, this this is Fireman Gordon Sumner. To be honest with you every time I'm close to finding away out another wall falls in and blocks the way. The 3 adults, one child, and I need all the help we can get. Get who you can down here and see if you can find me a way out from your stand point. I'm not sure how much longer this building is going to hold up with us in it, hurry up."

O.O.C.- Sorry it took me so long to post to this message. My truck got hit last week and I've been busy dealing with insurance companies and their B.S.
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Unread 11th of June, 2010, 06:12
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Crowding in close to Gordon, Gus frantically looked around, frantically trying to find an exit. They couldn't have much time left. Ears straining to to listen to the Chief on the other end of the radio a thought hit him like ton bricks. Gordon's hand smacked into his sweat soaked brow with dull thump. Why hadn't he thought of it before, probably becasue he'd been trying to not burn to death, still there really was no excuse. It might not make the front page but it'd be worth something, he could already see it: SMALL TOWN AMERICA, SMALL TIME SAFETY REGULATIONS.

Leaning close enough to Gordon to feel the heat coming off the large mans body Gordon yelled into the little black radio. "Hey asshole! You guys in Racoon City ever hear of a sprinkler system!? What kind of operation you guys running around here!?"

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