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Unread 10th of June, 2002, 14:49
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Diablo 2 uniques (To give villains that little something extra)

*Note that these are unique, both origionally (Diablo 2) and here, so they are of major artifact status. Set items are minor artifacts (More than one, but not able to be duplicated by non-epic PCs). Due to the ultra-high numbers of exceptional/elite items, conversions are not quite as accurate at normal. This post is for normal unique armors (One of each type). I will post subsequent conversions later, because putting them all in one post will make this entirely too long.

+5 Padded armor (Max Dex bonus +13)
5% Life steal
DR 3/- vs magical damage
Cold resist 20
Fire resist 20
+10 Enhancement bonus to Dex

Blinkbat's Form:
+5 Leather armor
+5 Addional AC vs missile weapons
Haste for 10 rounds/day
Held weapon becomes flaming on command word (Does not stack with flaming/flaming burst)

+5 Light fortification studded leather (Max Dex bonus +10)
+10 Enhancement bonus to Dex
+10 Enhancement bonus to Str

+5 Scale mail
Haste self 10 rounds/day
Cold resistance 15
Cannot be frozen

Venom Ward:
+5 Breastplate
Sheds magical light in a 20ft. radius
+9 Enhancement bonus to saves vs poison
Only has to make first save vs poison (The secondary damage does not effect the wearer, regardless of outcome of the first save)

Sparkling Mail:
+5 Chainmail
Electricity resistance 30
Attacker takes electricity damage 1 (DC 25)
Weapon becomes shocking upon command

+5 Splint mail
Freezes target (DC 23)
Cold resistance 30
Magic DR 1/-
Sheds magical light in 40ft. radius

+5 Half plate
5% Life steal
25% Chance of successful attack becoming wounding (See wounding special ability)
+3 to attack rolls

+5 Full plate
Sheds magical light 20ft.
Fire/sonic/cold/acid/electricity resistance 35
Attacker takes damage 1 (DC 28)

Life steal: % indicated is how much hp you will gain after a successful strike with a weapon (Not spell). These are permanent hp, counted as magical healing, and cannot add more hp than the normal maximum for the character.
DR x/x vs magical damage: Reduces amount of damage caused by spell attacks, such as magic missile or fireball. Damage can be reduced to 0, but not below. Saving throws and resistances are still allowed before DR is calculated.
+x AC vs missile/melee: magical AC bonus that only applies to ranged or melee attacks.
Cannot be frozen: Wearer is not subject to being slowed, held, stunned, or hampered in any way due to a secondary effect of any cold-based spell.
Attacker takes damage: Anyone who successfully strikes wearer with a melee weapon (Including touch spells) must make a reflex saving throw (DC included with description) or take noted damage.
Freezes target: When wearer successfully striket a target with a weapon or spell requiring an attack roll, victim must succede at a Fort save (DC given with item) or be held for 1 round.
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Unread 10th of June, 2002, 15:25
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Cadogan Trahem
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Interesting, I completely agree with some of them being concidered Major Artifacts, but some seem really weak by D&D Artifact standards, Which of course we can only blame Diablo 2 for.
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Unread 11th of June, 2002, 10:48
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Hmmm... You're right. Some of these items would be minor artifacts, or even possible to create (Albeit at great expense). If it can be created by a non-epic PC and you want it, post here and I'll have the price for you. Now, on to the bows.

+5 Shortbow
Does double damage (2d6+10)
+2 to attack rolls with this weapon +7 total)
+10 to maximum hp
Magical light 20ft.

Ravel Claw:
+5 Long Bow
Arrows become flaming burst when fired
+3 to Dex
+3 to Str

Rogue's Bow:
+5 Short Composite Bow of speed
Double damage to undead (2d6+10)
30% chance of double damage on hit
fire/acid/sonic/cold/electricity resistance 10

Since the list of bows is short, here's the crossbows too:

+5 light crossbow
25% chance of double damage on a hit
+3 to saves vs poison
+10 to max hp
+10 to Dex

+5 heavy crossbow
Bolts become flaming burst
Bolts become flaming (Stacks with flaming burst here)
Fire resistance 15

+5 repeating crossbow
+1 to all skill checks (for proficient wielders only)
+15 to max hp
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Unread 12th of June, 2002, 03:08
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Today: Clubs

+5 flaming club
Electricity resistance 30
Fire resistance 20

+5 heavy mace
33% chance of crushing blow
Fire resistance 25
+7 to Str
Sheds light 20ft.

+5 Morning star
25% chance of open wounds
5% life steal
additional +5 to attack rolls
Magical light 20ft.

The General's Tan Do Li Ga:
+5 light flail....this one sucks -- make your own and give it a better name.

+5 shocking Warhammer
additional +1 to attack rolls
+10 to Str

+5 Maul
Does double damage
40% chance of crushing blow
Fire resistance 30
Cold resistance 30

Knockback: Victim must make a check as if they were subject to an improved bull rush. Failure means they move back. They do not move back more than 5 feet, and the weilder of the weapon does not move.
Crushing Blow: on hit, has x% chance to cut the victims' current hp in half. This reduction happenes after the damage from the hit is taken from the hp total. Demideity and above are not subject to crushing blow, nor are things immune to critical hits.
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Unread 20th of June, 2002, 10:52
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Setzer Gabbiani

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This armor is actually from Diablo 1 (Another version, a set item, is in 2). I love this item from it's usefulness and power. Now wizards, sorcerers, and bards have a ultra holy avenger to whine to thier DMs about .

Naj's Light Plate
+5 Breastplate
No Dex maximum
No armor check penalty
No arcane spell failure %
+5 Enhancement bonus to "magic"*
+20 to "mana"**
Acid/Cold/Fire/Electricity/Sonic resistance 20
+1 caster level for all spells cast (Does not grant more spells)
Weighs nothing

*Grants a +5 enhancement bonus to the statistic that spellcasters use (i.e., Int for wizards, Cha for sorcerers/bards, Wis for clerics/druids. Can be applied more than once [Wiz/Dru, for example]). Only applies to class-based magic, not spell-like or supernatural abilities.
**Adds 20 mana (To a system that uses mana), or 20 spell levels (that may be used for any spell level the wearer can cast).
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